Flabs to Abs the Robert Rivera Transformation

I will never forget the first day I met Robert, he asked me if it was possible for a guy his age (mid thirties) to get 6-pack abs. I told him, “yes it absolutely is, but you have to open your mind, you will have to change the way you eat, and even-though it will sound crazy, you will just have to trust me 😉 “.  I also told him, “you will need to take our classes at least 3 times a week”. Over the next month Robert would come to work and ask question after question about nutrition and fitness. I loved his enthusiasm, but I eventually told him, “before you ask me another nutrition question, I need you to read this book.”  After about 3 to 4 months of eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis Robert’s health and physical appearance started changing for the better.

Yes that is Robert in the middle!

Yes, believe it or not, that is Robert in the middle!

Robert’s progress is phenomenal , when he took his first class he barley made it through the warm-up, now he teaches a great CKO class and is a great personal trainer helping many of our members lose body fat and gaining a better appreciation for food! I also really respect the fact that Robert want’s to be healthy so he can take care of his “Baby Lub” (his daughter), Robert realizes that his health directly influences his daughters health. I encourage any parent out there to follow Robert’s example and instead of using your kids as an excuse to why you have no time to work out, and instead make the time to get healthy so you can be a better parent! As parents, you are the biggest role model in your child’s life, and if you choose to be unhealthy your child will be unhealthy too!

What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes! Now a better role model for his daughter!

Congratulations Robert on making health and fitness a way of life!

Testimonial by Robert Rivera:

It all started with a phone call inquiry about a trial class, having heard about CKO kickboxing from my wife’s cousin. Garett invited me to get there the following day where he ran me through an orientation.  I almost died 10 minutes into the warm up. Quite literally almost throwing up.

First CKO class

First CKO class

I walked into CKO last September weighing 199lbs, beer gut included. I came into the gym with some prior knowledge regarding martial arts so I figured at least I had the advantage of competence. To be honest, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class, as the tempo was way above my comfort level because I was out of shape.  I confided in my wife how much I wanted six pack abs and my wonderful wife told me flat out that I could never get them, I was too old and I loved beer too much.

I turned to Garett for advice on this and he said two words, “no grains”.  He also started to mentor me on nutrition and fitness. I actually brought him a sandwich consisting of spam, bread, veggies, and mayo.  Garett took the bread off and stated he didn’t eat grains. I was confused! I never heard that before.  I initially thought it would be difficult for me to follow his lead and give up the sugar and grains also.

Fast Forward into my first month at CKO. I continually took classes and asked Garett for an opportunity to be an instructor myself. Garett took me to task and told me to write out what my class would look like. I took this seriously and went into my backyard, and scripted what my workout would be to music. I got the thumbs up by Garett and started teaching. My first 2 classes were horrible! Then my 3rd class was brilliant and I felt incredible. I’m pretty hard on myself and constantly try to improve my routines. I never want to get complacent.

Robert and his twin brother ;)

Robert and his twin brother armed and dangerous 😉

What I loved about CKO from the beginning were these aspects: no sparring, the music, atmosphere, and the owners being so genuine.  Garett and Jessica were and are always super encouraging. They care about my progress. In the past, I felt other gyms couldn’t care less about my results and paid no attention to me.

Days turned into months, and I noticed physical changes in my body. This was a big step not only physical but mentally as well. I started to get compliments on my weight loss and I knew it was the time to step it up. One day in February, I was reading about nutrition on the couch and here walks in Jon (Bacon), he had booked some time with Garett to discuss his sugar/pizza addictions. I started eavesdropping on the conversation and Jon committed to no sugar/grains for 30 days. I immediately chimed up that I would be doing it also! It was great because we both had team accountability to keep us in check. My mantra since that day has been “No Suuugggar”, and I have used this in my class many times.  After several weeks of no sugar/grains, my abs started to appear.  It was so rewarding to finally have my six pack abs.

No Suuuuuugar! Robert and Jon enjoying their new abs!

No Suuuugggaar! Robert and Jon showing that hard work and dedication pays off!

One year later I’ve gone from 199lbs to 150lbs. I’m never looking back! I have a rewarding job and have my own clients to mentor now. I’m so happy. I take great pride in knowing that I’m truly making a difference and contributing to ensure all CKO members actualize their full potential.


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