2014 HLE (New Year Resoultions)

Before you make your new year resolutions I have one more challenge and that is to set your resolution just a little higher. If you really want something- set your sights, take aim, and pull the trigger- make it your resolution. Why not? What do you have to lose? So what if you miss, reload, take aim, and fire again!  Sure, the intermediate goals to get you to that resolution can (and should) be smaller and reachable in a shorter time. All those articles on “how to reach your new years resolution” will tell you make your goal “realistic”. You know what those same articles don’t tell you-ANYTHING is “realistic” if you want it bad enough. Think your goal is unreachable, always remember there is a first time for everything. So if you  really want something, I challenge you to GO GET IT!!! Don’t let anyone hold you back, including yourself. Goals are dreams with a plan. Don’t dream safe- dream big.


You can’t win if you don’t play the game

Why is there a tendency to settle for less then we really want? After all it is your resolution. The fear of failure holds us back. Many people are so afraid of failure they would rather sit on the sidelines and do nothing rather than play the game. Instead of aspiring to actually have a flat sexy stomach (believe it or not it is possible) many are happy setting a goal that if achieved will still leave them nowhere close to obtaining 6-pack abs.

Those who try to do something and fail…are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed- unknown

Now I am in no position to judge or tell you what your goals should be, because this is your journey, it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your time on this planet. But no matter your goal I encourage you to aim just a little higher. We all know that there is no guarantee that you will even reach your goal, hell you may even fail miserably (no shame in this), but the one thing I can guarantee is that you will not achieve the bigger better goal “x” if you set your sights on the lesser goal “y”. You will only obtain what you are seeking. If you say your dream house is a 2-bedroom condo with on street parking, you will never have a 4-bedroom, 3-car garage, with a swimming pool and a fully stocked wine seller because you settled for a 2-bedroom condo. Setting a goal is like giving your GPS coordinates, the GPS only gives directions based on your inputs. So reach a little higher, dream a little bigger, and give your “GPS” some better coordinates.

Dream big




Train like a Professional in 2014

The new year is upon us and that means, New Year Resolutions. I know, new year fitness resolutions have almost become cliche, because every year you state, “This is the year I…(insert fitness goal here)”. Fast forward 2 to 4 months after stating your resolution, to that moment you realize that all that enthusiasm you had on New Years Eve (maybe it was just the alcohol talking 😉 ) is fading away, you realize that your fitness goal is slipping away (again), at that moment you begin to realize who you really are, you realize your true self. At that moment a decision has to be made, the right way or the easy way. You know you choose the easy way when you stop working and start making excuses. It’s true, for some of you, the only thing you have ever done well or done consistently, is make excuses!

But no matter how much New Years Resolutions are mocked in the fitness world, I actually love them, to me there is something powerful, something very inspirational about starting a new year, and I believe if you don’t have a game plan for the new year you will once again fail to reach your potential!

The time to start planning is NOW!

The time to start planning is NOW!

It no secret that the most common way to get results is to work hard on a consistent basis. That means coming into the gym, giving it your all, 3 to 4 times a week, each and every week. If you can do this you will be healthier, you will have more energy, look years younger and will be a hell of a lot stronger than you are now.  So if you are new to fitness, have general goals (not yet a fitness addict) or are happy with your progress I recommend following a consistent training model. But if you have been at it for a while and are beginning to struggle with motivation and/or boredom, or you feel like you have hit a plateau there is another training method. The Periodization method!

Stop talking and take consistent action!

Stop talking and take consistent action!

What is periodization?  It is a very organized training plan that focuses on specific goals for a specific amount of time! In other words, think of a training camp for football players or MMA fighters, or training for marathon or bodybuilding competition. The idea is to start out slow, working on different aspects of your “game” while increasing the intensity each week and then by the end of “training camp” you should be in the best shape of your life peaking in all various aspects of your “game”. Then once the event or goal has been achieved there is a rest/recovery period, then a new “challenge” is accepted and the process starts again.

