10-Week Challenge Diana Baker

Diana Baker had a very successful 10-week challenge losing 5-inches off her waist and dropping two clothing sizes! Below is Diana’s write-up about her 10-week challenge experience. Great job Diana, keep up the outstanding work!

Diana’s testimonial: Before I started the 10 Week Challenge, I had been leading a sedentary lifestyle for the last 15+ years. I was overweight, had no energy, felt depressed, and was chronically injuring my lower back. I knew I should exercise but I hated running, didn’t enjoy aerobics, and going to the gym never lasted more than a couple weeks.

5-inches off her waist in 10-weeks!

5-inches off her waist in 10-weeks!

CKO changed everything. I signed up for the 10 Week Challenge as a way of making myself commit to something. I barely survived the first kickboxing class. My practically non-existent muscles were screaming in pain, my lungs hadn’t worked that hard in over a decade, and never before had I left an actual puddle of sweat on the floor from doing anything. But with each additional class, I noticed I was a little bit stronger, didn’t get winded quite as much, and could keep up with the rest of the class a little bit better. Plus something about the fast-paced mix of kicking, punching, and listening to the great music clicked with me in a way no typical exercise class ever had. I discovered I absolutely loved it!
As the weeks progressed, I had noticeably more energy and felt happier! Instead of coming home after work and sitting on the couch for hours like a slug, I would come home from a CKO class bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Through the kickboxing classes and the boot camp that was part of the 10 Week Challenge, I strengthened my core and no longer had problems with wrenching my lower back.
Because of the nutritional coaching that was part of the 10 Week Challenge I became much more aware of what I was eating, the associated calories, and where I was out of balance with sugar, carbs, and protein. Garett’s coaching helped me think about food in a different way and now I change what I buy at the grocery and what I order when eating out. And because of that I am healthier and my body feels better.
At the end of the 10 Week Challenge I lost almost 5 inches off my waist, went down two clothing sizes, lost 15 pounds and was noticeably stronger and had much more stamina. I was sad when the 10 weeks came to an end, for many reasons, but one of which was because of the fantastic group of people with whom I spent those 10 weeks. The other challengers had such great attitudes, were encouraging toward each other, and worked so very hard to meet their own goals. And the instructors taught us well, pushed us hard, and cheered us on.
I am grateful for CKO and the significant difference it has made in my life, and if you are considering the 10 Week Challenge, I encourage you to join. You won’t regret it, and it just might change your life, too!
Thanks again, Garett!
Diana Baker

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