10-Week Challenge (Lynda Beddall)

If there was a CKO Seattle Hall of Fame, Lynda Beddall would definitely have a spot. Why? Well, she has been with us from the beginning and was even an early adopter on our first challenge in which she made amazing progress. She then suffered some injuries, and had baby #5. Needless to say her circumstances took her out of the gym for quite sometime, however as soon as she got the chance, she came back and did it all over again!

Sept 2014 - Nov 2014

Sept 2014 – Nov 2014

Did you read that last paragraph? She has 5 kids! Yes 5 kids (that’s a basketball team) and yet, she somehow still finds the time improve her overall health and fitness! This is amazing especially when you consider that the “I have kids” excuse is one of the most popular. But if you know Lynda, you know that she is not about excuses, she is all about being strong, a strong mom, and a strong woman!

Lynda is not only a hall of fame member she is also an inspiration to not only myself but to many of the other members as well. Her ability to make time for her health is simply amazing! So thank you Lynda for always reminding me that, “where there is a will, there is a way”!

Lynda (in blue) at our Grand Opening class back in July 2012!

Lynda (in blue) at our Grand Opening class back in July 2012!

Over the last 10-weeks, Lynda made amazing progress, losing a total of 15.75-inches off her body! 4.5 of those coming off her waist and 4-inches (so 8-total) off her thighs! She also lost 11-lbs! However she did more than just lose, she also gained strength, she did 14 more push-ups, 16 more squats, took 20-secs off her shuttle run time, and increased her wall sit time by 7-mins!

To hear more about Lynda’s story ready below:

Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? 

During the day I’m a property management accountant, BUT my most important job is being a mother to 5 amazing children and the wife to the most amazing and supportive man IN THE WORLD!

Do you have any hobbies? 

Well, other than beating the bag 4-5 days a week. My true love is playing soccer! I’ve been playing since I was a kid and most of my adult life several days a week. Oh and when our Seattle weather cooperates, I like to play softball too!

#1 playing soccer

#1 playing soccer

How did you first learn of CKO? 

My sister met Garett and Jessica back when they were first opening their doors and she told me about it… We went to one of their events after they opened and I signed up that day!

What are some of your fitness goals?

1) Is to be healthy!!! I want to live a long healthy life and show my kids what a strong healthy lifestyle is.

2) To be tone! I would love to be able to put on a dress or tank top and not feel self conscious about my arms… Mostly, I’d love to be able to wave and not have my arm to continue to wave when I stop, lol!!!

3) TO HAVE ABS!!! I don’t need a six pack, but I would love to have a flat stomach that screams, there’s NO WAY she has kids 😉

What is your favorite aspect of CKO?

The community… Knowing that I’m surrounded by people that are fighting the same fight to their fitness goals is HUGE! The environment is off the charts with energy and everyone is so supportive! Oh and the fact that most of the instructors have accomplished their fitness goals as members, so they know the obstacles we face and understand our journey from a personal level.

What was the best part about the challenge? 

The knowledge! Learning about real food, fitness, and inches vs the scale. Learning what our bodies need for us to make our gains and learn why it didn’t work in the past. For me a huge obstacle was accepting that the scale does NOT gauge my results! If you give 100% effort and follow the guidelines, IT WILL WORK!!! Oh and of course the results 😉 Nothing makes you feel better than being able to make it into a piece of clothing that didn’t fit before or having people notice your results.

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

Relearning everything about food that I’ve been taught… Such as, ALL fat is bad, and that fruit is healthy! Also getting over peoples perception of what a healthy amount of food is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given crap about how much food I’m eating or about what I refuse to eat. I just stick to my guns and keep doing me, and guess what..? It works and now they want to try it!

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? 

My kids! I’m a strong believer in that they WILL mirror the things they see every day. I want nothing more than my kids to be armed with the knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. My kids are my world and I would hate for them to have to struggle with the same body image issues I did growing up.

Healthy and strong for her family!

Healthy and strong for her family!

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with?

Food… It would be unrealistic for me to say that after only 10 weeks I won’t ever eat, “such and such” again, but I will say that I will do my best to make this a life change! It’ll be a long life battle, but I know I can do it. The workouts are the easy part for me, but knowing that I don’t NEED that cake at my daughter’s birthday party or accepting that I don’t need to snack when I’m bored is always hard, BUT nothing worth fighting for is ever easy!