Sounds great but what if you don’t have a big event to train for? Most of us are not professional athletes and many of you may not even want to compete in a big athletic event and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course if you are competing in a big run/triathlon/bodybuilding/fight and you want to do as well as possible – you should be really be using a well thought-out periodization training plan! But for those of you with no wish to compete you can still benefit from periodization method by doing what we are calling the, Work Hard – Play Hard Plan!  


Create the Work Hard-Play Hard habit!

Work Hard – Play Hard periodization plan (The real 80/20):  Is 8-weeks “on” with 2-weeks “off” (or something similar). If you are a math wiz this fits perfectly in the 80/20 principle. In very simple terms, you go hard for 8-weeks and go light for 2-weeks. But before I go on any further, I must  first talk about rest–without proper rest you will never reach your potential. When we workout we break our body down, we then rest and the body repairs and rebuilds slightly stronger. If you never get proper rest your body never gets the chance to properly repair, you will miss a lot of the benefits of your hard work, not to mention that if you are always sore and tired your risk of injury goes up very quickly. But rest is the most complicated and most difficult aspect of training, some people rest way too much and some people don’t rest enough. “Over-resters” take too many days off and make very little if any progress. “Over-trainers” workout non-stop because of a traumatizing fear that a missed workout will set them really far back, and as a result, tend to suffer from overuse injuries and even illness.

We have all heard the fitness motivation of “No days off” and “I’ll sleep when I am dead” but the reality is that even the pros have rest/recovery periods. Your body is like a race car, it can go very fast and perform very well but without the proper care and maintenance the wheels will eventually fall off. The Work Hard – Play Hard plan is perfect because it gives the “over-resters”  a set amount of time to push themselves and the “over-trainers” a set amount of time to rest and lower their intensity (guilt free).

Below is a graph that shows how the Work Hard – Play Hard plan works: You start slow, increase your intensity for a given amount of time (8 -weeks) and then lower the intensity for a shorter amount of time (2-weeks) and then begin to increase the intensity again.

The green trend line shows that if this method is followed you will continue to improve

The green trend line shows that if this method is followed you can continue to improve over time

How it works: 

  1. Set a goal – 40 in 40 challenge, personal training for 2-months, CINCO, 10 dead hang pull-ups, lose 30-inches off your body in 10-weeks, lose 5-percentage points of bodyfat, etc
  2. Set a time – Most training camps last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks
  3. Train hard – Start light and increase the intensity and volume as the weeks go on.
  4. Reward yourself – This is the most important part of the training plan! Seriously, what good is all this training if you can’t enjoy yourself. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Plan a vacation or a 4-day weekend to Vegas right after the end of “training camp” and relax guilt free. Have a spa day and treat yourself to the best package they have. Have a TV marathon over the weekend and watch all episodes of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones (guilt free). The idea here is to do something fun, something extravagant and reward yourself for completing training camp. But here is the catch – training camp must be completed. During the 8 weeks of training there are “no-excuses”, there are no “days off”,  and there are no “cheat days”, you have to train like you will be on national television in a swimsuit in 8-weeks! 🙂
  5. Rest – During the 2-weeks “off”  is when you reward yourself and also recover. Now this does not mean don’t do anything for 2-weeks, a good rest period should be 3-4 days completely off and then workout at a lower intensity with lower volume. Stay active during this time just scale back the intensity and volume.
  6. Repeat and become a badass!

Always remember life is not about instant gratification! Anything that is precious or anything that is priceless requires commitment, it requires ambition, and it always has to be earned, it can never be given, remember, nothing worth having comes easy.

So I challenge you to come up with a game plan, I challenge you to break the cycle of excuses and I challenge you to actually finish what you said you were going to do while being three sheets to the wind on New Years EVE! I challenge you to train smart, to divide the year up into multiple training camps, to reward yourself upon completion of each and every grueling training camp. Summer 2014 is about 6-months away! Now is your time to shine!  This year ask yourself WHY not? 

Will you be ready?

Will you be ready?

