Chase Excitement, or Settle for Boredom…


So the other day I get a phone call from someone interested in hearing about our membership prices. Now typically we don’t give out membership prices over the phone because we have found, oddly enough, that many people make decisions solely based on price. It is the equivalent to purchasing a car without first giving it a test drive. How much can you really know about something if you have never experienced it? Price alone tells you nothing about the quality.

Despite this the person on the phone still begged for the price saying” I don’t want to get excited for something I cannot afford”. Now unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve heard someone making this peculiar statement. In fact, I have even had a few people write me long winded emails about how they were afraid of falling in love with a workout they could not afford. Think about these statements, afraid of being excited or afraid falling in love…


These  statements are extremely odd, because these people are basically saying, “I really don’t care if I am happy or not”? Or- “I can not be happy without money in my pocket!!” How could they not care, or care only about money?  I thought the purpose of life was to be happy? I thought the purpose of life was to live inspired? I thought the purpose of life was to be excited whenever and wherever possible?  And if you love something- who cares how much it cost- make it work! My understanding is life is extremely short and anything that excites us, anything that inspires us, or anything that forces us to be a better person should be something we should STRIVE FOR, EVERY DAMN DAY!  Excitement is not something we should fear. Instead we should fight for excitement, hell we should be willing to die for EXCITEMENT!  Am I right? What else is there? In my 32 years on this planet I have learned that life is about excitement, it is about passion, and it’s about love. Nothing else matters. Everything else is just distractions that prevent us from reaching our full potential.


So why are so many people not willing to fight for excitement? Because they have “checked out”, and they have given up on the possibility of a better life. These people have stopped dreaming and have started settling. These people who refuse to fight for excitement have become satisfied with being average and/or they have become comfortable with their current situation. And once they become COMFORTABLE they have no reason to fight. In their mind, no better possibility exists, so why work any harder!? You have to realize that once you accept your current situation as being comfortable you will immediately lose your drive and desire to be better.

And worst of all, think about the opposite of excitement, it is boredom, it’s dread, it’s lacking imagination, it’s feeling  BLAH! To sound like the movie fight club…Boredom is well, boring and boring people don’t take chances, they hate change. Boredom is going to a job you hate, to buy shit you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like.

Fight club

Let me let you in on a secret,once you become excited about something, once you find your passion, you don’t care what anyone else thinks. All you care about is doing more of that thing that excites you. That’s it! They say true successful people never work a day in their lives because the get to do what they want for a living! So the next time you feel some excitement, the next time you feel some love, the next time you feel passion, or desire, don’t be scared, instead chase those feelings, do everything you can to keep those feelings alive!!! The days of boredom are over! The days of settling are over! Let’s chase greatness! It’s time to be excited!!!




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