What do your actions say about you?

As I sit here searching for motivation to write a blog I just so happen to notice 2 very unhealthy looking women, most likely in their mid-20’s, both smoking cigarettes, and as I am watching them I happen to notice that one women takes a big drag of her cigarette and then tosses it on the ground and continues to cross the street like nothing happened. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have seen something like this, I see people throw cigarettes out of car windows all the time (one of the biggest causes of forest fires), I see people flick their cigarettes into parking lots, into bushes, into urinals, into the ocean, on the ground at city parks, if fact I would argue that if the place is accessible to humans, someone at some point in history, has thrown their cigarette on the ground and just walked away. I find this behavior fascinating, because there is so much more involved than just the act of littering. Believe it or not this is a self-love/self-respect issue.

Let me get rid of this cigarette.

All done with this, let me just “throw it away”

If you ever need proof that our government could not care any less about your health it is the fact that cigarettes are 100% legal.  This is not your grandfathers tobacco we are talking about, we are talking about a product that contains over 600 ingredients, and produces over 4000 chemicals when burned. 600 ingredients! I didn’t even know there were that many “ingredients” in existence on the entire planet. Anyways, unless you have been living under a rock, this is not news to you, just about everyone knows that cigarettes are extremely bad for your health. So addictive or not, choosing to smoke these cancer causing, chemical science experiments, shows a complete lack of respect for your own personal health.


What are your habits?

We are defined by our daily habits, even the ones that seem so very small and so very insignificant, our daily choices and daily actions create our true self. Smoking is just one example, if, despite all the research and information, you still choose to smoke you are telling the world that you don’t care all that much about your health. So based on this, it is no surprise that the people that don’t care about themselves also don’t care about others.  Of course they are going to throw the butt on the ground in a public place, they don’t even respect themselves so what would make you think they would respect their surroundings.

This is fascinating because this relationship exists in all parts of our lives.  Let’s say you rarely go to the gym and when you do go, you are content with “phoning it in” and only giving 70% effort. Before you know it, you start  “phoning it in” at work, you start giving just 70% towards your relationships, you start giving your kids just 70% of the attention they need, and when it is all said and done you will realize that you just lived up to only 70% of your potential!

bruce lee

It does not matter what we say we want, we will only be defined by the sum of all our actions both positive and negative! Everybody says they want to be successful, and everybody says they want to look good naked, but actions always speak louder than words. The ones that reach their goals are the ones that “walk the walk”, they are the ones that take pride in the even the smallest of details, because they know that these small details add up very quickly and the sum of these details defines them as a person. So fall back in love with yourself, learn to respect yourself, and always remember that there is a direct connection between how you treat yourself and how you treat others, that there is a direct connection to the effort you give on small tasks to the effort you give on big tasks.


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