10-Week Challenge Transformation (Tanya Conroy)

It really doesn’t get much better than Tanya’s CKO success story. Her story is so good that had I not witness it myself I might not have believed that these type of results were possible in just 9-months!

Tanya in May 2013

Tanya in May 2013

Tanya’s CKO experience can be summed up by these words:

“If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse”

Everyday we get bombarded with excuses, the number 1 excuse being financial concerns, it is sad because many of the same people who talk about financial issues are putting a price on health and choosing to buy more material crap, go out to eat and keep cable instead of a gym membership, it is priorities not necessarily money that is the real issue. But not Tanya! She actually is one of the few that choose health over cable TV, in fact I actually saw her at Best Buy looking for the digital converter “rabbit ears” so her boyfriend could still watch sporting events –financial problem solved, now that is commitment!!! 🙂

I recently wrote a blog about how purchasing a gym membership will not only save you money, it will most likely make you money in the future and like a scene in a movie Tanya signed up for the 10-week challenge, lost 30-lbs and 34-inches of fat off her body. This resulted in increased confidence and a new job that paid an extra $10 per hour–that’s a $2o,000 yearly increase in pay! Tanya is living proof that investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make!!!

Tanya at out 1-year anniversary (July 2013)

Tanya at out 1-year anniversary (July 2013)

While Tanya’s story is absolutely amazing it is worth noting that her journey was not all rainbows and lollipops, she struggled with motivation, financial concerns, self-doubt, etc. In fact, Tanya’s transformation almost didn’t happen. About a month after becoming a member, she went about 20 days without a visit to the gym. This prompted us to email her and ask if everything was okay. She had some of the typically excuses and also expressed that she was nervous (self-doubt) about coming back after missing so much time. We convinced her to come back and she hasn’t looked back since.  The journey of self-improvement will NEVER be easy but as Tanya can attest it will be worth it!

Congratulations Tanya your story inspires me more than you will ever know, thank you for being dedicated and awesome!  

Testimonial by Tanya Conroy:

Just as I had for the last 10 years, I made optimistic goals for myself in January–this was the year I was going to get my health/life together. I was at my heaviest, unhappy, constantly sick, exhausted, and I felt stuck in the biggest rut ever. For the first couple of months I fell on and off the wagon; I was frustrated that I just didn’t seem to get it. My results were nonexistent at my  $10/month gym, I was losing motivation, and constantly obsessing about the scale and calories.

Results of 10-week challenge. Left September 2013. Right November 2013

Results of 10-week challenge. Left September 2013. Right November 2013

I took my first class at CKO in April. I was convinced that I wasn’t cut out for something so athletic and bad ass, but I had read so many amazing transformation stories and thought I would at least give it a try. I loved it, yet I still made excuses not to sign up for the 1 year membership: that’s a long time, I’m broke, I won’t see results like everyone else, and you are just overly excited about this–you won’t keep up with it. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was potently giving up on. I spent hours reading all of the CKO blogs and success stories. It helped me realize that I needed to invest in myself and stop living on autopilot. I re-evaluated my expenses and ditched cable…now I had money for CKO. No more excuses.

For the first couple of months I saw results and could tell I was getting stronger– I was proud that I had stayed with it for longer than any diet or workout program I had in the past. At the same time I was still feeling exhausted and trying to fix it with lattes and sugar-free energy drinks. That’s when the 10 Week Challenge was announced– which I turned it down at first because I was lacking energy, it was extra money, and I’ve never been able to stick with a regime for 10 days let alone 10 weeks! In the end I decided to take on the challenge because others had great results and I wanted to get a grasp on my eating habits. Plus, the support system and camaraderie at CKO is incredible.

Hard work and dedication does pay off!

Hard work and dedication does pay off! What can you accomplish in 10-weeks?

