I am just about that action, boss!

As I write this we are just 2-days from Super Bowl XLVIII between The Seattle Seahawks and The Denver Broncos and I am definitely ready for some football.  Now living in Seattle, it is impossible not to get caught up in all the hype. Ok, confession time, most of my family is from Colorado, live in the Denver area, in fact my uncle has Season tickets to the Broncos and has even been generous enough to let me attend numerous games. But based on the photo below, he has since threaten to never let me go to a game again (honestly don’t know if he is joking) 😉 . While I would definitely not consider myself a die hard football fan I have always been a fan of the Broncos.

All I can say is, "Hustle like Russell"

May never be allowed into “Mile High” stadium again. All I can say is, “Hustle like Russell”

However, I have now been living in Seattle for nearly 2 years and there is something about this Seahawks team that I absolutely love! Last I checked, the vegas odds actually had Seattle favored by 2, but the Seahawks are not acting like the favorites they are acting like Clubber Lang in Rocky 3; hungry, overlooked, pissed off, and absolutely ready to fight for that championship “belt”. My prediction? Seattle brings the pain, like Clubber Lang, but Peyton maybe the greatest of all time, who know? Man, I can’t wait for this game to start.

My Prediction? Pain!

My Prediction? Pain!

While I may not know who is going to win the game, I know Marshawn Lynch is definitely ready to find out, he said it best, “I am just about that action, boss”. I absolutely love that quote and that may not even be the best thing he said in that interview, he also said,

“No talk aint won me nothing”.

Those are two very strong statements spoken by a man who wants that championship ring really bad, probably more then he has ever wanted anything in his entire life”. Think about that, think about being so focused on achieving a particular goal that you don’t even want to speak about it anymore, all you want to do is take action.

Check out the Lynch interview here (fast forward to 1:15):

However, sadly most people are the complete opposite of Lynch, they want to do more talking, and much less walking. They love to talk about losing weight, they love to talk about getting a better job, they love to talk about chasing their dreams, and they love to talk about wanting more opportunity but when the opportunity actually presents itself they act as if they don’t want any of that action, boss. They don’t want that “action”, cause it could take years of hard work, years of self-investment, and years of constant action to achieve their dreams, but we all know it is easier to just talk about it…

No more talking

No more talking

I am definitely a fan of action. I am a fan of the belief that nothing of any value will ever be just handed to you, I am a fan of the belief that you have to push through the road blocks of life, and I believe that the only way to succeed is consistent hardwork, but yet feel like I can’t find that many people with the same believe system. This makes me wonder…How did it become so acceptable to talk but not try? How did it become so acceptable to sit on the sidelines instead of playing? How did it become so acceptable to quit at the first sign of trouble?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but what I do know is that action is required to reach your goals. It is impossible to go anywhere without action. It’s like riding a bike, the second you stop peddling (taking action), you immediately begin to slow down, eventually you will stop moving forward and then you will soon lose your balance and fall down. So instead of falling off that bike, be like Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and stop talking about doing “it” and start doing. Start becoming a better, stronger, faster, smarter version of yourself now.



Member profile (Kristina Willison)

Kristina Willison has been a member since day one of opening our doors! I really respect Kristina’s comment to pursuing goals. When she walked through our doors she was already a very active person, swimming and running on a consistent basis but was starting to lose general fitness motivation. Believe it or not, this is common, when you don’t have a lot of weight to lose or you are already in great shape, you start to question if you need to continue working out consistently. After a short discussions about motivation, I asked Kristina if she could do a pull-up? I can’t remember if she did one or not, but if she did one, it definitely wasn’t pretty 😉 . I said, “Ok that’s your new goal 5 dead hang pull-ups”. This challenge immediately brought her competitive spirit back. Since then Kristina has become a master at setting and completing many different “smaller” fitness challenges for herself.

She wanted to knock that bag down so bad! LOL

She wanted to knock that bag down so bad! LOL

Kristina interview:

Besides being a CKO Super Hero, what is your day job? I am a full time mom and work part-time in health care.

Do you have any hobbies? In my spare time, which I diligently make time for, I sew and make jewelry and do many other crafty things. I also run and swim.