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential?

I love the idea of the boot camps more regularly. I hate / love them! Continuing to have that option would really help me push it to the next level. What can I say… I secretly love Jessica’s fun house, lol! Also, the 21 day Eat Like the Renons is awesome… I can honestly say I haven’t missed one video and I love the insight on topics that I don’t even think about… Plus it’s a nice reminder that the Renon’s are human and not robots 😉 haha!

Her transformation began before the 10-week challenge

Her transformation began before the 10-week challenge

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you (also a good place to talk about any success you have had since joining CKO)!

I started with CKO back in July of 2012 and was a part of the original 10-week challenge group. I had amazing results but wasn’t able to stay on track due to having another baby and rupturing both my Achilles muscles (playing soccer) in 2013. Now that was a ROUGH and humbling year for me and my fitness goals. With that being said, I’ve since done a lot of different activities like soccer, softball, boot camps, challenges, obstacle runs, weight loss groups / plans, etc… BUT none of them, and I do mean NONE of them gave me the results I’ve been able to achieve at CKO. I’m a strong believer in this place and what it stands for… It is not just a gym. It’s a community, it’s a team, and most importantly it’s a family! Being a part of the CKO family has changed my life! I can’t thank Jessica and Garett enough for challenging me and supporting me over the past 2 years! Even with all the highs and lows they have been nothing but positive and encouraging and have helped me change my life forever!


How to create workout’s “on the road”.

Quick, name one thing that is guaranteed to strike fear in the heart of just about every “gym rat'”? Well my answer is, “travel”! That’s right, business trips and believe it or not, even vacations, can be a gym rat’s worst nightmare! Why? Well if you are a “gym rat” like me, then you know, that as soon as your plane lands, your predictable schedule immediately gets thrown out the window. You also know that, for everyday you’re actually away, your access to both bad food and bad habits seem to somehow grow exponentially, and last but not least, you also know that the exercise equipment (if any) you have access to will be very limited.

They said it was a full service gym...

They said it was a full service gym…

But don’t worry, the good news is, that when it comes to travel you have options. See, in the “perfect world”, travel, would mean you going on a planned vacation, having just wrapped up the last day of your 6-week periodzation plan, making you not only beach ready but also allowing you to combine your vacation with your rest/recovery, thus allowing you to relax guilt free (for the most part) and even come back stronger! Would this situation be nice…

Unfortunately most travel is conducted in much less than the “perfect world” described above. For most, travel usually means screwing up your sleep patterns, aren’t timezones a bitch? It also means, you are usually forced to eat out and even socialize with people you don’t like (drinks anyone?). Not to mention you usually spend most of the time crapped-up in some boardroom and if that wasn’t bad enough, the hotel “full service” gyms are almost a joke. Because of this, it should be no surprise that travel can definitely create the perfect storm for you to fall off the fitness wagon. But don’t worry, even if you are on the business trip from hell, I am going to show you how to get a workout in just about anywhere with minimal to no equipment.

This is how you usually feel when socializing with your officemates

This is how you usually feel when socializing with your officemates

So below is a really simple formula for creating a workout with either no equipment or stuff you may find in your standard hotel.

However, if you are really hardcore, you can take a 20-lb kettlebell with you, hey if you pack minimally you can even check your bag at no extra charge 😉

How to create your own workout:

Start with a warm-up: 5 to 10 min

  • Jump rope – A jump rope is perfect to pack for the road, doesn’t weight a thing or take up any space!
  • Treadmill/bike/elliptical
  • Short jog around the block
  • Shadow boxing
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jogging in place

Don’t forget to do some dynamic stretching – Whirly birds, squat hold, mountain climber stretches, etc

List of exercises:

