Time to Become Bulletproof

Last year I gave a nutrition seminar and I got a few very strange looks when I mentioned I put butter in my coffee. Have you heard of this stuff yet? I am talking about bulletproof coffee and it’s ever increasing popularity especially amongst the Primal/Paleo community.


Oh yeah, don’t you guys put butter in your coffee, sounds gross, doesn’t it? Believe me I know it sounds weird and I was very skeptical myself, especially as I was in the process of pouring hot coffee over a hunk of butter into my blender. As the blender was blending, for a brief moment I thought, “well I guess I have officially lost my mind, I have gone way too far down the nutritional rabbit hole”, but after about 30-sec of blending I had a creamy, frothy, beverage that look just like a latte and tasted great. I was also amazed at the amount of energy I felt throughout the day, I had a nice mellow “coffee buzz” for most of the day, no jitters or that crash feeling, just consistent energy. So long story short, I have now been drinking Bulletproof coffee nearly every morning for about one year and I absolutely love it!

Great grass-fed butter :)Great grass-fed butter 🙂

*Robin Rogers was one of the first gym members to actually try the coffee and she absolutely loves it. Written by Robin: “I’ve been drinking bulletproof for the last 3 months. In the first Ten Week Challenge, Garett told us that he drinks coffee with butter. We all had a good laugh! Never once did the thought occur to me to try it. When I finally got my diet free of sugar and grains, and I stopped having ups and downs with being hungry, I think the term is my body was finally fat adapted…. Garett suggested that I try having Bullet Proof Coffee: coffee with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. I started introducing it in my morning routine and it was delicious. I was not hungry till noon and I lost 8 inches the first month. I was hooked. I love the creaminess of the coffee and it gives me energy. I have it every morning!”

Ok, but why butter?


To learn more about Bulletproof coffee you can check out the website here also I encourage you to “poke” around this website as it has lots of fascinating information about health and diet. To learn more about Dave Asprey (Bulletproof founder) watch this:

I am excited to announce that we ware be selling Upgraded Coffee at my gym. We will also be selling Collagen Protein, Whey Protein, and MCT oil.  The proteins are perfect for our smoothies and our green smoothies. I have used all these products myself and I take pride in only selling products I believe in and use myself.


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