How did you first learn about CKO? At the beginning of July in 2012 I was driving up Aurora and saw a kickboxing sign go up. I pulled off the road, drove up to the front door and went in to ask about joining. The nice bald man at the front said they wouldn’t open for another week or so. I came back as soon as they opened, took a class, and joined. I had kickboxed before and really enjoyed it so I was elated to see a gym opening in my neighborhood.

Joining other members at the World Concern 5K!

Joining Team CKO at the World Concern in May 2013 5K!

What are some of your fitness goals? My current fitness goal in to complete the 40/40 challenge. After that I will make an assessment with my fabulous trainer, Robert, and set some new goals.

What is your favorite aspect of our gym? My favorite aspect of CKO are the members and the supportive atmosphere. I have worked out at many other gyms including other kickboxing gyms, and nowhere else have so many people said “hi” and “how are you” when you see them day after day. I always thought the lack of camaraderie at other gyms was strange when everyone is always there doing the same thing together.

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? My mental health is what motivates me to come back every day. My monthly membership is significantly less expensive than paying a counselor. I learned, soon after having my first child, that what was going to keep me from staying in bed all day long was an expectation that moving my body will keep my body moving. When I am keeping myself healthy I am a much better mom, wife, friend and co-worker. Exercising is a part of my daily living, not just something I squeeze into my week if I can find the time.

VIP member in the Push-up Club!

VIP member in the Push-up Club!

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with?  Physically what I struggle with are doing more than a couple of complete push-ups before moving to my knees. I would like to be able to do 10 solid full push-ups. I think keeping the doors of CKO open is what will help me actualize my full potential.

Kristina 4

What do your actions say about you?

As I sit here searching for motivation to write a blog I just so happen to notice 2 very unhealthy looking women, most likely in their mid-20’s, both smoking cigarettes, and as I am watching them I happen to notice that one women takes a big drag of her cigarette and then tosses it on the ground and continues to cross the street like nothing happened. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have seen something like this, I see people throw cigarettes out of car windows all the time (one of the biggest causes of forest fires), I see people flick their cigarettes into parking lots, into bushes, into urinals, into the ocean, on the ground at city parks, if fact I would argue that if the place is accessible to humans, someone at some point in history, has thrown their cigarette on the ground and just walked away. I find this behavior fascinating, because there is so much more involved than just the act of littering. Believe it or not this is a self-love/self-respect issue.

Let me get rid of this cigarette.

All done with this, let me just “throw it away”

If you ever need proof that our government could not care any less about your health it is the fact that cigarettes are 100% legal.  This is not your grandfathers tobacco we are talking about, we are talking about a product that contains over 600 ingredients, and produces over 4000 chemicals when burned. 600 ingredients! I didn’t even know there were that many “ingredients” in existence on the entire planet. Anyways, unless you have been living under a rock, this is not news to you, just about everyone knows that cigarettes are extremely bad for your health. So addictive or not, choosing to smoke these cancer causing, chemical science experiments, shows a complete lack of respect for your own personal health.


What are your habits?

We are defined by our daily habits, even the ones that seem so very small and so very insignificant, our daily choices and daily actions create our true self. Smoking is just one example, if, despite all the research and information, you still choose to smoke you are telling the world that you don’t care all that much about your health. So based on this, it is no surprise that the people that don’t care about themselves also don’t care about others.  Of course they are going to throw the butt on the ground in a public place, they don’t even respect themselves so what would make you think they would respect their surroundings.

This is fascinating because this relationship exists in all parts of our lives.  Let’s say you rarely go to the gym and when you do go, you are content with “phoning it in” and only giving 70% effort. Before you know it, you start  “phoning it in” at work, you start giving just 70% towards your relationships, you start giving your kids just 70% of the attention they need, and when it is all said and done you will realize that you just lived up to only 70% of your potential!

bruce lee

It does not matter what we say we want, we will only be defined by the sum of all our actions both positive and negative! Everybody says they want to be successful, and everybody says they want to look good naked, but actions always speak louder than words. The ones that reach their goals are the ones that “walk the walk”, they are the ones that take pride in the even the smallest of details, because they know that these small details add up very quickly and the sum of these details defines them as a person. So fall back in love with yourself, learn to respect yourself, and always remember that there is a direct connection between how you treat yourself and how you treat others, that there is a direct connection to the effort you give on small tasks to the effort you give on big tasks.

