The CINCO (Katy Maynard)

With just 3 weeks until the much anticipated CINCO Saturday, the CINCO was once again defeated by another CKO warrior on Monday January 20, 2014. Congratulations Katy Maynard you have just joined an elite group of members that have slayed the CINCO dragon. Doing 5 classes in one day is no easy task, and I can honestly say that every member that has completed the CINCO gave it their all every single class and Katy was no different, never once did she just go through the motions, she pushed herself during all 5 grueling classes. Katy you are definitely an inspiration, you set a goal for yourself, then accomplished it, that is simply beautiful!

Katys’s CINCO story (written by Katy):

I’ve wanted to do a Cinco for a long time but unfortunately never had a Monday or Wednesday off from work to do it before now.  It had already been in the back of my mind and a few days before I said to myself “I’m going to do a Cinco on Monday.” Jon summed it up best in my 5th class: “Make a promise to yourself and keep it.”
CINCO complete! January 20, 2014!

CINCO complete! January 20, 2014!

The day of, I knew getting to Erin’s 6am class would be the worst part, but it was also the biggest motivator!  Once you complete the 6am…absolutely no reason to miss the other classes.  I was also super obsessed with what I was eating throughout the day and ended up consuming: 4 turkey burgers, 4 eggs, 1 cup bulletproof coffee, 5 smart waters, 1 coconut water, 1 cup greek yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, and 3 bananas.  Another big factor was the looming triple of classes at night.  Before each class I just said “Go,” and I went.

A little bit more about Katy:

Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? I teach lawyers how to blog and use social media to grow their business at a small company called LexBlog in Pioneer Square.

Do you have any hobbies? I love to clean!  I also like trying new healthy recipes, shopping for awesome deals, playing with gadgets, and cute adventures.

Working hard

Getting ready for that ATTACK round!

How did you first learn of CKO? I had been going to a kickboxing gym for a year that was closing down because the owner was moving.  Donald found CKO to try as a new gym for me. We first took Robert’s class and I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew CKO fit what I was looking for, and more. (I also could barely walk for a week, thanks Robert).  I signed up immediately when my other gym closed and have loved it ever since!

What are some of your fitness goals? I always want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to have my body fit my life.  When I feel strong, I feel more confident.  When I feel like I look good, I am more happy.  When all of my clothes fit with wiggle room, I have the perfect excuse to buy more clothes.

What is your favorite aspect of CKO? I love that CKO brings people together to do something healthy for them.  I think of CKO as a social event; it’s a bunch of friends working out together.  It’s so easy to schedule a happy hour or dinner date, but a lot harder to fit working out into a schedule.  If I think of CKO as social hour with friends, and I can’t miss that.  

Powerful Roundhouse

Powerful Roundhouse

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a CKO class and doing child’s pose.  Whenever I need a little push I remind myself that it’s just an hour and I’ll feel better after it’s over.

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? I am struggling with finding a work/life/work-out balance but have noticed that its actually just a big mash-up of all three.  The timing of all that is still in the works.

Always focused

Always focused

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential?  One thing I love about CKO is all of the challenges going on.  Competition gets people going, and especially competition among friends!  I am always excited to see what the next grueling challenge will be.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you!  I’ve been trying bulletproof coffee lately and I think it is definitely a factor in the energy I have had to do a Cinco!

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?


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