You might be a Fitness “Groupon groupie” and not even know it!

Are you scared to “commit“? Do you love to, try “new things”? Or maybe you just like “mixing-up” your fitness routine because either; a)  you want to “confuse” your muscles or b) prevent boredom.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, I am afraid, you might be a “Groupon groupie”.  Now, before you get too worried, I still need some more information before I can be totally sure.

I need to how you met your last gym? Did you meet him online? Did you meet him using a deep discount site?

I need to know what was it that attracted you to your last gym? Was it the size of the discount? Or maybe it wasn’t the size, but the amount of discounts you could purchase at one time?

We like you so much... BTW, when is your next groupon coming out?

We think you are so hot!… BTW, when is your next groupon coming out?

If this still sounds like you…I am going to need to know why you and your last gym or no longer seeing each other? Is it because after a few weeks or a even after few months, the fairy tail romance came to an abrupt end because you stopped receiving discounts and were suddenly asked to pay full price!?

Ok if this still sounds like you, I am going to have to get very personal, I need to know your number? How many gyms have you been with? Does your list of ex-gyms look like:

  • 3 days of rock climbing
  • 2 weeks of hot yoga
  • 1 month of “not hot” yoga
  • 10 zumba classes
  • 5 kickboxing classes
  • 2 weeks of bootcamp classes with Sargent Mike
  • 4 adult swim lessons

And that was just this year! Well you should be ashamed yourself, because you are a “groupon groupie”! 😉

After all we have been through, you want me to pay full price! I thought you loved me!

After all we have been through, you want me to pay full price! I thought you loved me!

If you are a “groupon groupie” it is OK, we can still turn this ship around, because knowing is half the battle.

Wait why is being a fitness “groupon groupie” a bad thing? I thought variety is the spice of life? Well it can be, but it is also said that,

“The jack of all trades is the Master of none”

and there are 3 major reasons why being a groupon groupie will prevent you from reaching your full potential.

  1. You are just getting an introduction – You need to understand the purpose of a Groupon and/or a Living Social is to get a whole lot of people to try a product or service at a really deep discount in hopes of repeat business! But please understand that 10 yoga classes and 5 bootcamp classes will not get you ready for your wedding! 5 bootcamp classes is just a taste, a tiny sample, a small glimpse into a new world, it is not a complete fitness program!

    Trying a Trapeze class for the first time! Which ironically I bought on Groupon.

  2. You will make very little if any progress – Remember you are getting just getting a taste, most of your time and energy is used learning. You must crawl before you walk, and must walk before you run, but once you know how to run, the progress really takes off! Most people that use a Groupon never get out of the crawling stage and you can’t get very far crawling!
  3. You are putting a price on your own health – You won’t buy the cheapest phone, the cheapest car, stay at the cheapest hotel or even the drink cheapest alcohol but according to you, saving money on your gym membership is the only reason you are not homeless. It is never an issue about money, it is always an issue about priorities, what are yours? Read this and read this

There is nothing wrong with using online discount services, it can be a cool way to try new things but please don’t think that you found some fitness loophole. There is no such thing as buy 4-abs, get two free, in the world of fitness! You get what you pay for, discounted memberships will produce discounted results!

Work hard on a consistent basis!

Work hard on a consistent basis!


3 thoughts on “You might be a Fitness “Groupon groupie” and not even know it!

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