The challenge: no sugar, no grains, no alcohol, and no white fruits.  Eat like a caveman: meat, fat, and veggies. WHAT?! But everything I had read for the last few years on nutrition had told me that I should eat oatmeal or egg whites , skim milk lattes, chicken, low-fat condiments and yogurt, diet sodas, “health” bars, fruit, and whole grains. BUT then again, I was (plus drinking beer on the weekends) AND working out, but still felt like total crap. I soaked up everything Garett and Jessica had to tell us, read Paleo books, researched online, and talked to past challengers. It made sense, it seemed super simple, and the fact that I didn’t have to count calories made this seem do-able.

Tanya at Boxing for Boobies (Oct 2013)

Tanya at Boxing for Boobies (Oct 2013)

I instantly felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously, in less than 2 weeks of eating Paleo and attending 5 classes a week, I felt like a new woman. I had so much energy and wasn’t stressed out about how hungry I was or how I was over my calorie limit. And the weight fell off too! First week I lost 8.8 pounds, and 3 the next! I HAVE NEVER HAD RESULTS LIKE THAT BEFORE! I was pumped! I logged everything I ate on myfitnesspal.com and was surprised to see that even though I wasn’t counting calories, my calories were around 1,300 calories–and I didn’t feel deprived. Actually, I stopped drinking coffee all  together for weeks and my sweet tooth nearly went away (Really…and I am a cookie monster/eat the whole pint of ice cream kinda girl). For the first time in my life my workouts and healthy food choices were reinforced by the way I was feeling on the inside and out.

Eating clean and working out on a consistent basis has been amazing. Difficult at times, but so worth it.  I lost nearly 30 pounds and 34 inches in 10 weeks, but more importantly I am happier and stronger. I have developed new habits and started a new lifestyle. My new-found confidence also helped me finally start my career. I walked into my interview with my shoulders back and a my head held high–and now making nearly $10 more an hour . I’m proof that even if you are at your lowest low, you are worth it and just need to invest in yourself. Invest your time and money in yourself. Take the leap, and don’t give up. It will take hard work and patience, but you will get addicted to how phenomenal you feel and will never want to go back. We are approaching  a new year, and for the first time, I’m not scared. I know I have a long way to go, but I KNOW I can do it. Oh, and FYI, I do feel athletic and pretty bad ass now ;)Thank you to my CKO family and Trainers, you will always have a place in my heart.


Success Story Erin Devoir

I remember when Erin walked into CKO she was someone that I “hated”, a bargain shopper full of excuses 😉 . She took our free week trial (we now offer just 1-class free) coming in at least 4 times, then bought a Groupon which gave her another 5-classes, but despite absolutely loving the classes she always had excuses as to why she could not sign up for a membership. She even used one of my favorite excuses, “I am going on a 10-day vacation in a month so it doesn’t really make since for me to sign up now (what are you going to do for the month till your vacation?).  After Erin returned from vacation she found one more deal, our 2012 black friday special and finally became a member.  But that should be expected from a professional shopper… I hear she has quite the shoe collection.

Now that is a shoe collection.

Um…Wow! Now that is a shoe collection.

After a few months I knew Erin would make a great instructor, she was very athletic, had good kickboxing technique, and really enjoyed the workout. She has developed into a really good instructor who has created a good following in the 6am time slot. After about 6-7 months of being a CKO instructor, she decided to “step-up” her game and do the 10-week challenge.

Before CKO. Erin (second from right)

Before joining CKO. Erin (second from right)

Erin began the 10-week challenge from a different starting point compared to most of the other challengers, she was in good shape and would be considered “skinny” and “fit” by mainstream standards. But Erin knew she could do better, and she knew their was still more fitness potential to develop. Erin doesn’t want to wonder how good of shape she can get into, she wants to know. So while Erin’s before and after picture do not show a dramatic change, the real change was improved strength, improved endurance, improved confidence, and a greater appreciation for fitness, especially the commitment and goal setting aspects!

