Monday June 24, 2013 history was made at CKO Seattle! Many have done a marathon, few have completed an Ironman distance triathlon, but only one man has ever completed the elusive CINCO (5 classes in one day)! That man is Jon Rogers! Doing 5 classes in one day is definitely impressive but what really made Jon’s CINCO inspirational was the fact that he gave 100% effort in each and every class! Jon was a member of the push-up and pull-up club in each an every class!

Can't Stop Won't Stop!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

Jon started his CKO journey overweight and out of shape and in just short of a years time he has completely transformed his body and is now currently training to be a CKO instructor! So the story of Jon’s CINCO would not be complete without mentioning that in addition to the 5 classes he also did an hour of trainer training which is definitely not a “walk in the park”!

The fifth and final class!

The fifth and final class! (Sorry so blurry but click for “clearer” larger photo)