Fountain of Youth Part 2 (Life Participation)

The other day one of my clients reminded me of a quote I had said, which, I believe is one of the best reasons for committing to a healthy lifestyle, and what is this awe-inspiring quote ūüėČ you ask?

” I workout so I can participate in life, not sit on the sidelines”.

I am completely floored by the sheer number of people who have literally given up on participating in life. Honestly, I can’t even comprehend how many people are happy just being spectators in this “game” of life! These life spectators spend more of their precious time in the “virtual world” ¬†than they do the real world, getting lost for many hours a day playing video games or watching Honey Boo Boo marathons!


I am also amazed at how many people can’t perform simple fitness/survival tasks that any “normal” human should be able to do, such as running at least a mile without stopping, hiking multiple miles, lifting/carrying more than 50-lbs, or jumping up and pulling themselves up and over a ledge. If you can’t perform these task you should ask yourself, how can I protect my family/loved ones when I can’t even take care of myself?

Where did this lack of life participation come from? Why are so many people very content with just watching life go by? Because it is easier to sit, watch, and judge others.¬†But seriously, think about it, “sideline sitters” do nothing but eat processed, sugary, nutrient deficient food that makes them sick and overweight. If that was not bad enough they also refuse to exercise, which makes them fumbling, stumbling, uncoordinated “humans” that would not last one day of the¬†zombie apocalypse.

Will you be ready?

Will you be ready?

It is funny because I can never talk about this subject without it turning in to surviving the zombie apocalypse or joining the human resistance in the fight against the machines :). Either way if the shit hits the fan and the lights go out for good, I bet you will wish your were a little stronger, a little faster, and a whole lot healthier. But I don’t want this post to be all doom and gloom so lets assume the zombie apocalypse is still many years away (fingers crossed). So why workout and be healthy? So we can have¬†FUN,¬†enjoying and living life to the fullest. Let’s never forget that life is extremely short and even more precious and it should be your duty to live each and everyday to the¬†fullest! The only way to get the most out of life is to have a strong body and an even stronger mind and yes they are related. Your mind will never reach its full potential if your body is broken! Ever notice that the¬†minds¬†of people who feed/treat their body like a garbage-can, aren’t all that hungry for knowledge/life experiences?¬†If you are happy with the way things are going than keep doing what you are doing, but if you are dying for a better life you must first change the way you eat and change your thoughts about exercise. Exercise must become a way of life if you want a better life.

Get busy moving or get busy dying!

Get busy moving or get busy dying!

What is participating in life?

  • Getting out and playing in nature – This could be skiing, hiking, biking, pick up basketball, etc.
  • Playing in an adult sports league
  • Playing with and actually keeping up with your kids
  • Taking an¬†active¬†vacation where you learn a new skill (or improve on an old skill) as opposed to laying on the beach for 7-days just eating, and drinking.
  • Learning a new skill- just know the difference between learning a new skill and being a¬†Groupon groupie¬†ūüėČ
  • Traveling the world and actually experiencing culture as opposed to staying on a cruise ship for fat Americans

There is no tomorrow

Do you see the common words in these life participating ideas? Yes¬†playing¬†and¬†learning! And I don’t mean playing video games or fantasy football. Playing is for adults too and we are never too old to learn! So the first step to participating in life is to establish a good general fitness base. We are much stronger and much more capable than you can imagine but you¬†have¬†to work for it and you¬†must¬†believe in your abilities! So let’s enjoy life today, not tomorrow. We are always putting¬†things/goals off until tomorrow. If you want it, do it, stop waiting till the time is right, that is just another excuse. As my man Apollo Creed says, “There is no tomorrow”!


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