I am just about that action, boss!

As I write this we are just 2-days from Super Bowl XLVIII between The Seattle Seahawks and The Denver Broncos and I am definitely ready for some football.  Now living in Seattle, it is impossible not to get caught up in all the hype. Ok, confession time, most of my family is from Colorado, live in the Denver area, in fact my uncle has Season tickets to the Broncos and has even been generous enough to let me attend numerous games. But based on the photo below, he has since threaten to never let me go to a game again (honestly don’t know if he is joking) 😉 . While I would definitely not consider myself a die hard football fan I have always been a fan of the Broncos.

All I can say is, "Hustle like Russell"

May never be allowed into “Mile High” stadium again. All I can say is, “Hustle like Russell”

However, I have now been living in Seattle for nearly 2 years and there is something about this Seahawks team that I absolutely love! Last I checked, the vegas odds actually had Seattle favored by 2, but the Seahawks are not acting like the favorites they are acting like Clubber Lang in Rocky 3; hungry, overlooked, pissed off, and absolutely ready to fight for that championship “belt”. My prediction? Seattle brings the pain, like Clubber Lang, but Peyton maybe the greatest of all time, who know? Man, I can’t wait for this game to start.

My Prediction? Pain!

My Prediction? Pain!

While I may not know who is going to win the game, I know Marshawn Lynch is definitely ready to find out, he said it best, “I am just about that action, boss”. I absolutely love that quote and that may not even be the best thing he said in that interview, he also said,

“No talk aint won me nothing”.

Those are two very strong statements spoken by a man who wants that championship ring really bad, probably more then he has ever wanted anything in his entire life”. Think about that, think about being so focused on achieving a particular goal that you don’t even want to speak about it anymore, all you want to do is take action.

Check out the Lynch interview here (fast forward to 1:15):

However, sadly most people are the complete opposite of Lynch, they want to do more talking, and much less walking. They love to talk about losing weight, they love to talk about getting a better job, they love to talk about chasing their dreams, and they love to talk about wanting more opportunity but when the opportunity actually presents itself they act as if they don’t want any of that action, boss. They don’t want that “action”, cause it could take years of hard work, years of self-investment, and years of constant action to achieve their dreams, but we all know it is easier to just talk about it…

No more talking

No more talking

I am definitely a fan of action. I am a fan of the belief that nothing of any value will ever be just handed to you, I am a fan of the belief that you have to push through the road blocks of life, and I believe that the only way to succeed is consistent hardwork, but yet feel like I can’t find that many people with the same believe system. This makes me wonder…How did it become so acceptable to talk but not try? How did it become so acceptable to sit on the sidelines instead of playing? How did it become so acceptable to quit at the first sign of trouble?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but what I do know is that action is required to reach your goals. It is impossible to go anywhere without action. It’s like riding a bike, the second you stop peddling (taking action), you immediately begin to slow down, eventually you will stop moving forward and then you will soon lose your balance and fall down. So instead of falling off that bike, be like Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and stop talking about doing “it” and start doing. Start becoming a better, stronger, faster, smarter version of yourself now.



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