As part of the 10-week challenge we do a before and after fitness test and Erin improved in all aspects:

  • Push-ups in 1-min = +7 (54 on knees)
  • Squats in 1-min =  +3 (54)
  • Sit-ups in 1-min = +18 (56)
  • Wall Sit (max time) = + 1:05 (held a wall sit for 3:15)
  • Plank (max time) = + 2:00 (held for 4:15)

It has  been a pleasure working with Erin over that last 10-months, I have seen her make the transformation from  just working out as a hobby,  to now being 100% committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Erin:

As my CKO anniversary approaches, I wanted to share how I got involved with the gym and show what a year of dedication can do. I started CKO after seeing it on Groupon – it was very close to my house and I had always wanted to try kickboxing but was intimidated by other gyms or classes I had seen in the area (or I thought it was going to be like TaeBo and that seemed lame!).  So I decided to purchase the deal and check out what CKO had to offer. After the first class, I knew this was the place for me! It wasn’t your typical gym and you got to beat the crap out of a bag which was a great stress reliever. At that time they were doing your first week free so I think I went 4 times that week and then used my Groupon up – I knew I didn’t want to stop coming but I came up with excuses as to why I couldn’t join – I was in transition of jobs and was going on vacation for 10 days so didn’t see the point of signing up until I came back. I got back from vacation the week of Thanksgiving and I was already missing the work out and stress relief but I wasn’t sure if I could afford another expense but I knew I had to find a way. Then I got an email about a Black Friday special and I knew this was it! I signed up right then and there and haven’t looked back.



I started taking classes about 3 times a week and I noticed that I was getting a lot stronger and I had a lot of energy. My clothes started fitting better and even getting a little loose in places. With my work schedule being so random, I started taking a lot of the morning classes with Garett – there were a few mornings were it was just he and I so we did mitt sessions and boot camp style work outs which hooked me even more. We got to talking one of those mornings and he asked about my fitness background and if I’d ever thought about teaching? He said I was picking it up really quickly and they were looking for sub instructors. At that point I figured, why not?! I wasn’t happy in my job or in my personal life but I was always happy coming to CKO and it always made me feel better.


Erin lost 5 body fat percentage points!

The first day of instructor training in February, I was soooo nervous! I had only been going to CKO for a few months and my background was in gymnastics, cheer, and volleyball so I had no idea how I was going to teach a good work out. I came in and met Kila for the first time and was thinking, what did I get myself in to – I can’t do this; no one is going to take me serious! Kila and Garett were both so supportive and behind me 100%. I think my favorite part of the training was the role playing of orientations and all the “characters or types of people” that Garett would play – so funny!

Boxing for boobies event

Boxing for boobies event

After a few short weeks, it was time to actually teach a class….so scary the first time you do it. I was extremely nervous and worried people would hate my class, they are paying for me to give them a good work out and what if I don’t deliver was constantly running through my head. The first few were rough but after a while I got the hang of it – enough for Garett to offer me a regular class 3 times a week (really it was because Danielle was leaving and if I didn’t take it, he would have to but oh well). So the 6am class sort of fell into my lap and I’ve been teaching consistently since April. I love teaching and having people tell me that they got a great work out and love taking my class. I still have a lot of learning and growing to do as an instructor but have the passion and drive to do so and I know that I have the support of not only the CKO trainers but the members as well.

Part of the unstoppable team that is CKO!

Part of the unstoppable team that is CKO!

If you said to me a year ago this is what my life would look like, I wouldn’t have believed it – it’s crazy what a year can do. I am happy and I am in the best shape I’ve been in since high school, maybe even better shape! In a year I’ve gone from a size 28 jeans down to a size 25-26 (brand depending) and have lost inches and body fat – I wish I would have taken my starting measurements a year ago to really see exactly how much I have lost but either way, I know CKO works and am happy I took a chance on a Groupon.  I LOVE CKO!

10 Week Challenge

Taking the 10 week challenge for me was just going that extra step – a lot of people asked why I was even doing it because to them, I was already in great shape. I figured it was worth a shot to push myself that much further. Being an instructor, you are looked at to be in the best shape and to motivate others to reach their goals so I wanted to set an example and prove that even if you are in good shape, you can get into even better shape with hard work and dedication.

