10-Week Challenge Transformation (Tanya Conroy)

It really doesn’t get much better than Tanya’s CKO success story. Her story is so good that had I not witness it myself I might not have believed that these type of results were possible in just 9-months!

Tanya in May 2013

Tanya in May 2013

Tanya’s CKO experience can be summed up by these words:

“If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse”

Everyday we get bombarded with excuses, the number 1 excuse being financial concerns, it is sad because many of the same people who talk about financial issues are putting a price on health and choosing to buy more material crap, go out to eat and keep cable instead of a gym membership, it is priorities not necessarily money that is the real issue. But not Tanya! She actually is one of the few that choose health over cable TV, in fact I actually saw her at Best Buy looking for the digital converter “rabbit ears” so her boyfriend could still watch sporting events –financial problem solved, now that is commitment!!! 🙂

I recently wrote a blog about how purchasing a gym membership will not only save you money, it will most likely make you money in the future and like a scene in a movie Tanya signed up for the 10-week challenge, lost 30-lbs and 34-inches of fat off her body. This resulted in increased confidence and a new job that paid an extra $10 per hour–that’s a $2o,000 yearly increase in pay! Tanya is living proof that investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make!!!

Tanya at out 1-year anniversary (July 2013)

Tanya at out 1-year anniversary (July 2013)

While Tanya’s story is absolutely amazing it is worth noting that her journey was not all rainbows and lollipops, she struggled with motivation, financial concerns, self-doubt, etc. In fact, Tanya’s transformation almost didn’t happen. About a month after becoming a member, she went about 20 days without a visit to the gym. This prompted us to email her and ask if everything was okay. She had some of the typically excuses and also expressed that she was nervous (self-doubt) about coming back after missing so much time. We convinced her to come back and she hasn’t looked back since.  The journey of self-improvement will NEVER be easy but as Tanya can attest it will be worth it!

Congratulations Tanya your story inspires me more than you will ever know, thank you for being dedicated and awesome!  

Testimonial by Tanya Conroy:

Just as I had for the last 10 years, I made optimistic goals for myself in January–this was the year I was going to get my health/life together. I was at my heaviest, unhappy, constantly sick, exhausted, and I felt stuck in the biggest rut ever. For the first couple of months I fell on and off the wagon; I was frustrated that I just didn’t seem to get it. My results were nonexistent at my  $10/month gym, I was losing motivation, and constantly obsessing about the scale and calories.

Results of 10-week challenge. Left September 2013. Right November 2013

Results of 10-week challenge. Left September 2013. Right November 2013

I took my first class at CKO in April. I was convinced that I wasn’t cut out for something so athletic and bad ass, but I had read so many amazing transformation stories and thought I would at least give it a try. I loved it, yet I still made excuses not to sign up for the 1 year membership: that’s a long time, I’m broke, I won’t see results like everyone else, and you are just overly excited about this–you won’t keep up with it. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was potently giving up on. I spent hours reading all of the CKO blogs and success stories. It helped me realize that I needed to invest in myself and stop living on autopilot. I re-evaluated my expenses and ditched cable…now I had money for CKO. No more excuses.

For the first couple of months I saw results and could tell I was getting stronger– I was proud that I had stayed with it for longer than any diet or workout program I had in the past. At the same time I was still feeling exhausted and trying to fix it with lattes and sugar-free energy drinks. That’s when the 10 Week Challenge was announced– which I turned it down at first because I was lacking energy, it was extra money, and I’ve never been able to stick with a regime for 10 days let alone 10 weeks! In the end I decided to take on the challenge because others had great results and I wanted to get a grasp on my eating habits. Plus, the support system and camaraderie at CKO is incredible.

Hard work and dedication does pay off!

Hard work and dedication does pay off! What can you accomplish in 10-weeks?

The challenge: no sugar, no grains, no alcohol, and no white fruits.  Eat like a caveman: meat, fat, and veggies. WHAT?! But everything I had read for the last few years on nutrition had told me that I should eat oatmeal or egg whites , skim milk lattes, chicken, low-fat condiments and yogurt, diet sodas, “health” bars, fruit, and whole grains. BUT then again, I was (plus drinking beer on the weekends) AND working out, but still felt like total crap. I soaked up everything Garett and Jessica had to tell us, read Paleo books, researched online, and talked to past challengers. It made sense, it seemed super simple, and the fact that I didn’t have to count calories made this seem do-able.

Tanya at Boxing for Boobies (Oct 2013)

Tanya at Boxing for Boobies (Oct 2013)

I instantly felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously, in less than 2 weeks of eating Paleo and attending 5 classes a week, I felt like a new woman. I had so much energy and wasn’t stressed out about how hungry I was or how I was over my calorie limit. And the weight fell off too! First week I lost 8.8 pounds, and 3 the next! I HAVE NEVER HAD RESULTS LIKE THAT BEFORE! I was pumped! I logged everything I ate on myfitnesspal.com and was surprised to see that even though I wasn’t counting calories, my calories were around 1,300 calories–and I didn’t feel deprived. Actually, I stopped drinking coffee all  together for weeks and my sweet tooth nearly went away (Really…and I am a cookie monster/eat the whole pint of ice cream kinda girl). For the first time in my life my workouts and healthy food choices were reinforced by the way I was feeling on the inside and out.

Eating clean and working out on a consistent basis has been amazing. Difficult at times, but so worth it.  I lost nearly 30 pounds and 34 inches in 10 weeks, but more importantly I am happier and stronger. I have developed new habits and started a new lifestyle. My new-found confidence also helped me finally start my career. I walked into my interview with my shoulders back and a my head held high–and now making nearly $10 more an hour . I’m proof that even if you are at your lowest low, you are worth it and just need to invest in yourself. Invest your time and money in yourself. Take the leap, and don’t give up. It will take hard work and patience, but you will get addicted to how phenomenal you feel and will never want to go back. We are approaching  a new year, and for the first time, I’m not scared. I know I have a long way to go, but I KNOW I can do it. Oh, and FYI, I do feel athletic and pretty bad ass now ;)Thank you to my CKO family and Trainers, you will always have a place in my heart.



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