  • Push-ups – On your knees or toes, make sure you get that chest to the ground
    • Explosive push-ups – hands come off the ground
    • Push-up with rows (using hand weights)
    • Side to side explosive push-ups –
  • Body weights squats – Don’t for get to SQUEEZE!!!
    • Goblet squats – squat holding kettle bell or hand weights
    • Jumping squats
  • Thrusters – My favorite!!! Front squats to push press with hand weights, or something heavy, or single arm thrusters with kettlebell.
  • Lunges
    • Regular – with or without weights
    • Jumping lunges
    • Walking lunges with kettle bell pass through – With a kettle bell in your left hand, step forward with your right leg and lunge. While in the lunge position (right leg at 90 degrees and left knee slightly touching the ground) pass the kettle from your left hand to your right hand passing under your right leg. Then with the kettle bell right hand step forward with your left leg and lunge and then pass the kettle bell from your right hand to your left hand passing under your left leg. Repeat. Do this 3 times for at least 20-yards.
  • Step-ups using box or chair
    • Weighted step-ups – holding hand weights
    • Box jumps – only do these if you have a sturdy place to jump
  • Putting stuff away with hand weights or lamp (lol) – Think picking up the box and putting it on the top shelf
  • Kettle bell swings – Remember your form and don’t forget to squeeze!
    • Single arm kettle bell swings if light weight
  • Push press – With hand weights or single with kettlebell
  • Kettlebell deadlifts
  • Burpees – The ultimate bodyweight exercise
  • Pull-ups – Sometimes you get lucky and the hotel has a pull-up bar, or maybe you are close to a park that has some pull-up bars
    • Jumping pull-ups
  • Dips – using a chair or box

Designing a workout: These workouts are designed to be very quick, just 15mins – 20mins, so because of this, they are intended to be very intense. So make sure to push yourself as hard as possible. Remember you can do anything for 20-mins!

Let’s start by doing 3 rounds of 4 different exercises for 30-secs each. So for example I will pick: push-ups, squats, kettlebell swings, and thrusters. So the workout would look like…

Example workout 1:

Warm-up then

3 rounds of: Push-ups, Body weight squats, Kettle bell swings, and Thrusters

  • Round 1
    • Push-ups – 30 sec
    • Body weight squats – 30sec
    • Kettle bell swings – 30 sec
    • Thrusters – 30 sec
  • Rest – 45 sec
  • Round 2
    • Push-ups – 30 sec
    • Body weight squats – 30sec
    • Kettle bell swings – 30 sec
    • Thrusters – 30 sec
  • Rest – 45 sec to 1-min
  • Round 3
    • Push-ups – 30 sec
    • Body weight squats – 30sec
    • Kettle bell swings – 30 sec
    • Thrusters – 30 sec

Here is some more examples:

Example workout 2:

Warm-up then,

3 rounds of: Push-ups or pull-ups, Step-ups, Kettle bell swings, and burpees

  • Round 1
    • Push-ups or pull-ups – 30 sec
    • Step ups – 30sec
    • Kettle bell swings – 30 sec
    • burpees – 30 sec
  • Rest – 45 sec to 1-min
  • Continue for 2 more rounds

Example workout 3:

3 rounds of: Dip, Goblet squats, Walking Lunges, and Putting stuff away with weights

  • Round 1
    • Dips on chair – 30 sec
    • Goblet squats – 30sec
    • Walking lunges – 30 sec
    • Putting stuff away – 30 sec
  • Rest – 45 sec to 1-min
  • Continue for 2 more rounds

Example workout 4:

3 rounds of: Weight step-ups or box jumps, Jumping lunges, Thrusters, and Putting stuff away with weights (make sure to do both sides at 30-secs each side):

  • Round 1
    • weight step-ups or box jumps – 30 sec
    • jumping lunges – 30sec
    • Thrusters – 30 sec
    • Putting stuff away – 30 sec
  • Rest – 45 sec to 1-min
  • Continue for 2 more rounds

Example of Arm burner  – 3 rounds as many reps as possible (1-min each exercise)

  • Round 1 – Pull-ups (or push press if no pull-up bar is available), push-ups, dips
  • Rest 1:30min to 2:00min

Example of Leg burner – 3 rounds as many reps as possible (1-min each exercise)

  • Round 1 – body weight squats, Jumping lunges, weighted step-ups
  • Rest 1:30min to 2:00min
Learn to workout anywhere!

Learn to workout anywhere!

How often should you do this workout? Depending on the length of your trip I recommend doing at least 1-workout a day!

So using this choose your own workout formula along with a creative mind you can easily formulate a workout that will not only satisfy all your workout desires, it will also produce some results! Also these workouts can be made much harder by either adding another round, adding another exercise, or extending the time of each exercise. So get creative, have fun, and remember it is possible to get a great workout in your own hotel room!

Do you workout in your hotel room? If so what are some or your go to workouts? I would love to here from you!


