The History of Club-12 – One Man’s Crazy or One Man’s courage?

I am going to tell you a story about CKO Seattle’s history that is guaranteed to spark a philosophical debate that will rival the greatest debates known to man; What is the meaning of life? Are we living in a computer simulation? And of course, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

So what is the topic of this debate, you ask? Who created club 12 (originally called the push-up club)?

Push-up club!

Who created the Push-up club?

Sound like a boring question? Think again, it gets much better

Now before we get into the debate I need to give you some background information about how club 12 came to be. Pay attention because this information will be critical in helping you come to your own conclusion…

We have to go back to nearly the beginning, it was fall of 2012, and during the 1st break of a typical evening class “it” happened (or did “it”?). Back then, our breaks were just 2-laps, and then get some water. But on this particular night one man ran his two laps and went back to his bag and started doing push-ups. That man…none other than Jon Rogers. But now is where the story starts to get interesting. See, if you have ever met Jon Rogers you know that man has a ton of energy, he is definitely the life of the party, and some would even say, he is just plain crazy.  I only point out this “crazy, life of the party” attitude to present to you with your first piece of evidence.

Life of the party!

Life of the party!

Jon doing push-up during a break was not necessarily out of the ordinary, it was really just Jon being Jon. Now I can’t exactly remember how long Jon continued to do push-ups during the breaks, some say a couple of days, some people say a couple of weeks. But then one day someone else decided to join him. That person was none other that Mikael Mörlund. And now here’s were it gets really, really, good.

Mikael at the 2-year anniversary

Mikael at the 2-year anniversary

See when Mikael joined Jon for the break time push-ups, something happened, one became two, and all of a sudden, there was 100% increase in break time push-up participation. See 1 maybe the loneliest number, but two is definitely a party…

So here is the debate: There is no doubting that Jon was the first person to conduct break time push-ups, but he is just one man, and one man is not a party. But what about the first follower? How much courage must that take? Some would argure it takes more courage to be the first follower than is does to be the creator because once the first follower joins he automatically gives other people permission to join the party.

Mikael and Jon (double impact style)

Mikael and Jon (double impact style)

The best case study for this debate is the viral video taken at the Sasquatch Music Festival in 2009. The video shows one man dancing by himself. But then 18-secs into the video you see the first follower join the lone dancer. Then at 53-secs another man joins the party and once this third person joins the other two dancers a tipping point has been reached and then suddenly the entire music festival joins in on the dance party.

So after watching the video, who started the dance party? Was it the crazy guy dancing by himself or was it the courages second guy who gave validity to the lone dancer?

Some people say the first guy to do something is the creator, others say that without the “first follower” the first guy is just crazy, you be the judge. I want to hear from you? Who do you think was responsible for creating club 12? One man’s “crazy” or one man’s courage? Let the debate begin.


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