Is Second Place Really the First Loser?

They tell you in order to succeed you need to surround yourself with people that will push you, challenge you, inspire you, and who want nothing but the absolute best for you. So that is what exactly what I am doing, surrounding myself with the best of the best, and I am starting with my wife. She may not know it, but she is a big source of my inspiration. Why? Because she really is a badass–she is smart, she is strong, she is highly motivated, and most importantly she is willing to go all out, and give 100% effort.


Jessica (my wife) looks amazing, she has always been beautiful, but over the last few months she has taken both her fitness and diet to the next level and as a results looks the best she ever has. She has become very strong, lean, has developed an ab or six and as a result, inspired me to go to that “next level”. Because of her recent success, I have been inspired to work harder, push harder, and become a better person. So I thank you for being awesome and inspirational.

Got me some abs

Got me some abs

Anyway, the other day, Jessica was talking to a member who was asking (Jessica) how she got her brand new six pack and great body. At first Jessica said a bunch of the usual “trainer speak” such as eating right, working out consistently, etc, but then she said something that I thought was amazing. She said,

“Oh, and I go as hard as I possibly can during each and every class I take”. — Jessica Renon

That statement said it all. Look it is no secret, showing up is great and all, but that may only get you a C or a D but if you want that A, if you want to be successful at whatever it is that you do, you have to do a lot more than just show-up, you have to give 100% of yourself, you have to be willing to work as hard as you possibility can! To get that “A” in life you have to consistently work as hard as you can every time you show up to the “classroom”!

But what does it actually mean to give 100% effort? It means giving everything you got towards a specific task, given the current circumstances.

Push yourself

But, you say, “I will be running a marathon this summer, surely, I can’t sprint the entire race, I will have to pace myself”.  Yes and no. Remember pace is dictated by circumstances, the world record for the 100-meter dash held by Usain Bolt of Jamica is 9.58 seconds and the world record for a marathon held by Wilson Kipsang of Kenya is 2:03:23. If Usain could maintain his record setting 100-meter pace for an entire marathon, he would finish in 1:07:37, nearly an entire hour quicker than the current world record. However, this is not possible, their are many different circumstances one of them being the marathon is 422 times longer than the 100-meter dash. But given the factors of each situation, each man ran the event as fast as possible.

Oh my gosh, I can fly?

I can fly! I can fly really fast!

So does that mean if you don’t win, you didn’t give 100%? No, it is possible for you to give 100% effort and not be the best in the world. When I raced triathlons, I never once was the overall race winner but that was based on many factors such as, intensity of training, volume of training, sport experience and even race experience. But given those factors and my own personal circumstances I was still able to show up, race, and give 100% of myself to that race. The objective of any race or challenge is to see how fast you finish or how well you can perform. Just because you weren’t the best at that specific challenge doesn’t mean you didn’t “win”, it doesn’t mean you didn’t give it your all, is doesn’t mean that you didn’t have a PR race (personal record). If you push yourself as hard as possible given the circumstances you conquered the event, you won your challenge. The purpose of any challenge is to not necessarily win or be the best but to make sure you continue to improve, so you can start to become the best version of yourself!

Only those who risk going too far can possibility find out how far one can go — T.S. Eliot

Just like Jessica challenged/inspired me to work harder, I am challenging you to challenge yourself, I challenging you to show up to each and every work out and go as hard as you possibility can, who knows, this work ethic might even spread to the rest of your life 😉 . Remember the sprinter runs his race, the marathoner run his race, just as the entrepreneur runs his “race”, you need to run your own race and go as hard as you possibility can!

Your biggest, baddest, opponent.

Your biggest, baddest, opponent.


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