Fountain of Youth Part 1 (Beauty)

Whether you are a man or a women, once you reach about the age of 30, it is very flattering when people think you are in your early to mid-twenties, and the older you get, the more flattering it is when people genuinely believe you are at least 5 to 10-years younger than you really are! It is very possible to look 10-years younger and the best part is anybody can achieve these results and you don’t need to be rich, get plastic surgery, or have access to some super secret diet that only celebrities use, all you need to do is workout and eat healthy on a consistent basis. I know, there are those two dreaded words, work and consistency. I can guess what you are all thinking at this point, “this post is dumb, I don’t want to work for it, that is way too hard, isn’t there a pill or some face cream I can buy?” It is somewhat ironic because deep down inside we all know what works but we have become extremely lazy as a society and we are more than willing to invest much of our time and money into “quick fixes” that don’t work instead of just doing what we all know works.


Take care of your body and your body will take care of you

While both men and women are guilty of trying to take the ineffective easy path, women take it to a whole new level. Trust me I am not just picking on women, men are just as guilty although men typically spend very little money on cosmetic products. Yes, cosmetics – the promise of firm, healthy, youthful looking skin in a bottle, our prayers have been answered! Except cosmetics don’t really work very well and they can be extremely expensive. Women spend money (and time) on: nails, hair, make-up, spa treatments, red light therapy, tanning, numerous face cleansers, face lotions, anti-wrinkle face creams, skin tightening face creams, body lotions, face masks, chemical peels, health shakes, juice diets, diet pills, and abs rollers all in an effort to look ten years younger. But guess what? If you are not exercising and eating healthy on a consistent basis you are wasting your time and money on all these beauty products/services. In fact in 2010 Americans spent $33.3 billion on cosmetics and never mind the fact that these make-ups, creams, and lotions are very ineffective they also may not even be safe. So here is the million dollar question – why can women easily spend $100 – $300 a month on cosmetics and beauty services (which don’t work) but think $89 per month for a gym membership (which produces phenomenal results) is highway robbery?


Spending money on cosmetics when you’re overweight is like paying for a new paint job on your broken down “beater” of a car that leaks oil, has lots of dents, a cracked windshield, and a filthy interior. A new paint job should only be considered once you fix all the other problems with your car. Likewise, before you get another mani/pedi or get that chemical peel you should first commit to a healthy lifestyle! The “beauty” results of a healthy lifestyle are:

  • Skin – becomes much more firm (reducing wrinkles) and will also have a beautiful radiating glow
  • Lose fat and build lean muscle – your clothes will fit better (accentuating your curves instead of hiding “problem’ areas)
  • Hair and Nails –  become stronger and healthier
  • Improved attitude – your stress level will decrease (stress does more harm than you will believe)
  • More energy – What fun is looking 10-years younger if you don’t feel like you are 10-years younger!
  • Improved confidence

These results are extremely common however they are only possible with a lifestyle commitment and it could take anywhere from a month to 3-months to start seeing noticeable results depending on your health and fitness level. Overnight success is not possible but let’s be honest the worst case scenario of 3-months is not a long time.


Certain beauty products and services can and do work but they are icing on the cake. You must first treat and respect your body like the beautiful machine that it is. We have all met someone who looked at least 10-years younger, but the opposite is also true, we have all met someone who treated their body like crap and looked 5-7 years older. I am a firm believer in investing in yourself but let’s make smart investments and start with a gym membership. But don’t invest in any old gym, a $10 gym will give you $10 results! Invest in a gym that motivates, has lots of energy, and specializes in results! Don’t wait, the sooner the better!


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