CINCO Saturday

Have you heard about this crazy thing in Seattle called the CINCO? If your answer happens to be no, once you learn about the CINCO, there is a very good chance you might wonder, “why would anyone do such a thing?

My answer is; why not? Why do people run marathons, do triathlons, do Tough Mudder, enter body building competitions, enter jiu jitsu competitions, and/or do (insert a challenge/competition here) _____? Because we humans love a good challenge, tells us we can’t and we will prove you wrong!  We love a good challenge because it forces us to be uncomfortable, which is a good thing, because as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone, you begin to learn a lot about yourself and the more you learn about yourself, the better your life becomes! So if you are looking for a life changing challenge, look no further than the CINCO challenge!

Oldest CINCO finisher Al Hemmen (69 years young) being "photo bombed"

Oldest CINCO finisher Al Hemmen (69 years young) being “photo bombed”

On February 8, 2014 history was made as 28 people not only took on, but conquered the first ever CINCO challenge! The CINCO challenge is the 6 hour, 5 class (in a row) cardio kickboxing equivalent to a half ironman (70.3) event. All 5 classes were 1-hr long and their was a 15-min break between each class.

5-classes, 1-day, 0-excuses

5-classes, 1-day, 0-excuses

Lets set the record straight now, all the classes for the CINCO were not in anyway, shape or form, “scaled” or “toned down” at all.  Each and every class was conducted at the same pace, and same intensity that one could expect to find at anyone of our regular classes. So completing the CINCO calls for much celebration, you are all warriors, inspirations, and 100% grade A, legit American bad-asses (Merica)!

So be proud of your accomplishment and don’t worry about any hater that will try to belittle your accomplishment. Don’t listen to any doubters that will say, “if you can do 5-classes than you were not going very hard”, because they have never been to our gym. They don’t understand that our members don’t know how to do “easy”, we (the gym) have established a culture of greatness and we are not willing to settle for average. I can honestly say that each and every person that completed the CINCO went as hard as they possibility could given their own circumstances.


The entire event was a compete success, the instructors were in tip top form, and the challengers were ready, willing and well prepared. No one, or at least nobody who is smart would ever dare show up to a half iron without any training, likewise, the CINCO challengers did more than just “show-up”, they not only trained but they trained very smart using a professional style periodization training plan.  These challengers planned, they trained, they prepared and they destroyed the CINCO.

Starting off strong!

Starting off strong!

It is also worth noting that these 28 CINCO destroyers are not professional athletes, they are not ex-professional athletes, or even former college level athletes (at least not all of them), these CINCO destroyers are everyday people with families and jobs, they come from all walks of life, they all have different fitness backgrounds and even fitness starting points, but they all took the challenge very seriously and gave it their all!

Easy is not an option!

Johnny Pate refusing to give up! (Merica)

Big thanks to all those helped me push through today. Incredible support, and even some laughs, enjoyed the heck out of it! Big props to all the fellow Cinco Saturday members and instructors, way to bring the passion!!! – Johnny Pate CINCO destroyer

I am very proud and even more impressed with the dedication, willpower, and work ethic that was on display on the 8th of Feburary 2014. If you finished, BE PROUD! And if you have yet to do one, BE INSPIRED, because their is nothing more beautiful then seeing someone create a goal, train for that goal, and then accomplish that goal!


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