Get off the scale now!

Warning a big generalization coming – – – I have noticed that most (not all) women determine their fitness successes and/or failures based only on the number seen on the scale! It doesn’t matter if they lost an inch or more off their waist and thighs, had to buy a new smaller wardrobe, became stronger than their significant other, and/or received numerous compliments from their co-workers, if the number on the scale didn’t go down, in their mind, the fitness program was a complete failure. Someone please help me to understand this?!

How many times a week do you look like this?

How many times a week do you look like this?

OK confession time, despite being a 31-year old married man who was fairly successful with the ladies back in my single days (you know what I am saying, 😉 ) I realize I don’t know everything about women. You see I am a “mans, man” I know how guys think, I know how to train them, I can push them way beyond their self-imposed limits, I speak the guys language, but the second a woman asks “why has the scale not moved” I feel like I fail at every attempt at convincing them that the scale is the worst measurement device on the planet. That’s right, I will say it again, the scale is the worst measurement device for determining health and overall fitness!

Body weight is comprised of muscle, fat, bone density, and hydration level. When people say they want to lose weight they really mean they want to lose body fat. Now if you really want to lose weight I will tell you a method that is guaranteed to work, are you ready? Starve yourself, I guarantee you will lose weight, sure you will feel like crap, and you will look like crap but hey, at least you will weigh less than you do now!  Now at the risk of starting an outbreak of eating disorders I hope you know that I am kidding but unfortunately if you are only worried about the number on the scale you will always run the risk of malnutrition and even an eating disorder. So again we want to lose body fat, we don’t want to lose muscle mass, decrease our bone density, and/or become dehydrated. Our muscle mass, bone density, and hydration levels determine our quality of life. A strong healthy woman is much sexier and a whole lot healthier than a skinny weakling who is constantly sick and has zero energy. Why do we make ourselves miserable over a stupid number that means nothing and has no determination on whether we are healthy or even sexy?!?!

This is NOT hot! Please do not strive to look like this!

This is NOT hot! Please do not strive to look like this!

I have a question for the ladies, what is more important to you, the number on the scale or a toned sexy body? Better yet, let me ask it this way, let’s say I could grant you a wish but you had to choose between a body that weighed around (insert your “ideal” weight here) or a hotter, sexier, stronger, younger looking body that weighed 20-lbs more than your ideal weight, which would you choose? Believe it or not, it is very possible that you could look your best at a weight higher than what you weigh now.  I would really like to know your answer.

We have all heard that muscle weighs more than fat, well that is not 100% true, a pound of muscle weights 1-lb, just like a pound of fat, weighs 1-lb, but what is true is that muscle is much more dense and takes up much less volume in your body. So if you lost 5-lbs of fat and gained 5-lbs of muscle the number on the scale may not budge but you will be noticeably smaller, and leaner.

The scale did not change, but she did!

The scale did not change, but she did!

I am speaking for the overwhelming majority of guys right now; we do not find those really skinny “supermodel” type women hot. Ladies you must trust me, this nonsense is all in your head! You are going insane over an issue that no guy cares about. We don’t care what you weigh; all that matters is do you take pride in your body and strive to be as healthy as possible.  We like strong, confident, fit women. Women who can go on a hike, run a 5k, get down on some pickup volleyball, help you move a couch and a woman who is going to “fill out” her jeans. What am I going to do with a malnourished skinny girl, talk about her gaining 2-lbs and how she is now depressed? Sounds boring and annoying!

This is an example of what a STRONG, TONED, CONFIDENT woman looks like. Make no mistake, this takes time, dedication and sweat!

If you are overweight, yes their will obviously be weight loss associated with your fitness journey but remember what I am saying, the number on the scale is the WORST way to measure progress. You need to understand this or you will be miserable. Life is too short to be worried about 5-lb gain. Our weight fluctuates on a daily basis plus or minus 5-lbs, so who cares!

The best ways to track your progress are:

  1. Body measurements – inches don’t lie!
  2. How do your clothes fit – Are your clothes becoming too big or too small?
  3. Fitness test – Can you run faster and farther? Can you do more push-ups or pull-ups now? Do you still get winded walking up a flight of stairs?
  4. How you feel – Do you have more energy? Are you a happier person? Do you have more confidence?
  5. Compliments – Are people complimenting the way you look? Are people asking you, “what is your secret”?

So ladies I challenge you to put away that scale and focus your energy on bigger and better things. Fitness is not about some stupid number on a scale it is about a LIFESTYLE. Fitness is about being able to keep pace with your kids, hell it is about being able to keep pace with your grand-kids.  Health is not about some stupid number on a scale it is about being able to enjoy an active life in retirement not confined to your house overweight and constantly medicated. Success is not about some stupid number on a scale. Success is about being you and living up to your full potential!


14 thoughts on “Get off the scale now!

  1. I realize this is an article about generalizations, but my husband is concerned with the number on the scale. He would be appalled if I looked like either of the women you showed. He wants me slim, he wants me skinny. I think my weight is fine. He wants me skinnier. So, in the ideal world, men want strong healthy women, but still most men want a skinny girl.

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