10-Week Challenge (Lynda Beddall)

If there was a CKO Seattle Hall of Fame, Lynda Beddall would definitely have a spot. Why? Well, she has been with us from the beginning and was even an early adopter on our first challenge in which she made amazing progress. She then suffered some injuries, and had baby #5. Needless to say her circumstances took her out of the gym for quite sometime, however as soon as she got the chance, she came back and did it all over again!

Sept 2014 - Nov 2014

Sept 2014 – Nov 2014

Did you read that last paragraph? She has 5 kids! Yes 5 kids (that’s a basketball team) and yet, she somehow still finds the time improve her overall health and fitness! This is amazing especially when you consider that the “I have kids” excuse is one of the most popular. But if you know Lynda, you know that she is not about excuses, she is all about being strong, a strong mom, and a strong woman!

Lynda is not only a hall of fame member she is also an inspiration to not only myself but to many of the other members as well. Her ability to make time for her health is simply amazing! So thank you Lynda for always reminding me that, “where there is a will, there is a way”!

Lynda (in blue) at our Grand Opening class back in July 2012!

Lynda (in blue) at our Grand Opening class back in July 2012!

Over the last 10-weeks, Lynda made amazing progress, losing a total of 15.75-inches off her body! 4.5 of those coming off her waist and 4-inches (so 8-total) off her thighs! She also lost 11-lbs! However she did more than just lose, she also gained strength, she did 14 more push-ups, 16 more squats, took 20-secs off her shuttle run time, and increased her wall sit time by 7-mins!

To hear more about Lynda’s story ready below:

Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? 

During the day I’m a property management accountant, BUT my most important job is being a mother to 5 amazing children and the wife to the most amazing and supportive man IN THE WORLD!

Do you have any hobbies? 

Well, other than beating the bag 4-5 days a week. My true love is playing soccer! I’ve been playing since I was a kid and most of my adult life several days a week. Oh and when our Seattle weather cooperates, I like to play softball too!

#1 playing soccer

#1 playing soccer

How did you first learn of CKO? 

My sister met Garett and Jessica back when they were first opening their doors and she told me about it… We went to one of their events after they opened and I signed up that day!

What are some of your fitness goals?

1) Is to be healthy!!! I want to live a long healthy life and show my kids what a strong healthy lifestyle is.

2) To be tone! I would love to be able to put on a dress or tank top and not feel self conscious about my arms… Mostly, I’d love to be able to wave and not have my arm to continue to wave when I stop, lol!!!

3) TO HAVE ABS!!! I don’t need a six pack, but I would love to have a flat stomach that screams, there’s NO WAY she has kids 😉

What is your favorite aspect of CKO?

The community… Knowing that I’m surrounded by people that are fighting the same fight to their fitness goals is HUGE! The environment is off the charts with energy and everyone is so supportive! Oh and the fact that most of the instructors have accomplished their fitness goals as members, so they know the obstacles we face and understand our journey from a personal level.

What was the best part about the challenge? 

The knowledge! Learning about real food, fitness, and inches vs the scale. Learning what our bodies need for us to make our gains and learn why it didn’t work in the past. For me a huge obstacle was accepting that the scale does NOT gauge my results! If you give 100% effort and follow the guidelines, IT WILL WORK!!! Oh and of course the results 😉 Nothing makes you feel better than being able to make it into a piece of clothing that didn’t fit before or having people notice your results.

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

Relearning everything about food that I’ve been taught… Such as, ALL fat is bad, and that fruit is healthy! Also getting over peoples perception of what a healthy amount of food is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given crap about how much food I’m eating or about what I refuse to eat. I just stick to my guns and keep doing me, and guess what..? It works and now they want to try it!

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? 

My kids! I’m a strong believer in that they WILL mirror the things they see every day. I want nothing more than my kids to be armed with the knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. My kids are my world and I would hate for them to have to struggle with the same body image issues I did growing up.

Healthy and strong for her family!

Healthy and strong for her family!

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with?

Food… It would be unrealistic for me to say that after only 10 weeks I won’t ever eat, “such and such” again, but I will say that I will do my best to make this a life change! It’ll be a long life battle, but I know I can do it. The workouts are the easy part for me, but knowing that I don’t NEED that cake at my daughter’s birthday party or accepting that I don’t need to snack when I’m bored is always hard, BUT nothing worth fighting for is ever easy!

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential?

I love the idea of the boot camps more regularly. I hate / love them! Continuing to have that option would really help me push it to the next level. What can I say… I secretly love Jessica’s fun house, lol! Also, the 21 day Eat Like the Renons is awesome… I can honestly say I haven’t missed one video and I love the insight on topics that I don’t even think about… Plus it’s a nice reminder that the Renon’s are human and not robots 😉 haha!

Her transformation began before the 10-week challenge

Her transformation began before the 10-week challenge

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other CKO team members might not know about you (also a good place to talk about any success you have had since joining CKO)!

I started with CKO back in July of 2012 and was a part of the original 10-week challenge group. I had amazing results but wasn’t able to stay on track due to having another baby and rupturing both my Achilles muscles (playing soccer) in 2013. Now that was a ROUGH and humbling year for me and my fitness goals. With that being said, I’ve since done a lot of different activities like soccer, softball, boot camps, challenges, obstacle runs, weight loss groups / plans, etc… BUT none of them, and I do mean NONE of them gave me the results I’ve been able to achieve at CKO. I’m a strong believer in this place and what it stands for… It is not just a gym. It’s a community, it’s a team, and most importantly it’s a family! Being a part of the CKO family has changed my life! I can’t thank Jessica and Garett enough for challenging me and supporting me over the past 2 years! Even with all the highs and lows they have been nothing but positive and encouraging and have helped me change my life forever!


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