Starting out after measurements and body fat percentage, Garett said my goal should be to drop about 3% body fat (I was at 22% and should aim for at least 19%). We didn’t even talk if I would lose inches; I was in pretty good shape already so he said the main measurement would be body fat percentage. So here are my starting numbers:

Date: 9/16/13

R Arm:  10.25in

L Arm: 10.25in

Chest: 35in

Waist: 28.5in

Booty: 37.5in

R Leg: 20in

L Leg: 20in

Body Fat:  22%

After the first week, I knew the biggest struggle for me would be cutting the alcohol – the diet food wise wasn’t too hard, I was already gluten free so just cutting grains totally and adding more protein seemed easy enough and the work outs were fine, I just added boot camp on. I love wine and usually would have a glass or two a night so cutting that out was so hard! But Garett and Robert said that was what would hold me back if I didn’t at least cut it out during the week – so I reluctantly cut out alcohol during the week and tried to limit my intake on weekends. After the first week, it got a lot easier. I decided that if I was going to do this challenge, I needed to do it right and fully take advantage of it.


We learned a lesson about not revealing more in the before picture. It is kind of hard to tell but Erin’s has really tone up her muscles.

I had a lot of my peers and family ask why I was doing this “crazy” diet and how long I’d have to “suffer” through this or how can I live without sugar and grains? My answer would be well it’s a 10 week challenge but this is a lifestyle change so I’m not going to stop once it’s over. You do realize when you are on a diet or challenge how many people try to get you to cheat or sabotage your progress, it’s just one doughnut or piece of chocolate – it won’t hurt you, but in my head I was thinking you are trying to justify that it’s okay you are eating it and wanting me to be bad with you. I stayed strong (already being gluten free made it easy to stay away from the weekly Friday doughnuts at the office but I know it’s not easy when there is peer pressure).

The part I did struggle in the diet was adding more/enough protein. I also don’t eat red meat or pork so that limited a lot of my protein options – by week 3, I hated eggs! I found ways to jazz up my eggs and even ate some red meat towards the end because I wanted more variety. As the final week approached, I knew it was time to kick it into high gear – cut out carbs the last whole week and really lean up. I was nervous if I was going to be able to meet the goal Garett set for me; I knew I did well on the work outs – got all 50 in and I did pretty well on the diet but again didn’t think I would see much of a change because of the way I was eating before was not a huge change. But the time had come – I was shocked at my results! I think seeing yourself each day, you don’t notice the changes as much but numbers don’t lie.

Date: 11/17/13

R Arm:  9.5in (.75in change)

L Arm: 9.75in (.5in change)

Chest: 33.5in (1.5in change)

Waist: 27in (1.5in change)

Booty: 36.5in (1in change)

R Leg: 18in (2in change)

L Leg: 18in (2in change)

Body Fat:  17% (5% change)

Total inches lost: 9.25

Total body fat lost: 5%

I am so proud that I took the challenge and that am proof even if you are in good shape, you can get into better shape! I had one of the challenge members come up to me and say I was an inspiration to her, if I could get those results being in the shape that I was in at the beginning, that she has hope and drive that she can get there too. Awesome!

Will you become a Victim of the Holiday Season?

The ball is on your 20-yard line, you are down by six points, the clock has just stopped due to the 2-min warning. The only way to win, complete a near perfect 80-yard drive culminating in the end zone. This is “gut check” time, completing this 80-yard drive will not be easy at all, but you know it is possible and most importantly you know you possess the talent and the skill. But first you must ask yourself, “do I have the heart to win this game”, and “how bad do I really want this”? Win this game and you are in the playoffs, lose and the season is over.

2-mins? "I got this!"

2-mins? 80-yards to go? “I got this!”

