Ya’ll Must’ve Forgot!

Have you forgot that we, humans, are the undisputed Champions of the animal kingdom?

I think you might have! Ya’ll must’ve forgot that we started out as simple primates, running and hiding from every predator to now, world domination! Ya’ll must’ve forgot that we have the blood of our warrior ancestors coursing through our veins! That we started out as an underdog, and now we are an undefeated champion. We have gone from living in the trees to building castles. We were once extremely vulnerable to nature now we control it, moving rivers and mountains to build cites. We even break the laws of nature (gravity) not only going to the moon but dominating that shit, USA, USA!

I declare this moon as part of Amerika!

I declare this moon part of Amerika!

We (humans) didn’t become champions by default, we busted our asses. We are definitely not the strongest or even the fastest but our drive, our passion to be the best, our desire to never be satisfied, has allowed us to work harder, push farther and out last any other animal on this planet.  Our ancestors where like Iron Mike in his prime, a young, up and coming fighter, that had that “it” factor, who had the eye of the tiger, who had the overwhelming focus to be the best in the world! Our ancestors just like Iron Mike devastated their opponents not only winning, but dominating! But sadly like many other champions before us, we are starting to believe our own hype, we have slowly forgotten where we came from, we are slowly forgetting about how hard we had to work to get to where we are, and we are now becoming soft, we are now becoming slow and we are now becoming weak.

At one time the most feared man on the planet!

At one time the most feared man on the planet!

Do you remember Rocky III? Warning spoiler alert (on a 30 year old movie lol)… Rocky was the champ then got soft and lost his edge. His opponents were hand picked, he believed he was stronger and faster than he really was. Then Mr. T comes along a beats Rocky to a pulp and literately scares his trainer to death (RIP Mickey). What happened? Rocky lost that eye of the tiger. He forgot where he came from. He let the money, the fame, the comfortable lifestyle go to his head and as a result Rocky became a washed up version of the champion he once was. So in order to avenge his trainer and his loss, he had to go back to his roots. He had to go back to where it all began, he had to got back to the inner city, back to a gym full of hungry/angry fighters!

He had to go back to where it all started. He had to get that eye of the tiger back!

He had to go back to where it all started. He had to get that eye of the tiger back!

Just like Rocky, we humans are becoming a soft, out of shape, and overweight version of our former selves. We were once warriors, we once dominated all challengers. We started at the bottom with absolutely nothing and climbed our way to the top, but now we have seem to have lost that warrior spirit. We now get too hot to continue after a just few minutes of exercise in a temperature controlled room. We can barely walk up a hill without needing to catch our breath. We can’t climb a tree or even pull ourselves up over a wall.  Hell, even doing more than 3-hours of physical activity a week has become nearly impossible for many people. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell am not proud of what we have become physically. We should be embarrassed! We are better then this! Let me ask you…


This is what we are becoming!


As a species (humans), are you satisfied with what you have become? Are you satisfied being a fumbling, stumbling, out of shape former champion?  If not, good, you should never be satisfied! So I challenge you to go back to your own “inner city” gym. I challenge you to find your own inner warrior. I challenge you to find your own inner bad ass! We did not climb to the top of the food chain by accident. It is not too late, you can still regain your passion to be the best, you can still regain that eye of the tiger.

We (humans) have all the tools but we can’t forget that it takes hard work, we can’t forget that it takes blood, sweat and tears! We can’t forget that it won’t happen overnight, in fact it may take many years. We can’t forget that there is no magic pill and that we will have to pay our dues!

I am willing to pay my dues to be strong physically. I don’t know about you but I am not satisfied with being average. I am a champion, inside me lives a warrior, I am going to let that warrior out, I am going to not only survive but I am going to thrive!

Like Roy Jones said, Ya’ll must’ve forgot! We still have that champion inside us!  Enjoy 😉



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