First ever 10-week Challenge Results!

First ever CKO Seattle Bootcamp “after” photo.

We just finished our first ever 10-week challenge  (September 2012- November 2012) at CKO Seattle and the results were phenomenal! We had a group of 8 extremely dedicated participants and all participants lost weight but most importantly they all lost inches and greatly improved their strength and overall stamina. As part of the 10-week challenge we tracked progress both aesthetically (inches lost) and athletically. Strength and stamina was measured using a Military inspired fitness test which included max number of push-ups, max number of  body-weight squats, and max number of sit-ups in a minuet respectively and this fitness test was conducted both on day one of the challenge and then on the last day of the challenge.

The results of the entire group were:

  • Total inches lost = 65.84 inches. That just about 5 1/2 feet of fat lost!
  • Average total inches lost per challenge member = 8.23 inches, that is almost an inch a week! Can someone say new wardrobe…
  • Total push-ups gained = 100!
  • Average push-ups gained in a minuet per challenge member = 12.5 push-ups
  • Total squats gained = 89
  • Average squats gained in a minuet per challenge member = 11
  • Total sit-ups gained = 90
  • Average sit-up gained in a minuet per challenge member = 11.2
  • Weight loss = Weight was not a mandatory measurement because I don’t believe that is the best measurement of success, however many of the participants did keep track of their weight and I will post the amount of weight lost when I post some of the individual success stories!

These results are nothing short of outstanding! But despite all the inches lost (even weight) and the major overall fitness improvement, the biggest success experienced from these challenge participants was learning that health and fitness is a lifestyle! I have been in the fitness business for many years and I can always tell the difference between people looking for a quick fix and people who are now willing to dedicate their life to being healthy and active! I can honestly say that over the 10-weeks each and every challenge participant changed their mindset, and they have all begun their own personal journey to becoming healthier and more active. Making this transition to a healthy lifestyle is extremely import as this the only path to achieve sustainable results. Sustainable results are the only results that matter, I am not impressed if you lose 30-lbs in two months only to put on 40-lbs the three months after that. Once this is realized the sky is the limit when it comes to reaching your full human potential!

It is safe to say these results ARE TYPICAL. No disclaimer here. The members of this CKO Challenge are real people. Each person has a job, some of them have kids and family commitments. They were all pressed for time. The cost of the challenge was a consideration for some. At least one of the challenge members drove 30 minutes to get to the gym! They felt run down and tired at times. They didn’t have the luxury of living on a Ranch (Biggest Loser style) , or forgetting about real life as they changed their own life for the better. A healthy lifestyle is attainable. Lose your excuse, and lose the weight!

I felt extremely grateful to work with such a dedicated group of people! It is extremely rewarding when people start seeing results and it make me realize how lucky I am to have a job that helps people take charge of their life and inspires them become healthier, more active, and eat clean healthy food!

Over the next few weeks I will post some personal testimonials and success stories from some of the participants. The next 10-week challenge is scheduled for January 13 2013, who’s in? Let’s start the year off right!


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