Self-Sabotage part 2 – Putting a price on Health

The purpose of the healthy life experiment is for me to step away from the business side of fitness and look at things as a fitness professional being as unbiased as I can.

One of the unintended benefits of owning a gym is the amount of people that I deal with on a daily basis, this gives me lots of great insight on how people approach health and fitness from a mental standpoint. It is fascinating, mostly sad, but definitely fascinating at the amount of excuses and self-sabotage I deal with. The biggest self-sabotage I see is people making decisions about a gym solely based on the price of the membership.

Sick 2

A smart shopper will find a gym that will best help them achieve their desired results where as a self-sabatager will search for the cheapest gym available not at all concerned if this (cheap) gym can best help them achieve their fitness results.  Would you buy a house, a car, or even a smart phone solely based on price? No, but people do this all the time with their health not realizing that many “cheap” gyms are hoping you fail.

I am not going to pretend that money is of no concern because, money absolutely plays a big role in our lives. We all need a roof over our head, food on the table, and clothes on our back and yes I need to make money at my gym so I can pay my bills too but I am here to tell you that not getting a gym membership or at least not getting the right gym membership (for you) because you are being “cheap” will not only hurt your waist line it will hurt your pocket book too!

The best investment you can make!

The best investment you can make!

I hate talking money because I have found that as soon as money is discussed the health/fitness results (the real reason you walked into the gym in the first place) are immediately forgotten about and now it becomes a discussion about finding the cheapest gym.

True story: I ask a guy that walked in to my gym, “are you looking for results or are you looking for the cheapest gym? His answer – “cheapest gym”…

We are now putting a price on health, bargain shopping not for the gym that can help you lose weight, increase muscle, and improve overall health, but for the gym that puts the smallest dent in your pocket book, placing value on a dollar over health, over life experiences. But you want to talk money, let’s talk money. According to Forbes poor health, cost the US economy $576 billion dollars, yes half a trillion dollars is lost each year due to poor health related cost and out of that, $227 billion is from “lost productivity” from employee absenteeism due to illness or what researchers called “presenteeism,” when employees report to work but illness keeps them from performing at their best. I think the “presenteeism” factor is the real story because due to our lack of exercise and poor nutrition people are constantly sick! Now they are usually not sick enough to justify staying home, and they definitely don’t need to go to the emergency room, but they always seem to feel much less than 100%, usually operating around at 75% – 80% of their potential.

Yeah, I don't think I will make it in again today...

Yeah, I don’t think I will make it in again today…

Don’t believe me? Check out Facebook and look at your friends post, it is amazing how many people are posting, “feeling blah”, “sick again”, “feeling tired” and/or “allergy attack”. Or look at your co-workers, I guarantee someone is always sneezing, coughing, has watery eyes, complaining of a sore throat, etc. I honestly feel like I am the main character in some type of deadly virus outbreak movie, cause every where I look I see sick people and not just elderly people, I am talking about 20, 30, and 40 year-olds  that seem to have more “blah days” then they do “feeling great” days. When you are 20, 30, and 40 years old you are still in your prime! You still potentially have 50 to 70 years left, that is a long time to be feeling blah and most importantly that is a lot of lost earning potential!

As a small business owner I can honestly say that I have seen “presenteeism” first hand and when people are always sick they become unreliable and unreliable don’t get promoted. With a small business every employee is crucial to the business’s success and if an employee is functioning at 75% and at the same time looking miserable (do sick people ever look happy?) they are effecting the entire bottom line of that business. You can assume if you effect the bottom line for your entire place of work you may not last long or at least you will be given less and less responsibility which directly effects your bottom line.

Just last week I had one of my members tell me that she now has so much more energy she started picking up extra shifts at work! This is a common theme in the gym – other members telling me that some days they specifically come into the gym, just to get extra energy which allows them to finish major projects! When you exercise you become sexier, get more energy, you gain self-confidence, make more money, become more positive, and strengthen your immune system. Think of some of the healthiest people you know, they have tons of energy, they never miss work, they work hard, they play hard, and they seem to live life to the fullest.

Glad I got that gym membership! ;)

Glad I got that gym membership! 😉

What about the fact the beautiful people make more money? Right or wrong,  this is true, and it makes since cause when working for a company you are a direct representative of that company! When people see you they are judging both you and the company based on your appearance (don’t get mad at me, I don’t make the rules!) and the better looking you are the more the company will want to “promote” you and there is no down side to being promoted!  Now before you start complaining about genetics and/or naturally “beautiful people”, lets get one thing straight – it is impossible for you to look your best if you are overweight, out of shape, and constantly sick. So you may not have the perfect cheek bones or the perfect nose, but the only way to maximize the “beauty” hand you were dealt is to be as healthy as possible!

I will be sick when I am dead! And yes that it 50 cent holding my belts!

I will be sick when I am dead! And yes that it 50 cent holding my 6 belts!

I don’t know about you but I hate feeling “blah”! In fact, I hate feeling blah more than I love feeling great! I think of myself as being 10 feet tall and bulletproof and whenever I get sick I feel vulnerable, I feel week, I feel worthless and I feel like a drain on society. Think of all the great atheletes, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and  Floyd “Money” Mayweather (45-0 in case you forgot), they all have said they hate to lose more than they love to win. This is the same mentality you need to adopt. Say it with me :

“I hate to be sick, more then I love feeling good”!

Now if only there were something that could help you become better looking,  increase your self-confidence,  increase your energy, decrease the likelihood of being sick, make you injury proof, and increase your intelligence. Oh wait there is but you were to cheap to make an investment in yourself 😉


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