There is no “I” in Team

Do you participate in groups or do you contribute to a TEAM? There is a reason the Seattle Seahawks are called a football team and not a football group. Because a team has discipline, a team has motivation, a team has work ethic, a team has heart, and a team has drive! A Team is a group of highly motivated, hard working, individuals all wanting to achieve the exact same goal.

One, two, three...

One, two, three…

A group, on the other hand, is just a gathering of like-minded individuals who lack drive, have zero ambition, and lack similar goals!  Individuals of a group often, experience  symptoms of ADD by constantly losing focus on one goal, moving on to the next goal before the first goal was ever completed. Group participants will also contribute different amounts of effort, can (and will) “step-on you” to gain more success, and most importantly they all have different different measurements for determining success.

Stay Focused

Don’t lose it

But a Team, has just one crystal clear objective and all members are ready and willing to give 100% effort toward achieving that desired objective. Members of a team eat, sleep and breath the same desired objective. Team members will push and motivate each other because they know, the only way to get that desired objective is to have all members actually reach and perform at full potential.

A team is that next level hierarchy of human efficiency. First you are an individual, then you realize you can only achieve so much by yourself, so you join a group. A group takes you much further than any individual could ever dream of, but a group lacks focus and this lack of focus will hold you back from achieving full potential.

I dare you to find me just one successful person in business, science, sports, anything, who became successful without any help. They don’t exist, it is impossible for an individual to be bigger than a team. Do you remember Terrell Owens, T.O? There is a reason the Seahwaks cut him last year, their is a reason he has played for like 5 different teams over the last 7 years, because he thinks he is bigger than the team. He arguably had the potential and raw talent to possibly be the best ever, but he refused to be a team player and now he can only wonder what he might have been. Talent and potential will only take you so far, you need a team to reach the promise land.

I am better than my teammates

When you end up in Cincinnati and still no one likes you, you have need to take a long hard look in the mirror. 😉

What do all successful people have in common?  They surrounded themselves with the most positive, like-minded people they can find and created a team. Successful people do not have time for the haters and the saboteurs out there (negative people), they only have time for the people that support them and bring out the best in them. Without a team ,their would be no electricity, no internet, no iPhone, no indoor plumbing, etc. Make no mistake a group is still much stronger than a individual, but a team is unstoppable!

Think about bike racing (think Tour de France) most people think cycling is an individual sport but you would be wrong, Lance Armstrong (please save your doping jokes) had a team. Why, well if you have ever ridden a bike you know you can go much further and much faster in a pack then you could ever do by yourself! No rider is faster than the pack.

No one person is faster than the pack!

No one person is faster than the pack!

Trust me joining a team will not make reaching your full potential any easier, it just makes it possible. Team members work harder than ever and being a part of a team requires you do your part, there are no free rides on a team, you must put in work stay on the team.

I will be honest, some of you are nowhere near reaching your goals, not even close, because you still think you can do it by yourself! Some of you are at least smart enough to realize you can’t do it by yourself but you are wasting time participating in a group instead of contributing to a team! Trust me, that group is holding you back, now’s the time for change!  Surround yourself with positive, like-minded folks, both with the motivated people that want the same goals (teammates) and the people who best know the way (mentors).

So if you are tired of wondering about your potential, if your tired of being held back by the unmotivated, if you are tired of always losing focus, it is time to join a team! Find that team for health success, business success and life success.

A man can only do so much, but a team can re-create universes.


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