Second Annual CINCO Saturday

On Saturday February 7, 2015 we will be holding our second annual CINCO Saturday. So if you are looking for a New Years resolution that is the real deal look no further than CINCO Saturday (check out last years CINCO). To be ready for the CINCO you must take your training and even your nutrition seriously. Below is last years post about how to train for the CINCO. The post is still relevant, just the dates are slightly different. So please read and let me know if you have any questions.

Let the training begin…

Here is the post from last year:

Mark your calendar because on February 8, 2014 the only thing you will be thinking is, “oh snap, it just got REAL”! CINCO Saturday is as real as it gets! We are talking about doing 5 classes in 6 hours. 5-hours of constant movement is no joke but it is definitely doable, it is the equivalent of finishing a Half Ironman (70.3) in a very respectable time. Doing a half Ironman is no joke and neither is doing a CINCO and it should be respected as such. But don’t let this scare you, completing a CINCO is not only possible, to date we have had nearly 40-people complete the elusive CINCO!

It just got real

It just got real

As of today January 8, 2014 we have exactly 1-month before it gets real and I would like to give you some tips on how to best train and prepare during this last month. So hopefully you have done at least one double by now, if not I encourage you to crank one out this week.

Suggested is a one month periodization training plan:

  • Week of January 12th – Aim for 2 doubles this week preferably with a day or two between. For example, do a double on Sunday (12th) take one class on Monday (13th), take one class on Tuesday (14th), rest* Wednesday (15th), do a double on Thursday (16th), take a class on either Friday or Saturday and rest the other day. This should equal taking 7 classes this week. *rest should consists of light movement, such a yoga, swimming, walking green lake etc, you should continue to move but at a very low intensity.
  • Week of January 19th –   Aim for 1 double and 1 triple, or 3-doubles. You should plan on attending at least 8-classes this week, along with 2- light rest days.
  • Week of January 26th – This is week 3 and this is the last full week of high intensity. If possible try to do 2-triples, and aim for attending 8 to 9 classes along with 2-light rest days.
  • Week of February 2nd – We want to go hard at the beginning of the week and then start to taper and show up on Saturday the 8th feeling fresh and rested. Do a double on Sunday and a double or even a triple on Monday.  Take one class on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday do light workouts such as yoga, swimming, walking, stay moving but keep the intensity very low. Friday take completely off and go to be early.


What to eat: While training for the CINCO you should eat my recommended diet the only difference, starting the week of January 12th, increase your carb consumption to around 150 to 200 grams on the days you do multiple classes. On the days you rest make sure to lower your carb intake (around 100 grams). Good carb choices are sweet potatoes (preferred), white potatoes, white rice, coconut water, veggies and fruit. During this entire training cycle please make an effort to eat well and get a good nights rest, as this is critical to not burning out. Also please keep the alcohol and staying up late to an absolute minimum (it’s only for one month)!

On Friday February 7th (day before CINCO) make sure you eat very clean and eat lots of good carbs, as we want to make sure our glycogen stores are topped off. Aim for 200-grams to 250-grams of carbs. A good dinner would be a small steak with a big bake potato (skin removed), and a nice big salad. Trust me this is not the night to eat something spicy or try something new (keep it simple). Plan to eat an earlier dinner. Also hydration is very important on this day. I recommend drinking 2 bottles of the unflavored Pedialyte (tastes like salt water) I actually like the flavor but of course Jessica thinks they are gross 😉 . You want to make sure your electrolytes are all topped off. If you think it taste gross, I say, stop complaining and drink up 😉 .  So drink one midday and drink one before bed.


On Saturday February 8th (game day) – eat some fruit or make a small fruit smoothie and drink some strong coffee. Plan to eat some fruit between classes and drink coconut water. We will provide some fruit, spa water and have coconut waters on sale! Also you can look into getting a few “gels”, I like the Hammer brand REI has a good selection of gels. Normally I would never recommend these but having one between the the last couple of classes can be a life saver. Look for the ones that contain caffeine. Now remember I only recommend eating these for something like the cinco, you should not be eating these unless you are training for a marathon or long distance triathlons.

Remember to have fun! This is a great challenge and you should feel very proud when it is all over!

Last but not least, if you are not planning on doing the CINCO, please plan to take at least one or two classes to help support the CINCO participants (especially the later classes). All 5 classes are open to all CKO members and your attendance, even if it is just one class, will be greatly appreciated!  


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