30-day Challenge (Christina)

Did you know that if you commit to a healthy lifestyle for just 30-days, the results can be life changing? Did you catch the key word? CAN! Yes a 30-day health/fitness commitment contains all the necessary elements for a positive lifestyle transformation. However, in fitness, just as in life, nothing is guaranteed, completing a 30-day challenge provides no guarantee that you can or will be successful in the long term. With that being said, never forget that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This means, you have to START, you have to take that first step, or you will always live a life of regret. If you never take that first step you will always wonder how much you could have accomplished. Refusing to take that first step, means that instead of testing your limits, instead of living your life to the fullest, you would rather say, “I could have”, “I should have”, and “I would have”.

Hard work and dedication

Hard work and dedication

The first step is always the hardest because we tend to focus on how far we have to go, instead of realizing that it is not about reaching the destination it is about the journey itself. Think of it like this, there are approximately 2000-2500 steps in one mile and if your “journey” is 1000-miles, once that “first step” is complete, you still have 1,999,999 more steps to go! This knowledge can be so overwhelming that many people quit before they even start. So instead of focusing on how far you have to go you must realize that each and every step you take in the right direction gets you much closer to reaching your dreams. Then after a while (many months or even years) of continuing down this righteous path you will “wake-up” one day and by amazed at much ground you actually covered.  Once this happens, there will be no turning back, you will have made too much progress, you will have made too many “sacrifices” to stop now. Once you reach this feeling, the world is yours!

So what is the best way to begin a life long journey? By hitting the ground running! This is where a 30-day challenge is ideal. It is short enough to be doable, but long enough to experience the benefits of the journey.  And this is exactly what Christina Srour did, she challenged herself to 30-days and her results were amazing. In just 30-days she lost 11.5 total inches off her body, improved her strength and stamina, and changed her relationship with food. As a result Christina has become even more excited about her health/fitness potential. She took that first step and hasn’t looked back since.

When are you going to take that first step?

Read more about Christina’s story below:

Go hard each and every class!

Going hard each and every class!

Christina interview:

Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? 

I am lucky enough to be a mom to an amazing little boy and part time hair stylist (both of which I love)!

Do you have any hobbies?

I love being active, taking my son on adventures, spending time with family and friends, and shopping.

How did you first learn of CKO?  

A friend of mine told me about a fun new kickboxing class she was taking.  I was hooked after the my first class and signed up that day.  

Powerful Front Kick

Powerful Front Kick

What are some of your fitness goals? 

Honestly, right now it’s to hold a plank position for the full minute and thirty seconds in Erin’s 6am class:).  And to do a pull up!

What is your favorite aspect of CKO?   

 Aside from the great workout I get every time by the amazing instructors I would have to say my favorite aspect is how inspiring and motivating the owners, staff, and other members are.  

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? 

It doesn’t take much to motivate me because I’m addicted to the workouts!  I want to be healthy and strong so I am ready for what life throws at me.   I love this quote: “Be ready so you won’t have to get ready” – Garett Renon

Always Happy, Never Satisfied

Always Happy, Never Satisfied

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with?  

I struggle with chips!!  Yes, you heard me right:).  I love salty crunchy chips and I can’t have just one.  It will be a lifelong struggle I’m sure. 

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential?  

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you (also a good place to talk about any success you have had since joining CKO)! 

 I have always loved working out and being active, but it wasn’t until I joined CKO that I really felt like I belonged to a gym.  In the past I’ve hated gyms, but CKO has definitely changed that for me!  I was so hooked after my first class that I wanted to learn more about the gym.  As I was looking around on their website I came across Garett’s blog called “The Healthy Life Experiment”, and a post about doing a personal 30 day challenge.  It made me want to challenge myself and see what I was capable of.  So I reached out to Garett who put together a 30 day challenge for me.  He held me accountable for those 30 days and was always there for me when I had questions.  He also kicked my butt with personal training sessions!  Then came time for after pictures with measurements and fit test.  I was so nervous because I was afraid of not improving and letting Garett or myself down.  Boy was I wrong.  The numbers don’t lie and I was shocked to see that I had lost 11.5″ all over my body!  The challenge was tough at first, but so much of what I was doing has become habit and part of my daily life.  I love working out at CKO and I see more challenges in my future, because “why not?”.   A big thank you to Garett and everyone at CKO!!


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