Frozen Yogurt the Ultimate Heatly Dessert

HA! Made you look! This is what many frozen yogurt shops want you to believe and unfortunately there are way too many people who either believe it or sadly, choose to be selectively ignorant. Over the last 5-years frozen yogurt shops seem to be in just about every strip mall and they are all jammed packed, it is amazing! If yogurt is healthy than frozen yogurt must be healthy too, correct? Sorry to break it to your sweet tooth but– frozen yogurt at its best, is ice cream that has been fortified, and at its worst, it is crappy soft served ice cream that is highly processed and contains numerous chemicals. Not only is frozen yogurt a very unhealthy dessert it does not taste as good as real ice cream!!! At the end of the day I want you to cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible but we all have our “cheat meals” and/or “splurge meals” and if you are going to cheat/splurge you might as well go for the quality stuff. Why would you waste your cheat meal on highly processed imitation ice cream?

We are so addicted to sugar that we automatically become selectively ignorant about all the chemicals in frozen yogurt and then convince ourselves that because its called “yogurt” it is healthy (side note: depending on which “non-frozen” yogurt you consume, even non-frozen yogurt is far from being considered a healthy choice, but that is another post). Don’t even get me started on the available “toppings”! Gummy bears, M&M’s, Carmel syrup, and fruit. “Hey, they have fruit”, I wish I had a dollar every time someone told me that, again you are missing the point, a little fruit does not make this extremely unhealthy dessert healthy. People can be easily convinced that sugary foods can actually be healthy. Which is why people still drink juice, believe Gatorade is a healthy recovery drink, and think protein bars are a great snack.



Not what I would expect to see in a health food establishment

And as if this is some sort of joke below is a photo I snapped at a local frozen yogurt place:



Are you kidding me, “NO LIVE CULTURES”?!?! The only real difference between ice cream and yogurt (besides the fact that frozen yogurt is processed crap) is the live cultures! Without live cultures, frozen yogurt is nothing more than some second-rate soft serve ice cream.

Let’s take some thing we can all agree is healthy, broccoli. Now, if I took a little piece of broccoli and then covered it with corn syrup, sugar, 15 other artificial flavors, added some artificial colors (food coloring) would you still think it is healthy? Why not, it has broccoli in it? When you put it perspective like this it sounds crazy but yet we do this with frozen yogurt.

Well is it at least natural? Hardly, lets look at some of the flavors red velvet cake, cake batter, rosty toasty marshmallow. I am sure we can create these flavors using natural ingredients, right? I wish I was making these ingredients up but I assure you they are real see for yourself here, and while you are at it take a look at the ingredients list, sounds yummy!

Wow, no added sugar, that must mean it is healthy, correct? Please!!!:

  • Maltodextrin – An artificial sweetener mostly made from corn
  • Polydextrose – An artificial sweetener and thicking agent derived from glucose.
  • Maltitol – Sugar alcohol derived from…that’s right corn
  • Sucralose – Another artificial sweetener
  • These “no sugar added” frozen yogurt concoctions have more sweeteners in them then old fashion ice cream which just has one sweetener, sugar (it natural too)!

I wish I was the first person to break this story but despite all the information out about how horrible this stuff is people still flock to frozen yogurt shops in droves. Check out this New York times post, maybe now you will believe that people are selectively ignorant. Remember I want you to reduce sugar but even I have dessert one in a while and if I am going to eat ice cream I prefer REAL ice cream. For example Haagen Dazs 5 only has 5 ingredients. Keep the ingredients natural and minimal!


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