Get To Know a Member (Shannon McKeon)

If their was a contest for the happiest person on Earth Shannon McKeon would be my favorite to win. Every time I see Shannon she is smiling, even during class when I receive stink eye after stink eye from many of the other members (lol), Shannon is still grinning from ear to ear. Her positive energy is really contagious.  Shannon has been a member of CKO since April 2013 and is in the Century Club (100 classes at CKO) and a regular member of the got to get hot club!

Shannon at our 1 year anniversary class

The Shannon McKeon interview:
How did you first learn of CKO?
My friends Dee and Michele (aka our very own DJ, Miss Shelrawka) told me about this great kickboxing gym they had joined. They said the classes were a killer and that I would enjoy it. I went to my first class on President’s Day. I had an absolute blast!  I had never punched a big bag before and I loved it.  It was so much fun to be bouncing around with boxing gloves, throwing punches and kicks at the bag — all set to music. I got tied up with work and did not go back to CKO until two months later in April. I thought I would try it out, see if I could continue going to classes. Turned out I could make the evening classes. I loved the workouts and signed up for a year membership.
What are some of your fitness goals?
I would like to run a marathon one of these days.
Also, I have no self control when it comes to happy hour food and drinks. I am trying to be healthier on the weekends.
The only time she has not smiled ;)

The only time she has not smiled 😉

What is your favorite aspect of CKO?  
 My favorite aspect of CKO are the people at the gym. It is astonishing how inspiring the members are.  I’ve met a woman who was working out a few short weeks after having a baby, a gentleman with Parkinson’s Disease, a young one who can jump over six feet in the air (Kevin you know you are amazing!), people recovering from injuries, and scores of people who continually make the time in their busy lives to do something good for their bodies. It is a privilege to work out with such a remarkable bunch!
What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself?
 My job can be incredibly stressful. I used to throw on my sneakers and run up a hill to dissolve the tensions of the day. While I still run, I have found that CKO is an even better mechanism for dealing with work overload. In our busy lives, it is so important to make the time to take care of ourselves. Accordingly, I go to a CKO class as often as I can. What can be better than to pummel a bag after a day of chaos? Thank you for this CKO!
What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? 
 The most difficult part of the classes for me are the sprawls. I am not kidding, sprawls are no joke for me. Sometimes I’ll drop down on the ground after a long, hectic day at work and think how nice it would be to simply lay there for a few minutes and catch my breath.  But then I think of what the fighter Jack Dempsey said, “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.”  I love that quote.
What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential? 
I can’t think of anything that could be done better.
Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you!
I grew up in a tiny town in Montana and moved to the Seattle area after university. I met my husband when he was in town on a break from crab fishing on the Bering Sea. We are the proud parents of a darling, 8-year-old Beagle named Walter. That dog has buried all of my wrist wraps, so you will generally see me at the gym without them.
Shannon on Team CKO for the World Concern 5K

Shannon (on knees in middle) on Team CKO for the World Concern 5K


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