Alone with yourself (Isolation Tanks)

Did you see the movie Gravity? Could you imagine what it would be like to drift out into space all by yourself? You can’t feel anything, you can’t hear anything, there is no up or there is no down, no left, no right, just a weightless floating sensation. Now imagine as you “float” you also can’t see. So you are alone, floating in total darkness, you can’t see, feel, or hear anything, it is just you and your mind…

Ok this would be a horrible scenario and I am sure you are probably a little freaked out, as am I, but imagine if you could “re-create” this feeling in a safe environment, one that would not require you to float out into the depths of space never to return, dying some terrifying, lonely, death. Well this “safe environment” does in fact exists, it’s called a sensory deprivation tank and it’s awesome…a little weird, but AWESOME!


So these tanks remove all external sources of stimulation, such as light, sound, and feeling. The water in the tank is about 8 – 10 inches deep, is 98 degrees (approximately same temperature as your skin) and contains like 800-lbs of epsom salt making the water very buoyant, which allows you to easily float on the warm waters surface. So just like floating out into deep space, you are just left with your thoughts, just you and your mind, except you know you are safe, and now you can relax or focus like never before!

Isolation tanks were created by John C. Lilly in the 1950’s to study the effects on the mind in a sensory deprived state. The goal was to remove all external input such as light, sound, feeling, and heat. The theory being that the brain could either go in to a really relaxed state or a hyper-focused state or even both depending on the mood. Well based on numerous studies it looks like these tanks are highly effective at reducing/removing stress and regular use has been show to improve overall sleep patters and lower depression.

I started floating about 4-years ago, back in the 505, then a move, opening the gym, working too much, etc I realized it had been about 2-years since I last floated. Well I found a place and it is amazing! The place is Float | Seattle, the staff is great, the facility is clean, and as soon as you walk through their doors you somehow immediately you start feeling calmer.

Well the effects are real, at least for me, and I am much more relaxed after an hour float. Not only do I feel more relaxed I often feel much more focused! So if you have never tried an isolation tank, I highly recommend it! The cost is similar to an hour long massage, of course just like anything, the more you do it the better the benefits, but just like a massage you can receive a lot of benefit, even going once or twice a month.

So if you are ready to take another step out of your comfort zone, give the great people at Float | Seattle a call or book online here, be sure to use coupon code CKO for 25% off your first float. Tell them Garett sent you 🙂



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