10-Week Challenge Jon “Bacon” Rogers Numero Dos!

Jon “Bacon” Rogers has literally become the “life” of the CKO party! His positive outlook on life and the energy he brings to class is contagious! Jon just finished his second 10-week challenge and he has had one of the best transformations I have seen both aesthetically and in strength and stamina. As Jon will tell you himself what help him achieve that “next level” of health and fitness was removing all sugar from his diet! Sugar is one of the worst things we consume and yet sadly we now consume more sugar than ever before, we as a society are literally addicted! Below is Jon’s testimonial about his CKO 10-week experience!

Written by Jon “Bacon” Rogers: I went into CKO’s 10 week challenge with very concrete goals in mind. First and foremost I have struggled with both my unhealthy eating habits and my weight my entire life. I needed to affect positive changes, lest I contract diabetes as it is prevalent in my family. Early in the challenge, I took it upon myself to seek Garett’s counsel regarding proper nutrition and addressing “and I quote” my literal sugar addiction. Garett spoke with me for over forty-five minutes straight. I was most attentive to his suggestions and even purchased a book entitled Good Calories, Bad Calories upon his recommendation. Within this challenge I succeeded in over thirty days with having absolutely no sugar. This simple change gave me awesome results. For the first time in my life I have visible abdominal muscles- YES! Six pack abs taste far sweeter than sugar ever could. I’m far from perfect; but when I had small set-backs (pizza, yogurt, the occasional light beer), I didn’t give up and hit the gym harder and with more intensity than ever. I averaged at minimum 4 trips to CKO per week and some weeks I went 5 or more time, sometimes even pulling the infamous “double” workout.

Talk about a transformation!

Talk about a transformation! Click for High Resolution photo!

CKO has quite literally changed my life and for the better. Since joining August 2012, I have lost over 40-lbs, and in this my second challenge I have lost 26-lbs. My body fat percentage has decreased by 6 percent and I have lost six inches off my waist. My biggest accomplishment aside from the healthy eating has to be my increased physical strength. When I first started CKO pull-ups were a “no go!” I couldn’t even do a single pull-up. Now I am a proud member of the pull-up club where I bang out pull-ups left and right during my break time. I average over 25 pull ups per class now and can do seven excellent pull ups (from a dead hang) in a row no sweat! Here are the results of this challenge and they speak volumes to what I have accomplished:

  • Wall Sit Initial: 54 seconds Wall Sit Final: 1 minute +6 seconds “This is an area I must improve on!”
  • Standing Long Jump Initial: 88 inches (7 ft. 4 inches) Standing Long Jump Final: (7 ft. 7 inches) +3 inches
  • Kettle Bell Initial: 63 swings w/ 53 lb. bell Kettle Bell Final: 100 swings w/ 53 lb. bell +37 reps
  • Initial Plank: 2 minutes 5 seconds Final Plank: 5 minutes flat +2 minutes 55 seconds
  • Initial Sprint: 2 minutes 22 seconds Final Sprint: 2 minutes 9 seconds -13 seconds (faster time)
  • Initial Medicine ball Chest Pass (20 lb. ball): 146 chest passes Final Medicine Ball Chest Pass (20 lb. ball): 300 passes +154 more chest passes
  • Initial 1 mile run time: 7 minutes Final 1 mile run time: 6 minutes 30 seconds -30 seconds (faster) “I reached my goal here I had set for myself.”


Initial Measurements/Final Measurements

  • Right Arm 13 1/4 Right Arm 13 1/4 No change
  • Left Arm 13 1/8 Left Arm 13 1/4 + 1/4 inch growth “nice and even”
  • Waist 35 inches Waist 32.5 inches “WOW” -2.5 inches lost
  • Right Leg 23 3/4 Right Leg 22 1/2 -1 1/4 inch lost
  • Left Leg 23 3/4 Left Leg 22 1/2 -1 1/4 inch lost “NICE” “nice and even”
  • Chest 42 1/4 Chest 43 1/2 +1 1/4 inch gain YEAH MONEY!!! Bigger Chest!
Got to get hot to be hot! Click for High Resolution.

Got to get hot to be hot! Click for High Resolution.

Without a doubt if you want to make serious positive changes to your health and fitness you must show up and do the work. The only easy day was yesterday. The work-outs never get any easier. Once you accept that and “put out” you’ll see immediate results. I recommend attending classes four times per week and meeting with Garett for personal training and advice on nutrition. He is a great support system and all the trainers at CKO are there to help you succeed. The atmosphere is electric and it’s down right fun to sweat with my closest friends. Jessica and Garett Renon- You are my heroes and you have changed my life. Thank you CKO! What are you waiting for? Get your butt to CKO Kickboxing and remember “You’ve got to get hot to be hot!”

Sincerely, Jon Rogers

No Sugar does a body good!

No Sugar does a body good!


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