Time to Become Bulletproof

Last year I gave a nutrition seminar and I got a few very strange looks when I mentioned I put butter in my coffee. Have you heard of this stuff yet? I am talking about bulletproof coffee and it’s ever increasing popularity especially amongst the Primal/Paleo community.


Oh yeah, don’t you guys put butter in your coffee, sounds gross, doesn’t it? Believe me I know it sounds weird and I was very skeptical myself, especially as I was in the process of pouring hot coffee over a hunk of butter into my blender. As the blender was blending, for a brief moment I thought, “well I guess I have officially lost my mind, I have gone way too far down the nutritional rabbit hole”, but after about 30-sec of blending I had a creamy, frothy, beverage that look just like a latte and tasted great. I was also amazed at the amount of energy I felt throughout the day, I had a nice mellow “coffee buzz” for most of the day, no jitters or that crash feeling, just consistent energy. So long story short, I have now been drinking Bulletproof coffee nearly every morning for about one year and I absolutely love it!

Great grass-fed butter :)Great grass-fed butter 🙂

*Robin Rogers was one of the first gym members to actually try the coffee and she absolutely loves it. Written by Robin: “I’ve been drinking bulletproof for the last 3 months. In the first Ten Week Challenge, Garett told us that he drinks coffee with butter. We all had a good laugh! Never once did the thought occur to me to try it. When I finally got my diet free of sugar and grains, and I stopped having ups and downs with being hungry, I think the term is my body was finally fat adapted…. Garett suggested that I try having Bullet Proof Coffee: coffee with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. I started introducing it in my morning routine and it was delicious. I was not hungry till noon and I lost 8 inches the first month. I was hooked. I love the creaminess of the coffee and it gives me energy. I have it every morning!”

Ok, but why butter?


To learn more about Bulletproof coffee you can check out the website here also I encourage you to “poke” around this website as it has lots of fascinating information about health and diet. To learn more about Dave Asprey (Bulletproof founder) watch this:

I am excited to announce that we ware be selling Upgraded Coffee at my gym. We will also be selling Collagen ProteinWhey Protein, and MCT oil.  The proteins are perfect for our smoothies and our green smoothies. I have used all these products myself and I take pride in only selling products I believe in and use myself.

The CINCO (Katy Maynard)

With just 3 weeks until the much anticipated CINCO Saturday, the CINCO was once again defeated by another CKO warrior on Monday January 20, 2014. Congratulations Katy Maynard you have just joined an elite group of members that have slayed the CINCO dragon. Doing 5 classes in one day is no easy task, and I can honestly say that every member that has completed the CINCO gave it their all every single class and Katy was no different, never once did she just go through the motions, she pushed herself during all 5 grueling classes. Katy you are definitely an inspiration, you set a goal for yourself, then accomplished it, that is simply beautiful!

Katys’s CINCO story (written by Katy):

I’ve wanted to do a Cinco for a long time but unfortunately never had a Monday or Wednesday off from work to do it before now.  It had already been in the back of my mind and a few days before I said to myself “I’m going to do a Cinco on Monday.” Jon summed it up best in my 5th class: “Make a promise to yourself and keep it.”
CINCO complete! January 20, 2014!

CINCO complete! January 20, 2014!

The day of, I knew getting to Erin’s 6am class would be the worst part, but it was also the biggest motivator!  Once you complete the 6am…absolutely no reason to miss the other classes.  I was also super obsessed with what I was eating throughout the day and ended up consuming: 4 turkey burgers, 4 eggs, 1 cup bulletproof coffee, 5 smart waters, 1 coconut water, 1 cup greek yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, and 3 bananas.  Another big factor was the looming triple of classes at night.  Before each class I just said “Go,” and I went.

A little bit more about Katy:

Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? I teach lawyers how to blog and use social media to grow their business at a small company called LexBlog in Pioneer Square.

Do you have any hobbies? I love to clean!  I also like trying new healthy recipes, shopping for awesome deals, playing with gadgets, and cute adventures.

