Member update (Tanya Faley)

Believe it or not, losing weight is relativity “easy”, the hard part is keeping off the weight that was lost…
I see the same story play out all the time, person X comes into the gym, dedicates several months to doing everything right, only too take a vacation, get married, or (fill in the blank with your favorite curve-ball here)  _______  and before person X even realizes it, a few months have gone by and all progress has been lost. Does this scenario sound familiar?
Well Tanya Faley, one of CKO Seattle’s original members can definitely relate to this scenario. Tanya started CKO in 2012 with a BANG! She participated in our first ever 10-week challenge and made amazing results but she broke Law 6 of the fitness universe which states that:
One can not out-train a bad diet!
So shortly after the 10-week challenge Tanya slowly reverted back to her old eating habits, and before she even realized it, she gain back nearly all the weight she had lost during the first challenge.
But what sets Tanya apart from others is, once she realized this, she became determined to not make the same mistake twice. Tanya completed the 2014 spring 10-week challenge and has been on fire ever since. Her exercise intensity is outstanding, she is looking better than ever, she is eating extremely healthy and she is feeling the stronger than ever!!! Read more about Tanya story below:
Read about Tanya’s original story here.
Tanya’s Story (part 2):
Tanya F

I apologize about the picture quality. But I don’t apologize about the results 😉 Left: March 2014 (day 1 of challenge), Right: May 2014 (Final day of challenge)

I participated in the first 10-week challenge at CKO in the fall of 2012. I lost 14 lbs. and 7.5 inches overall and felt and looked great. But, I did not keep up with the diet and exercise and quickly gained back the weight I had lost and didn’t look any different a year later. Then, another 10 week challenge was starting in March of 2014. I knew I needed to do the challenge, but how was I going to make it stick this time? I decided to go all in and change my diet, attend 5 classes a week and log ALL my food. I started the challenge only 2 lbs. lighter than when I started the 2012 challenge, so I knew I had to really work to see results. By the end of the challenge, I had lost 20 lbs. and 10.75 inches off overall. I didn’t want the weight to creep back on, so I committed to keep attending 4 classes a week (I finally made it on the “Hot” wall!) and stay with a diet devoid of grains, dairy and sugar. To date, I have lost 28 lbs. and I am now wearing clothes 3 sizes smaller than when I started the challenge! I feel great and am so much stronger and my endurance and ability to recover have increased tremendously! I compete annually in a sprint triathlon in Idaho and this year I finished 3 1/2 minutes faster than last year-a PR for me! This fall I will run a half marathon that I was able to shave 5 minutes off 2 years ago when I did the first challenge. I am excited to see how many more minutes I can shave off this year.
I want to encourage those who may be injured or not 100% healthy, that you can still change your body with consistent work and good eating habits. Due to a shoulder injury, carpal tunnel in both wrists, knee injury from a fall and shin injuries from softball, I am unable to do push ups on my toes, sprawls, burpees, hard roundhouse kicks, and knee the bag, so I modify to do what I can do and still get a good work out. You can still achieve your goals if you really want do despite personal challenges. Just be consistent and always push yourself and you will see results. I lost the benefits of the first challenge within a few months, but I am embracing the results of this last challenge and am getting stronger, faster and leaner each month. You can do it too!
The attached pictures are in chronological order with the first one showing all the clothes I donated to charity because they were too big: 
All these clothes are too big!!!

All these clothes are too big!!!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

March 9, 2014 (First day of 10-week challenge)

March 9, 2014 (First day of 10-week challenge)

June 2014, looking fit!!!

June 2014, looking fit!!!

July 2014

July 2014

You can see how much I have physically changed. I am so excited to see how much stronger and healthier I can get in the next year. Thanks CKO!!!!!
~Tanya Faley

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