The Clothes are Coming Off Part 2 (Planning)

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that life will always be uncertain. Whether we suddenly become sick or injured, the hot water heater bursts, or your landlord say “oh, by the way, we are selling your condo, please be out next month”, life is great at throwing us curve balls. Despite these curve balls, life also throw us some nice fastballs right down the middle which are definitely “hit-able”  if you are ready and have been practicing.

Life’s  “curve balls”  are 100% unexpected. It is nearly impossible to be ready and you usually have to change plans in order to accommodate.  A “fastball”– while not easy to hit– with a little practice/planning can still easily be a home run hit. There is no sense worrying about the unexpected so let’s discuss the expected (fastballs). All that is required to hit life’s fastball is planning. This is nothing new, we plan all the time. We plan a vacation, then plan to put in some extra hours at work to accommodate the lost “man hours” which will result from the vacation. We plan to meet our friends at happy hour on Friday night, we plan our next meal, we plan for weddings, and we plan for retirement. But one thing many of us fail to plan is our workouts.


There are 168 hours in a week and it is very possible to lose weight , get stronger and become much healthier working out just 3-days per week (at a minimum) which roughly translates to about 3 hours per week! 3 hours in one week is only 1.72% of the week! Are you telling me you can’t plan for 1.72% of your week? Oh, you spend some of that time sleeping, true 7-days at 8-hours (if you are lucky)=56-hours of sleep. So that means we are awake for 112 hours, 3 hours is only 2.67% of our “waking hour” time!

Just takes a little planning

Just takes a little planning

Trust me, I know that even though 3-hours is only 2.67% of your time, sometimes life has a way of making us feel like there are not enough hours in the day. But before we use that excuse let’s go over the fact the average American spends nearly 5 hours per day watching TV! What about time spent on social media? Most people easy spend 2-hours per day on Facebook mindlessly looking at people’s random “selfies”, reading all about their friends “dirty-laundry”, and/or trying to “Facebook stalk” the cute guy, girl or crazy person they just met. If we are truly honest with ourselves many of us have plenty of time per day. The issue is usually never about time but about priorities.

Um, wow! This maybe the creapiest selfie I have seen. lol!

Um, wow! This maybe the one of the creepiest “selfies” I have seen. 

How do we plan our workouts? Every week analyze your schedule and Sharpie, vice pencil-in, your 3 workout sessions! While this sounds like a no-brainer, the real skill is anticipating infrequent, yet standard life “fastballs” such as: wife’s birthday, daughter’s graduation, the big game,  3-day weekend in Vegas, or hosting family members.  Because these are not surprises, (unless you forget your wife’s birthday) these “fastballs” are not acceptable reasons to miss your workout. While 3 workouts per week is ideal, averaging 3-workouts per week is just as efficient especially over a years time.  Let’s look at a couple of scenarios:

  1. Your preferred workout days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday but this weekend is your annual “guys/girls trip to Vegas” do you: (a) skip your Saturday workout or (b)  workout Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (hey it is Vegas, Got to get hot to be hot!). That’s right, the correct answer is b – adjust your schedule accordingly.
  2. You just booked a 2-week all-inclusive Caribbean cruise which is 2-months away and your plan is to eat/drink your moneys worth do you, (a) do nothing or (b) for the next two months step-up your workouts to 4 to 5 times a week because once again, got to get hot to be hot! Yes (b) adjust your schedule accordingly!

Why all this effort for a workout. I know what you are thinking- if I am working out regularly, and eating clean, so what if I miss a workout here or there. Of course you will miss a workout or two (the whole curve ball thing?). We can not account for everything in life, so leave those “misses” for those times when we truly do not see it coming. Lets be honest- we make time for those things important to us. You won’t miss a doctors appointment. Most women I met would never consider missing a hair appointment. Why does your workout give? Working out is one of the least selfish things you can do (another topic!)

Being strong is not selfish, but being weak is!

Being strong is not selfish, but being weak is!

With 3-months till Memorial Day Weekend (when the clothes come off!) we need to remember our fitness goals and stay focused on the reasons we CAN workout instead of coming up with excuses why we are just too busy!


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