Losing can no longer be an option, you have been playing this game for a very long time and people are starting to doubt your sincerity, because every year when the “season” starts you say, “this year we are going all the way”, “this year I am not stopping till I get that championship ring”, but as soon as the season starts to get hard and as soon as a little adversity happens you quickly give up and say, “next year will be better”…

This scenario reminds me of life, on January 1st (season opener) you say, “this is my year”, then right around Thanksgiving you get dealt an enormous challenge, a challenge so big that it derails nearly everyone, except for the dedicated few. This challenge is known as the holiday season.  Starting around Thanksgiving and ending on January 1st, this span of only a month and a half, has caused many people pack on as many as 15-lbs!!!

Go ahead everyone is doing it!

Go ahead, eat, everyone is doing it!

The holiday season can be devastating to your health and fitness goals. Everywhere you look there is a “holiday party”, there is the office party, which can last for many days, your friends parties, family parties, church parties, and this is just for you, if you are married or have a partner you might have to deal with some of their parities as well. The food at these parties is horrible, candy canes, cookies, ginger bread people and their houses, plenty of alcohol, eggnog, cakes, hot chocolate, and carbs, carbs, and more carbs!

What about the stress of the holidays? We have become consumeristic zombies flocking to malls and shopping centers to buy, buy and buy! Traffic around major shopping centers is a nightmare, the stores are crowded, people are rude and some how you are supposed to navigate this ridiculousness and buy your friends and family members the “perfect” gift?!

Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

So the holiday season has the potential to be the perfect storm of too many parties containing bad foods, stress about money, stress about travel, stress about time, cold weather making you feel lazy and the fact that the new year is just around the corner giving you the an “out” by declaring, “on January 1st I will get my act together”!

It is no wonder many people don’t survive the holidays, it is easier to give up and give in to the pressure, it is easier to quit and sit on the sidelines than it is to push through the difficulties and win the game. The odds are not in your favor but the same is true for life in general, it never is nor will it ever be easy but the strong will not only survive they will thrive!


Good advice 😉

5 tips on how to survive and even thrive during the holiday season:

  1. Make time for yourself – I know easier said than done but if it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. Make a priority of working out at least 3-times a week. Is there a better way to deal with the stress of the holidays than punching and kicking a bag? Remember successful people workout when others won’t.


    Consistency is the key to success

  2. Be a party pooper – You don’t have to go to every party just because you are invited and if you do attend you don’t have to eat like you are a 5-year old with no self-control. Believe it or not good food can be found at most parties, there is usually some sort of meat, salads and veggies.  So choose wisely and don’t fall for peer pressure!
  3. Plan ahead – Don’t show up to the parties hungry. Besides making time to workout this might be the best piece of advice. Eat some healthy food before you go!
  4. Limit your alcohol – I am not saying don’t have fun, but alcohol is empty calories that will lower your inhibitions and before you know it you are eating candy canes, making out with the ginger bread woman, doing shots of hot chocolate, and streaking through the dessert table. Again there is nothing wrong with a few drinks, but here is a great piece of advice, DO NOT DO SHOTS (we are not amatures)!  Every drunken story starts with “So we started doing shots of Jager…”. Keep it classy, sip and have a few drinks. One more tip–It is amazing what some sparkling water with lime will do, you have the sensation of “holding a drink”, no one will ask you want you want to drink, and you won’t wake up in a ginger bread house with a pounding headache 😉

    The last thing I remember someone said, "do you want to do a shot of Jager..."

    The last thing I remember someone said, “do you want to do a shot of Jager…”

  5. Be a trendsetter – Why do you want to fit in so bad? Why do you want to be just like everyone else? Bring healthy options to your parties, do not eat sweets, and remember what the holidays are all about–friends and family. It is the experience that is fun, not necessarily the food and definitely not the crap you buy.

I challenge you to finish what you started, 2013 is not over yet! It is the 4th quarter and the game is on the line and I challenge you to step-up and fight! I challenge you to stop the cycle of being a victim. I challenge you to get a head-start and not wait for the “new year” to get healthy and fit. I challenge you to thrive during this most challenging time of the year.


Will you survive/thrive or will you be like everyone else and lose sight of that championship ring once again?

No more talking, It’s time to walk!