Addicted to Sugar

Are you ready to take back your life and finally become that strong, healthy, sexy person you have dreamed about? Well, the good news is it is not too late and I am here to help! I am 100% dedicated to helping you become healthier, better looking, functionally fit, and injury proof. But first, I am going to let you in on a little fitness “secret”, what you eat plays a major role in determining your overall health and body composition. In fact your diet is even more important than your work out. Always remember this, “You can not out work a bad diet!” However the real magic happens when you are both eating healthy and working out on a regular basis, this is a recipe for phenomenal results. So with all that being said let me introduce you to the six-pack killer, enemy number 1, SUGAR! Below is a post I wrote a few years back but unfortunately sugar consumption continues to rise and it still remains just about the worst stuff you can eat.


Are you addicted?

It is believed that sugar is a highly addictive substance. An addictive substance, when consumed, causes certain behaviors, these behaviors include binging or over-indulging in the presence of the substance, signs of withdrawal when the substance is no longer available, and huge cravings after the withdrawal period. The average amount of sugar an American eats is 22 teaspoons of sugar a day this adds up to anywhere from 150-lbs to 170-lbs a year! Still don’t  believe me this stuff is addictive? According to US News in 1967 the  average American ate 114 pounds of sugar per year. That’s approximately a  44% increase in 44 years or about 1% increase per year!

Think about what you or other people binge on, it is usually eating a whole bag of Oreo’s or eating a whole gallon of ice cream, nobody ever binges on eggs. Have you ever heard someone say “man I just ate the whole carton of eggs, it was crazy, I just could not stop myself”.  No, we only binge on sugary foods and processed carbohydrates such as chips or crackers which guess what,…your body converts to glucose, and glucose is…drum roll please…sugar!

Going back to sugar being an addictive substance check out this study. I will summarize the study if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing (it is long). Basically what you need to know from this study is that rats were withheld food for 12 hours a day and then given both food and a liquid sugar solution for 12 hours. Over the course of the study the rats would significantly binge on the sugar solution upon first access and then have numerous other binges through out the 12 hour “feeding period”. The rats also ate less and less food because the were drinking more and more of the sugar solution. When the rats were withheld from from the sugar solution they experienced withdrawal symptoms such as shakes and teeth-chattering and they repeatedly pawed at the sugar solution dispenser.


Can you resist these? Soon you will be able too!

Do you have sugar cravings? Can you go 1 month without eating sugar or anything sweet for that matter? Just because it doesn’t contain sugar it could contain other sweeteners such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, or Stevia, or whatever new “healthy” sweeter is currently popular. They are all bad and when consumed on a frequent basis still trigger “sweet tooth” cravings.

I will tell you not only are we addicted to sugar we have also become desensitized to just how sweet sugar is. I am probably lucky I have never had much of a sweet tooth to begin with, however I have significantly cut out sugar in my diet. I haven’t had soda in years or overly sweeten desserts such as Oreo’s or a 3 musketeers bar and this has resulted in an increase sensitivity to sweets. What once was sweet has now become too sweet almost to the point of grossing me out I know this sounds dramatic but it is true. I can now taste sugar in sauces or I can’t eat meat with a honey glaze it taste like candy and it is gross. Try it! Cut out sweets for about a month and you will see how sweet food has become.


So besides being addictive sugar also has many negative side effects such as:

  • Cancers preferred fuel is glucose.
  • Sugar promotes fat storage
  • Increase insulin production with leads to diabetes
  • Promotes food binges after a blood sugar crash
  • Lowers immune system (this means more colds)

Sugar is an additive substance and we need to significantly reduce the amount of sugar we eat. Lets start today, can you go on a 30 day sugar fast? Give it a try, go cold turkey! Let me know of your progress.


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