Working hard

Getting ready for that ATTACK round!

How did you first learn of CKO? I had been going to a kickboxing gym for a year that was closing down because the owner was moving.  Donald found CKO to try as a new gym for me. We first took Robert’s class and I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew CKO fit what I was looking for, and more. (I also could barely walk for a week, thanks Robert).  I signed up immediately when my other gym closed and have loved it ever since!

What are some of your fitness goals? I always want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to have my body fit my life.  When I feel strong, I feel more confident.  When I feel like I look good, I am more happy.  When all of my clothes fit with wiggle room, I have the perfect excuse to buy more clothes.

What is your favorite aspect of CKO? I love that CKO brings people together to do something healthy for them.  I think of CKO as a social event; it’s a bunch of friends working out together.  It’s so easy to schedule a happy hour or dinner date, but a lot harder to fit working out into a schedule.  If I think of CKO as social hour with friends, and I can’t miss that.  

Powerful Roundhouse

Powerful Roundhouse

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a CKO class and doing child’s pose.  Whenever I need a little push I remind myself that it’s just an hour and I’ll feel better after it’s over.

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? I am struggling with finding a work/life/work-out balance but have noticed that its actually just a big mash-up of all three.  The timing of all that is still in the works.

Always focused

Always focused

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential?  One thing I love about CKO is all of the challenges going on.  Competition gets people going, and especially competition among friends!  I am always excited to see what the next grueling challenge will be.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you!  I’ve been trying bulletproof coffee lately and I think it is definitely a factor in the energy I have had to do a Cinco!

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Self Sabotage part 4 – The “Box Checker”

It has been a while since I have posted about self-sabotage, so I would like to remind everyone that the purpose of these blogs is to not make fun of, or mock anyone but to help you recognize destructive patterns of behavior that many people exhibit when it comes to health and fitness. Unfortunately, losing weight, getting in shape, and/or becoming a healthier/stronger version of yourself, is not easy at all, if it was easy no one would be out of shape or overweight. Physically working out is not that hard, in fact it is very simple (not easy, but simple), but it is the mental game where the real battle is fought. Deep down inside everyone wants to be healthy and look as good as possible but there is a powerful negative force that convinces us that we are too busy, or that we can’t afford it, or we have bad genetics, etc. But if you ever hope to win the mental battle and become a stronger, healthier version of yourself you need to start recognizing these patterns of destructive behavior ASAP.


What is a “box checker”? A box checker is the next evolution of a self-saboteur. Just like a virus that slowly overtime starts to evolve and become resistant to antibiotics, self-saboteurs also continue to evolve. A box checker is someone who goes to a gym with zero intention of signing-up, literally, “checking the box” to say they “tried” the gym, but it was–choose favorite excuse here (too expensive, too hard, unfriendly, not compatible with my schedule, etc). We have all heard the saying if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, well this is the same thought process a box checker has, “I tried it, now I can not sign-up guilt free”.

It is easier to check the "no" box

It is easier to check the “no” box

Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with trying or “shopping” for gyms, in fact I encourage it, but box checkers are not shopping for a gym, they show-up with not only zero intention of signing-up,while at the gym, they are actively looking for a reason why the particular gym is not right for them.

A box checker also shows up saying all the right things, “I need to lose 50-lbs, I live right around the corner, and I have always wanted to do something like this.  But a box checker becomes “exposed” when they can’t find anything wrong with the gym. Make no mistake, a box checker wants someone else to make the decision for them (because it is easier). Whether by choice or the power of their subconscious, a box checker secretly hopes they will be mocked by either the other gym members or the gym staff, or that the customer service is bad, or the gym is too advanced, but when their gym experience is actually a good one that is when a box checker goes into panic mode.


The moment they realize the decision was not made for them, they start spouting off contradictory excuses, like “well, I maybe moving in two months”, or “I am actually in between jobs right now”, or “I work 12-hours a day, and I don’t think I could make it in enough to make it worth it”.  What is ironic about these excuses is that they (box checkers) should have known these things before showing-up. We are in the information age (ignorance is a choice), and everyone I know will “stalk” a business’s website and Facebook page, gathering as much info as possible before showing up. The answer to these last minuet desperate excuses could have all been found in less than 5-mins with a simple Google search.

