Self Sabotage part 4 – The “Box Checker”

It has been a while since I have posted about self-sabotage, so I would like to remind everyone that the purpose of these blogs is to not make fun of, or mock anyone but to help you recognize destructive patterns of behavior that many people exhibit when it comes to health and fitness. Unfortunately, losing weight, getting in shape, and/or becoming a healthier/stronger version of yourself, is not easy at all, if it was easy no one would be out of shape or overweight. Physically working out is not that hard, in fact it is very simple (not easy, but simple), but it is the mental game where the real battle is fought. Deep down inside everyone wants to be healthy and look as good as possible but there is a powerful negative force that convinces us that we are too busy, or that we can’t afford it, or we have bad genetics, etc. But if you ever hope to win the mental battle and become a stronger, healthier version of yourself you need to start recognizing these patterns of destructive behavior ASAP.


What is a “box checker”? A box checker is the next evolution of a self-saboteur. Just like a virus that slowly overtime starts to evolve and become resistant to antibiotics, self-saboteurs also continue to evolve. A box checker is someone who goes to a gym with zero intention of signing-up, literally, “checking the box” to say they “tried” the gym, but it was–choose favorite excuse here (too expensive, too hard, unfriendly, not compatible with my schedule, etc). We have all heard the saying if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, well this is the same thought process a box checker has, “I tried it, now I can not sign-up guilt free”.

It is easier to check the "no" box

It is easier to check the “no” box

Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with trying or “shopping” for gyms, in fact I encourage it, but box checkers are not shopping for a gym, they show-up with not only zero intention of signing-up,while at the gym, they are actively looking for a reason why the particular gym is not right for them.

A box checker also shows up saying all the right things, “I need to lose 50-lbs, I live right around the corner, and I have always wanted to do something like this.  But a box checker becomes “exposed” when they can’t find anything wrong with the gym. Make no mistake, a box checker wants someone else to make the decision for them (because it is easier). Whether by choice or the power of their subconscious, a box checker secretly hopes they will be mocked by either the other gym members or the gym staff, or that the customer service is bad, or the gym is too advanced, but when their gym experience is actually a good one that is when a box checker goes into panic mode.


The moment they realize the decision was not made for them, they start spouting off contradictory excuses, like “well, I maybe moving in two months”, or “I am actually in between jobs right now”, or “I work 12-hours a day, and I don’t think I could make it in enough to make it worth it”.  What is ironic about these excuses is that they (box checkers) should have known these things before showing-up. We are in the information age (ignorance is a choice), and everyone I know will “stalk” a business’s website and Facebook page, gathering as much info as possible before showing up. The answer to these last minuet desperate excuses could have all been found in less than 5-mins with a simple Google search.

Box checker go from saying all the right things to all of a sudden acting like they are surprised that you must become a member and workout consistently to get results.  They go from “educated gym shopper” to acting like they are just killing an hour on a Saturday afternoon before a movie starts.

henry ford

Are you guilty of being a “box checker”? If so, don’t worry I have some good news for you. The hardest thing to do is show-up and try something new, most self-saboteurs don’t even make it this far, so all that is needed is an open mind and a simple change in attitude. Do your research before going to a gym, then look for reasons how this gym can help you meet your goals opposed to why it can’t. Have you ever realized that we tend to find exactly what we are looking for? If you go out looking for trouble, there is a very good chance you will find trouble. If you are looking for reasons to quit, you can find those too. So stop looking for reasons to fail and start looking for ways to succeed. Sure, there are some gyms that are better equipped to meet your needs than others but a negative attitude will only produce negative results. Stay positive my friends! 🙂


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