Time for a Change? Personal 30-day challenge

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. But, this is nothing new, I am sure you have heard this, hell, I am sure you have said this on occasion. However, this definition of insanity is not just a quote it is a law of the universe. It’s just like the law of gravity, what goes up, must come down, we can’t argue these statements, we know they are true. But in the fitness world people love to challenge these “truths” of the universe. Everyday thousands of gym go’ers try to disprove this definition of insanity. For them everyday is groundhog’s day, they do the same thing over and over and over again, hoping that, this time, their results will be different. Ironically, each and every time these same gym go’ers are seriously shocked at their lack of progress. This resistance to change is especially strong when it comes to nutrition.

Well it's Groundhog day...Again!

Well it’s Groundhog day, again… and I am still not giving up sugar!

Twice a year we do a 10-week challenge at my gym. This 10-week challenge is more than a “challenge”, it is a lifestyle transformation program, and by far the hardest part for most of the challengers, is changing their relationship with food. Why is this so hard? Because they have to kick their sugar addiction, and increase their saturated fat intake. Yes, you read that right, increase their saturated fat intake. So, if the though of that makes you want to load up another insulin shot or choke down another statin, you can easily sympathize with why this maybe a hard change for the 10 week challengers.


But just because it is hard, does not mean it is impossible. So I will ask you just like I have asked the 10 week challengers. Are you happy with the condition of  your health (What about over the last few/several years)? Do you feel healthy? What about your weight, would you feel confident telling someone how much you weigh? What about the zombie apocalypse are you ready? Would you be impressed with yourself? If not, then why are you afraid to make a change? WHY?! What you did before has clearly not worked so why, oh why, would you continue to eat the same way? Remember the definition of insanity?!?!?


But I really don’t want to hear your answer to any of those questions, I just want to see action. So if you are not happy with your health I want to challenged you, just like I challenged the 10-week challengers. I challenge you to change the way you eat for 30 days! I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and CHANGE up your old habits! I challenge you because it is 100% possible to become healthier, lose excess body fat, and have more energy but you have to be willing to change!

Remember these words:

If you want change in your life, you have to make changes in your life.

How to eat? Start here!





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