Member update (Tanya Faley)

Believe it or not, losing weight is relativity “easy”, the hard part is keeping off the weight that was lost…
I see the same story play out all the time, person X comes into the gym, dedicates several months to doing everything right, only too take a vacation, get married, or (fill in the blank with your favorite curve-ball here)  _______  and before person X even realizes it, a few months have gone by and all progress has been lost. Does this scenario sound familiar?
Well Tanya Faley, one of CKO Seattle’s original members can definitely relate to this scenario. Tanya started CKO in 2012 with a BANG! She participated in our first ever 10-week challenge and made amazing results but she broke Law 6 of the fitness universe which states that:
One can not out-train a bad diet!
So shortly after the 10-week challenge Tanya slowly reverted back to her old eating habits, and before she even realized it, she gain back nearly all the weight she had lost during the first challenge.
But what sets Tanya apart from others is, once she realized this, she became determined to not make the same mistake twice. Tanya completed the 2014 spring 10-week challenge and has been on fire ever since. Her exercise intensity is outstanding, she is looking better than ever, she is eating extremely healthy and she is feeling the stronger than ever!!! Read more about Tanya story below:
Read about Tanya’s original story here.
Tanya’s Story (part 2):
Tanya F

I apologize about the picture quality. But I don’t apologize about the results 😉 Left: March 2014 (day 1 of challenge), Right: May 2014 (Final day of challenge)

I participated in the first 10-week challenge at CKO in the fall of 2012. I lost 14 lbs. and 7.5 inches overall and felt and looked great. But, I did not keep up with the diet and exercise and quickly gained back the weight I had lost and didn’t look any different a year later. Then, another 10 week challenge was starting in March of 2014. I knew I needed to do the challenge, but how was I going to make it stick this time? I decided to go all in and change my diet, attend 5 classes a week and log ALL my food. I started the challenge only 2 lbs. lighter than when I started the 2012 challenge, so I knew I had to really work to see results. By the end of the challenge, I had lost 20 lbs. and 10.75 inches off overall. I didn’t want the weight to creep back on, so I committed to keep attending 4 classes a week (I finally made it on the “Hot” wall!) and stay with a diet devoid of grains, dairy and sugar. To date, I have lost 28 lbs. and I am now wearing clothes 3 sizes smaller than when I started the challenge! I feel great and am so much stronger and my endurance and ability to recover have increased tremendously! I compete annually in a sprint triathlon in Idaho and this year I finished 3 1/2 minutes faster than last year-a PR for me! This fall I will run a half marathon that I was able to shave 5 minutes off 2 years ago when I did the first challenge. I am excited to see how many more minutes I can shave off this year.
I want to encourage those who may be injured or not 100% healthy, that you can still change your body with consistent work and good eating habits. Due to a shoulder injury, carpal tunnel in both wrists, knee injury from a fall and shin injuries from softball, I am unable to do push ups on my toes, sprawls, burpees, hard roundhouse kicks, and knee the bag, so I modify to do what I can do and still get a good work out. You can still achieve your goals if you really want do despite personal challenges. Just be consistent and always push yourself and you will see results. I lost the benefits of the first challenge within a few months, but I am embracing the results of this last challenge and am getting stronger, faster and leaner each month. You can do it too!
The attached pictures are in chronological order with the first one showing all the clothes I donated to charity because they were too big: 
All these clothes are too big!!!

All these clothes are too big!!!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

March 9, 2014 (First day of 10-week challenge)

March 9, 2014 (First day of 10-week challenge)

June 2014, looking fit!!!

June 2014, looking fit!!!

July 2014

July 2014

You can see how much I have physically changed. I am so excited to see how much stronger and healthier I can get in the next year. Thanks CKO!!!!!
~Tanya Faley

Self Sabatoge – “I play a sport”

Do you play sports for fun or do you play because you think it is a great way to get in shape? Well hopefully you play out of shear enjoyment, because if you think playing a sport will get you into great shape, be prepared to be mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports and I would encourage anybody and everybody to take up a sport, but a sport is a game, and playing a game will not get you into shape. Why not?…

Well, believe it or not, there is a huge difference between exercise and a sport. Exercise is not a sport and sports are not necessarily exercise. Of course there are some similarities between the two, if however, you are serious about either; getting in really great shape, or, becoming amazing at your sport of choice, you need to understand the differences between the two.

