CKO Success Story (Heather Saldivar)

Written by Robert Rivera:

Heather joined CKO one year ago (Nov 2012) and made really good progress her first 7-months. She was happy with her results but was not satisfied, she knew she could do better and she knew she had more work to do in order to reach her full fitness/health potential but she needed that extra push! The first seven months at CKO gave Heather the strength, the endurance, and the confidence needed to take her fitness to the next level. So at end of July 2013 she inquired about doing a personal 10-week challenge which consisted of nutrition counseling, attending a minimum of  3 classes per week, and a weekly circuit training session.

Heather after

Happy and tone!

We had instant chemistry, what really impressed me was her passion and her drive, I have seen/heard a lot of people talk about fitness goals but quit as soon as the going gets tough, but not Heather, she talked the talked and walked the walk! I would set weekly goals and every time she consistently exceeded the requirement-pushing herself harder and harder each and every workout. The nutrition portion of the 10-week challenge, is based on a primal diet which means, NO SUGAR and NO GRAINS. Within one week, I noticed an immediate physical appearance in her face and her level of energy was up too. Heather was super fun to train, as time went by her strength, speed, stamina, and health continued to improved. I was also very excited to see her food choices significantly improved, she became much more aware of what she ate and how it affected her body.

Mitt sessions are her favorite.

Mitt sessions are her favorite.

I truly believe this is only the beginning. She deserves all the credit and remains focused on her goal to get six-pack abs. What I admire about her most is her drive. I thank her for letting me train her because she truly is an ideal client with an amazing attitude. I want Heather to know that the sky is literally the limit and she has the potential to do great things in this world! 🙂

Heather’s testimonial is below.

Written By Heather:

Health is Your Wealth

My fitness journey began with the purchase of a Groupon for CKO Kickboxing. One of my good friends, who has since become a CKO instructor, thought we would try it out to see if we liked it. The summer I joined CKO, I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of almost seven years, who I had been through so many ups and downs with during the relationship that it totally weighed me down. I barely could get through the day at times, but I always looked forward to getting to CKO after work; it was my therapy.

Heather ( on right) before CKO

Heather (on right) before starting CKO

When I finally joined CKO, I fell back in love with fitness. I was reawakened and finally felt like myself again after losing touch with who I was for so long. I started wanting more than just group classes. I wanted to get stronger and toned. The best decision I ever made was hiring Robert Rivera as my trainer and nutritionist to take my fitness to the next level. I was quite honestly a little scared because I had heard he made you cut out all grains, pasta and sugar from your diet. But I had made up my mind and set my eyes on the prize. I was fully committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Punching cancer in the face

Punching cancer in the face

I started seeing a difference in my body within the first week. My stomach looked smaller and leaner and my body continued to rapidly change. I was motivated and wanted to get better every day. I have gone from a size 6/8 to a size 4 and I’m finally close to being back to my college size. I haven’t touched grains in almost five months and I don’t understand why people love bread so much. When people ask me what kind of diet I’m on or how I eat, I tell them this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I can’t be happier with the results I was able to achieve during the course of 13 weeks.

100% committed to a healthy lifestyle

100% committed to a healthy lifestyle

CKO Kickboxing is far more than just your typical gym. This place has completely transformed my life. Everyone here is rooting for you and wants you to achieve your goal, which is not something you’ll find at any other gym. This is a special place. Thank you CKO and Robert Rivera for the daily nutrition text messages, checking in on my food log and always going above and beyond my expectations. But I’m not done yet. Robert and I have already discussed new goals and I’m ready for the challenge!


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