How to wrap your hands

Protecting your hands is extremely important. In fact we highly recommend that you always warp your hands before you hit the bag. Hand wraps protect knuckles from both cuts, provide extra “padding” for impact, provide wrist support, and make your hand more of a “solid” object. So not only do hand wraps protect your hands believe it or not they actually improve your workout. Having your hands protected allows you to strike the bag much harder which then translates to more muscle toning and more calories burnt!

At CKO we prefer using MMA style gloves (fingerless) and because of the smaller gloves we need smaller wraps. We use 108-inch Mexican style wraps.

Now their is no one way to wrap your hands and this is just one method. The most important aspect of wrapping hands is to wrap your knuckles 3-5 times and get that criss- cross (x) 0n the back of your hand as that helps with wrist support.

While we are always more than happy to help you in the gym we recommend you watch the video and practice at home. After a few times you will be a hand wrapping pro! This video shows a very simple way to wrap your hands.


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