Choose your Hard

Imagine if I  was able to grant you one wish, but you would not be able to wish for anything you wanted, instead you would have to make a choice. You would have to choose between living a life of health/strength, or living a life of sickness/weakness. Well that is an easy choice right? But what if there was a catch? What if both choices resulted in a “hard life” with lots of struggle, would you still choose the life of health over the life of sickness?…

Sometimes you win, sometimes you LEARN!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you LEARN!

We recently finished our annual boxing for boobies event, in which we raised $7200! The event was a huge success, not only did we raise money for 2 local charities, an event like this also reminds us WHY we drag ourselves to the gym day in and day out, that reason, reprogramming our gene expression to be healthy. Because at the end of the day, no amount of money, no amount of walks for the cure, no amount of pink towels for NFL players or pink yoga pants on your favorite male instructor 😉 will help you if you are not healthy. Being healthy will always be your best assets no matter your circumstances. Which got me thinking, if everything is hard, why is is so “hard” for so many people to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

We raised $7200!

We raised $7200!

One of my favorite quotes for life is, “choose your hard”. This is an amazing quote because anything of real value takes some sort of hard work or sacrifice. We place very little value on the things that come easy. We take for granted that all we have to do to light up an entire room is just flip a switch, or in order to get clean drinkable water all we have to do is turn on the faucet. Ironically these are amazing things, things than most people in the world do not have access to, but we do not even think twice because it takes no effort on our part. However, the things that are “hard” we place lots of value on . We place value on earning an advanced degree, we place value of building/making something from scratch with our bare hands. We value sports champions, and we value innovators, inventors, artist, musicians, explorers and rags to riches stories. So if everything we respect and value takes hard work and sacrifice, why are we afraid of “Hard work”?

I don’t think anyone can argue that true success takes hard-work, but you know what else is hard? Being overweight is hard! Taking statins is hard. Having to regularly visit your doctor is miserable. Not being a good role model for your kids is really hard (and sad). Going shopping for new clothes when you “hate your body” is hard. Likewise, covering your body in shame at the beach is hard and embarrassing. Having diabetes is also hard! And not being able to do basic human movements is not only hard it makes you a burden to society (Are you an asset or a liability?).

Choose your hard

Choose your hard

Guess what is also hard? Working out is HARD. Removing sugar from your diet is hard. Being stronger than your excuses is HARD! The only thing that is not hard is sitting on the couch. So if most things in life are hard, why not choose a “hard” that makes you a better person? Why not choose a “hard” that provides value to not only yourself but the others around you?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle there are more advantages than I care to list, but what advantages are there to being overweight,out of shape, and constantly medicated? Bueller, Bueller, anybody… (Insert crickets chirping noise here_________)? That what is amazing, there are certain things in life that are extremely hard but give us zero benefit. What’s crazier than that, despite all the knowledge, many people still prefer choosing the hard of living an unhealthy lifestyle over the hard of living a healthy lifestyle?!?!



So “hard” and “struggle” will always be apart of life and I guarantee there will always be things that happen to you that are beyond your control, but, once you decide to choose a hard that gives you benefits, you get to deal with a lot of your struggles in a controlled environment. This is an amazing realization, because once you commit to the “hard” of living a healthy lifestyle a lot of your struggle and a lot of your sacrifices happen on your terms. This means that your “hard” is conducted in a safe place like a gym, where you are actually encouraged to struggle, to sweat, to get “beaten down” both physically and mentally. Choosing a hard that produces positive results, gives you more control over your life. Remember struggle is a part of life, so you might as well have as much control as you possibly can over when and where you experience your struggle, your “hard”. Never forget that a gym can be a brutal place but it is also a controlled environment, it is a “safe place” to struggle. However when you choose to be unhealthy, you have very little control over your struggles. When it comes to working out, a healthy person struggles an hour a day, where as an unhealthy person struggles doing most things most of the day. Why would you choose to give-up control over your destiny?

The answer is personal responsibility, or lack their of… At some point we must take responsibly for our own life and our own actions. We are all guilty of blaming our genetics, or blaming other factors, but until you become strong enough to look inside and start taking some personal responsibility you will never grow as a person. Blaming outside factors for your current situation is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. A band-aid doesn’t fix the problem, it doesn’t address why you keep getting shot, it is just a temporary solution. In order to fix a problem you must take personal responsibility and get to the root of the problem. So what will it be? The hard of Success or the hard of failure? 

Steve M