Here is a very simplistic definition of both exercise and sport

Exercise –  Non-skill based. In its simplest form, it is: moving your body and picking up “heavy stuff” (and putting it down), in a systematic way, with the goal of increasing your heart rate, building muscle, and improving your movement patterns.

Sport –  Skill based. In its simplest form, it is: moving your body with the goal of winning the “game”.


There are two major differences differences between the two:

  1. The amount of skill needed
  2. The overall objective

When it comes to skill, sports are much more involved compared to exercise. To be good at a sport you do not necessary have to be in great physical shape. Notice I said good, not great, if you want to be GREAT than you need to combine both worlds. But to be a decent “weekend warrior” at your sport all you need to have is a good skill base and knowledge of the “game” (experience). I have witness this over the last 12-years playing in a fairly competitive men’s soccer league. Over those years I saw every type of player you could imagine:

  • The total package player – Great skill, tons of experience, and in great physical shape. When it comes to weekend warriors, these guys are complete game changers.
  • The physical specimen – Great physical shape but brand new to the game, this person has little to zero knowledge of the game and despite being in great shape, struggles to make much an impact in the game.

But the most interesting player…

  • The Lazy Gamer – This player has great knowledge, great skill and horrible physical conditioning, but here is where it gets interesting, these players make huge impacts on the game, not as much as the total package players but darn close.

Sadly, when it comes to sports, the Lazy Gamers are usually much more valuable than the inexperienced physical specimen who despite being able to “run for days”, can’t pass, can’t shoot, can’t control the ball and/or doesn’t understand how to play defense. Depending on the sport, knowledge and skill could determine as much as 80% of a players overall performance. Because of this lopsidedness of skill versus strength and endurance, if a player wants to get better, they are better off working on improving their skills instead of improving their strength and conditioning.

But when it comes to exercise, skill plays a very small almost non-essential, role. Think about it, it doesn’t take much skill to pick up heavy things, or run up a flight of stairs, or do a bunch of burpees, but that is the point of exercise, keep the skill needed to a minimum so you can focus most of your energy doing work!


While these differences between exercise and sport may not be Earth shattering news, there are still a ton of people, mostly Lazy Gamers, who still believe that because they are the star of their Wednesday night softball league, they are in great physical shape. These lazy gamers hide behind their skill and game experience, refusing to exercise because they are “good at their sport”, clueless that this is a form of self-sabatoge. They are sabotaging their overall health and fitness because they choose to remain in their comfort zone instead of challenging themselves (with exercise).  What these Lazy Gamers don’t realize is that once you become good at something, it does not take much effort to stay at that current level.

You best be workin out!

Are you a lazy gamer? You best be working out!

Remember learning to ride a bike? When you first started to learn it seemed impossible to balance, you crashed numerous times, you needed training wheels, but once you learned, the skill of riding a bike is never lost. This is what happens to Lazy Gamers, they become comfortable being “good enough”, not realizing that it takes very little effort to maintain their current skill level.

Now that we understand the differences in skill, what about those objectives? Well, the objective of exercise is to make you stronger, improve your cardio vascular system, help you reduce injuries, and improve your overall quality of life. However, the objective of sports is to win the game (let’s be honest, losing is never fun). Sports are not designed to get you in shape, they are designed to see who the best “player” is, whose skills are the best, and/or who has greater game knowledge, especially at the recreational level, being fit does little for you if you don’t know how to play the game. Also, if your skill level is “good enough” to win some games, you have very little incentive to work harder.

However just because the objectives are very different does not mean exercise and sports are enemies, they are far from it, in fact they are more like allies, each playing a specific role and when used together they can create an unstoppable force. Because sports give you what most people have a hard time finding, a reason to exercise! Not having a “good” reason to exercise (you would think wanting to be healthy is a good reason…) is usually why most most people quit, because exercising can be BORING, and it can be MONOTONOUS and because of this, if you don’t have a good reason WHY you will fail!

