The CINCO, Numero Tres (Melissa Melbourne)

Three CINCOs in three weeks, all I can say is WOW, congratulations Melissa Melbourne! I am so impressed! This is what make our members so special, they DO NOT back away from any challenge, in fact when the going gets tough, instead of backing off or quitting, CKO Seattle members just keep moving forward till the task at hand is completed giving 100% effort the entire time! This in not only impressive but it speaks volumes of who they really are, and I can’t think of a better life characteristic than having great character.

These 3-CINCOS also reminded me that going to a gym can actually be a lot of fun, once you find the right gym! During all 5-classes Melissa had constant support from both the CKO Staff and a lot members. In fact, many members did “doubles” and even “triples” just to show their support!!!  I have talked to many individuals who love to brag about their $10 gym, ironically these are the same people that dread going to the gym and as a result rarely if ever show up and workout (does 2 gym visits in the last 6-months sound familiar?). What good is a cheap “$10 gym” that you never go to because it is a cold lonely place? CKO is literally the Cheers of the fitness world, “everybody knows your name” and everybody will support your fitness journey!


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