CKO Success Story (Kelly Edmonds)

Is it possible to make that “first impression”, with a second chance? Have you ever had that vital first “impression” go wrong, but deep down inside you knew you were much better, much stronger, more experienced, and/or more capable than the final score showed?

Maybe you were just having an “off day”, or maybe you underestimated your competition? Either way, that was not how it was supposed to go down. You proclaim, “Give me another chance! I will prove to you, that the disappointing first impression was a fluke, I will prove to everyone that I am in fact, the real deal!”

But getting that second chance is only half the story. It’s what happens during that second chance, when the story actually becomes interesting. See, if you “win” your re-match you get to prove all those doubters/haters wrong.  However, if you “lose” (again) you have to face the fact that you have been outworked and outclassed on both occasions!


The result of your re-match all depends on if you captured the moment, it all depends on if you are willing to seize the opportunity and proclaim, “This time, I will not fail!”. If you want to win your “re-match” you must be prepared to focus more, work harder, and train longer than you did for your first match. The last time you had this opportunity you lost because you were not prepared, so don’t make the same mistake twice. Prepare, work hard and take back what’s yours!!

Well CKO member Kelly Edmonds not only got that second chance she did exactly that. She did work harder, train smarter and she went out and got the result that she knew she was capable of the whole time. Kelly, got a second chance to race in a prestigious snowboard slalom. She stepped up her training, stepped up her game, stepped up her focus, and pushed herself way past her previous limitations. Kelly unleashed her inner badass and unleashed her inner athlete and not only won but dominated that RACE!

Kelly is a reliable at the 6am class.

Check out those guns! Kelly putting in work!

Read more about Kelly’s story below:

Written by Colin Edmonds:

In November, 2011, my wife, Kelly, entered a lottery which randomly selected 85 applicants out of hundreds of hopefuls for a chance to compete in the legendary Banked Slalom at the Mount Baker ski area.  She was ecstatic to receive an entry acceptance and race with some of the top riders in the sport.

Kelly trained for the race and competed in February, 2012. Although she qualified for the finals in the first two days of racing, she finished in last place in the final heat, losing out to the first place finisher by five seconds.  In order to race in a future event, she would have to enter the lottery again and take her chances. Kelly vowed that if she were lucky enough to be selected a second time, she would train much harder and all but guaranteed a top 3 finish.


Well in late 2013, Kelly got her chance, her lottery application was selected a second time.  Kelly realized, partly because of her first experience, that she would face a mental and physical challenge. She started training immediately, focusing first on improving her physical strength and conditioning.  She consistently attended the 6 am CKO class, added some evening classes as well as personal training sessions with Jessica.  She pushed herself in class, hitting the bag harder and faster.  As the race approached and she was feeling more confident about her physical conditioning, she began to work as well on the mental game.  During class, she would focus inward, repeating positive phrases said by the instructor.  While in the plank position, she focused on her goal.  It became obvious to me that these positive mental exercises translated into Kelly being a more positive, more confident, and happier person.


Be happy, But never be Satisfied

Two years after her first race, Kelly competed again in the Banked Slalom, this time as a very different racer.  In a sport where the difference between first and second place can be measured in hundredths of a second, Kelly improved her time by eight full seconds. She won first place, finishing three second ahead of the second place finisher.  Kelly did not just win the race, she dominated it.

Kelly Gold

Taking home the gold!

In winning the race by such a wide margin, Kelly demonstrated that focus and hard work is the key to success. Kelly brings this determination to everything she does.  Although it was Kelly who put in the hard work, CKO was instrumental in her success. CKO was with Kelly every step of the way. As a proud husband I would like to personally thank CKO Seattle for being with my wife on this journey and giving her the strength and confidence to achieve her goal. 


3 thoughts on “CKO Success Story (Kelly Edmonds)

  1. OMG! I love this story so much! I watched her work out with Jessica and always thought, wow! She is so strong and powerful! What a fantastic accomplishment!!

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