Box checker go from saying all the right things to all of a sudden acting like they are surprised that you must become a member and workout consistently to get results.  They go from “educated gym shopper” to acting like they are just killing an hour on a Saturday afternoon before a movie starts.

henry ford

Are you guilty of being a “box checker”? If so, don’t worry I have some good news for you. The hardest thing to do is show-up and try something new, most self-saboteurs don’t even make it this far, so all that is needed is an open mind and a simple change in attitude. Do your research before going to a gym, then look for reasons how this gym can help you meet your goals opposed to why it can’t. Have you ever realized that we tend to find exactly what we are looking for? If you go out looking for trouble, there is a very good chance you will find trouble. If you are looking for reasons to quit, you can find those too. So stop looking for reasons to fail and start looking for ways to succeed. Sure, there are some gyms that are better equipped to meet your needs than others but a negative attitude will only produce negative results. Stay positive my friends! 🙂

Get to Know a Member (Lisa Burk)

Lisa Burk most definitely possess the warrior spirit. Having been diagnosed with MS, she could have easily given up, played the victim role, stayed home and felt sorry for herself but instead she decided to take action and literally fight to regain her health and life back. Lisa thank you very much for being such an awesome member.
Getting stronger everyday!

Getting stronger everyday!

The Lisa Burk interview:
Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? People have other things to do besides go to CKO?
Do you have any hobbies? Spending time with my 3 year old granddaughter Maybelle, she came and watched a CKO class through the window one day and now all she wants to do is “fight, fight” and then play Barbie’s and put on pink lipstick!
How did you first learn of CKO? I came to Seattle from Santa Barbara on my neurologists referral to undergo MS treatment at UW, after months of treatment, meds, a strong suggestion of a walker or motorized cart AND weighing in at 235 – that’s more than Mike Tyson at his prime fighting weight! I was depressed and in a dark place and really thought a milk shake, bacon double cheese burger and fries would make it better so I sat and ate and cried at the local “shake – n – go”… after I was finished I walked outside and heard shouting “jab, cross, jab cross” it was Rod teaching the 5:00 pm class. I signed up the next day!
Lisa's family, they are all members of CKO! It's awesome!

Lisa’s family — This picture was taken before they all they all showed up to take a class together! Very supportive family

What are some of your fitness goals? To lean out, build endurance, to participate in the Spartan – Malibu Sprint, December 2014 with my family as a team, and possibly some kind of amateur ring match – I don’t know 100% on the latter I kinda like my face! 😉
What is your favorite aspect of CKO? The strong sense of community and support, I always feel challenged! I have never taken a class and found the routine to be predictable. I obviously love to hear “ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK” but when I signed up I thought in my head “gosh, I hope they teach us the SUPER MAN PUNCH” – its my FAVORITE move! And Rod brought it!

Lisa is a regular at the 5pm class.

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? I don’t ever want to hear the suggestion of a walker or motorized cart ever again!
What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? I am an instant gratification junkie and I want results now…Those thoughts of needing results now are fleeting and don’t prevent me from moving forward but I’d like to move past that way of thinking!
Lisa have greatly improved her mobility and athleticism. Check out that roundhouse.

isa have greatly improved her mobility and athleticism. Check out that roundhouse.

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential? When I first started I committed to M,W,F received a lot of encouragement from all staff but especially Rod who suggested building up personal goals within every class – I could only do 3 push-up each and every time it was time for the push-up club, I didn’t like not even being able to make it to 5. Rod saw my struggle and suggested “PUSH-UP HOME WORK” I am now up to 30 diamond and/or 30 regular push-ups per break, I now attend 5 to 6 days a week occasional doing two a days! I have decided with another club member to start personal training with Rod and I look forward to setting and achieving more goals.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you! I have three amazing daughters 24, 23 and 14 and one lovely 3-year-old granddaughter, I am addicted to inappropriate rap music but also once aspired to sing Opera! My favorite food group: RED MEAT, favorite movie: Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, favorite poet: Charles Bukowski