Strive to be the best version of yourself!

Strive to be the best version of yourself!

Never forget, exercise is a necessary part of the equation for helping you reach your full potential. In fact, what took me to my current fitness level was my love of Triathlon. I wanted to beat my previous times, I wanted to beat other people, and I wanted to beat Jessica 😉 , and this competitiveness pushed me to train harder, make better life choices, and improve my nutrition, all in an effort to get better at a sport! So my personal drive to become better at a sport, made me a better person!

So if you are having a hard time feeling motivated, I recommend finding a sport, a race, or some sort of physical hobby that will push you to become better. But please watch out for the “I am good enough trap”, remember no sport or hobby is a replacement for basic physical conditioning…basically what I am saying is;

Don’t be a Lazy Gamer!








Supplement Recommendations

If you know anything about supplements, you know that the market is absolutely flooded, but what you may not know is that most supplements are crap, especially the MLM supplements. This is because most supplement companies put profits before quality. In fact, sales of supplements is around $20 – $3o billion dollars annually and growing. But not all supplements are created equal. Believe it or not,there are actually companies (usually the smaller unknown companies) that still take pride in their products, companies like Natural Stacks and Onnit. Which is why I am proud to announce that in addition to Bulletproof products we will also be selling supplements from Natural Stacks.


So what makes Natural Stacks different? Well for starters, they have a pledge to never use the word “proprietary blend”. When a company uses the word proprietary, they do not have to tell you how much of a particular ingredient is actually in the supplement. This can be very misleading, because you have no idea of what you are actually consuming. So take a look at your favorite supplement, does it say proprietary blend? If it does, there is a very good chance that it contains very little of the actual “good stuff” (which can be expensive) and instead it probably contains a lot of fillers (which are cheap). So a good rule of thumb when buying supplements – Proprietary blends, usually means a lower quality supplement for you and maximum profits for them. This is a big reason why I like Natural Stacks, because they take pride in not only telling you the exact ingredients, they also tell you the exact amount of each ingredient .

So what will we be selling?

CILTEP –  This is the supplement I am most excited about sharing with you! I am excited because CILTEP is not necessarily about making you stronger, as it is about making you smarter (becoming that complete package). CILTEP is a nootropic which is a cognitive enhancer or also known as a”smart drug” and it works by increasing your focus and memory.  In the last few years, nootropics have been all the rage in the supplement industry and for good reason, they work! Now, to be honest, you will definitely feel more focused and even more “in the moment” but the improvement is minor, these pills will not turn you into Bradley Cooper from the movie Limitless.


This is not CILTEP 😉

For more information from a 3rd party Nootropic review check out the video below. To be honest I do not recommend stacking with Modafinil, I have never done this, and because Modafinil is a prescription based drug I would check with a doctor before doing this.

But what I do “stack” CILTEP with is caffeine. I love CILTEP with bulletproof coffee and even Natural Stacks – Smart Caffeine (Which we will also be selling)

I take CILTEP in the morning with coffee or smart caffeine. I have been experimenting with nootropics and the best ones I have found are CILTEP and Alpha Brain

Vitamin D3 – If I could only take one supplement for the rest of my life, my choice would likely be Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is hard to find in food, we get most of our Vitamin D from the sun, and most of us get very little sun exposure, especially us that live in Seattle. But don’t take my word for it, ask your doctor for a Vitamin D test, if I was a betting man, I would bet that your are deficient.

biocreatine-creatine_1869BioCreatine – Creatine is one of the most proven supplements on the market and Natural Stacks version is designed for optimal absorption. Most people take a creatine supplement with simple carbohydrates such as grape juice, but I try to limit my sugar whenever I can so I love that a simple carbohydrate is not needed.

So in conclusion, do I think you need supplements to be healthy? The answer is no. However if you ask me if I think supplements work I can honestly say “ABSOLUTELY”!!!  Remember there is a difference between being healthy and being optimal. I am not interested in being just “healthy” I am interested in operating on all cylinders, I am looking for max performance, I don’t want to just survive, I want to THRIVE!!!

So while supplements may not be necessary, I do recommend them for best results and I give you my word that I will never recommend or sell anything that I do not use myself.