Choose your Hard

Imagine if I  was able to grant you one wish, but you would not be able to wish for anything you wanted, instead you would have to make a choice. You would have to choose between living a life of health/strength, or living a life of sickness/weakness. Well that is an easy choice right? But what if there was a catch? What if both choices resulted in a “hard life” with lots of struggle, would you still choose the life of health over the life of sickness?…

Sometimes you win, sometimes you LEARN!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you LEARN!

We recently finished our annual boxing for boobies event, in which we raised $7200! The event was a huge success, not only did we raise money for 2 local charities, an event like this also reminds us WHY we drag ourselves to the gym day in and day out, that reason, reprogramming our gene expression to be healthy. Because at the end of the day, no amount of money, no amount of walks for the cure, no amount of pink towels for NFL players or pink yoga pants on your favorite male instructor 😉 will help you if you are not healthy. Being healthy will always be your best assets no matter your circumstances. Which got me thinking, if everything is hard, why is is so “hard” for so many people to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

We raised $7200!

We raised $7200!

One of my favorite quotes for life is, “choose your hard”. This is an amazing quote because anything of real value takes some sort of hard work or sacrifice. We place very little value on the things that come easy. We take for granted that all we have to do to light up an entire room is just flip a switch, or in order to get clean drinkable water all we have to do is turn on the faucet. Ironically these are amazing things, things than most people in the world do not have access to, but we do not even think twice because it takes no effort on our part. However, the things that are “hard” we place lots of value on . We place value on earning an advanced degree, we place value of building/making something from scratch with our bare hands. We value sports champions, and we value innovators, inventors, artist, musicians, explorers and rags to riches stories. So if everything we respect and value takes hard work and sacrifice, why are we afraid of “Hard work”?

I don’t think anyone can argue that true success takes hard-work, but you know what else is hard? Being overweight is hard! Taking statins is hard. Having to regularly visit your doctor is miserable. Not being a good role model for your kids is really hard (and sad). Going shopping for new clothes when you “hate your body” is hard. Likewise, covering your body in shame at the beach is hard and embarrassing. Having diabetes is also hard! And not being able to do basic human movements is not only hard it makes you a burden to society (Are you an asset or a liability?).

Choose your hard

Choose your hard

Guess what is also hard? Working out is HARD. Removing sugar from your diet is hard. Being stronger than your excuses is HARD! The only thing that is not hard is sitting on the couch. So if most things in life are hard, why not choose a “hard” that makes you a better person? Why not choose a “hard” that provides value to not only yourself but the others around you?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle there are more advantages than I care to list, but what advantages are there to being overweight,out of shape, and constantly medicated? Bueller, Bueller, anybody… (Insert crickets chirping noise here_________)? That what is amazing, there are certain things in life that are extremely hard but give us zero benefit. What’s crazier than that, despite all the knowledge, many people still prefer choosing the hard of living an unhealthy lifestyle over the hard of living a healthy lifestyle?!?!



So “hard” and “struggle” will always be apart of life and I guarantee there will always be things that happen to you that are beyond your control, but, once you decide to choose a hard that gives you benefits, you get to deal with a lot of your struggles in a controlled environment. This is an amazing realization, because once you commit to the “hard” of living a healthy lifestyle a lot of your struggle and a lot of your sacrifices happen on your terms. This means that your “hard” is conducted in a safe place like a gym, where you are actually encouraged to struggle, to sweat, to get “beaten down” both physically and mentally. Choosing a hard that produces positive results, gives you more control over your life. Remember struggle is a part of life, so you might as well have as much control as you possibly can over when and where you experience your struggle, your “hard”. Never forget that a gym can be a brutal place but it is also a controlled environment, it is a “safe place” to struggle. However when you choose to be unhealthy, you have very little control over your struggles. When it comes to working out, a healthy person struggles an hour a day, where as an unhealthy person struggles doing most things most of the day. Why would you choose to give-up control over your destiny?

The answer is personal responsibility, or lack their of… At some point we must take responsibly for our own life and our own actions. We are all guilty of blaming our genetics, or blaming other factors, but until you become strong enough to look inside and start taking some personal responsibility you will never grow as a person. Blaming outside factors for your current situation is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. A band-aid doesn’t fix the problem, it doesn’t address why you keep getting shot, it is just a temporary solution. In order to fix a problem you must take personal responsibility and get to the root of the problem. So what will it be? The hard of Success or the hard of failure? 

Steve M




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