Self-Sabotage: Bad doctors, bad food and boredom (Episode 12)


Welcome to episode 12 of the Team Renon Podcast!

Binge eating, unethical doctors, bad breakfasts, self-responsibility and self-sabotage! In this episode Garett and Jessica plunge deep into the world of health/fitness ethics, asking questions such as when to say when to a friend? And what is the responsibility of a doctor when a client asks for the elusive “get out of jail free card”? This is a definitely a must listen!

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How to get abs without being a Fitness Snob (Episode 11)

podcast_iconAre Abs (crunches, sit-ups, etc) exercises bad for you? Are there better and safer ways to get that elusive 6-pack? In this episode Garett and Jessica discus the negative effects of back rounding, and suggest some really amazing alternatives, if fact one of the alternatives you could be doing right now as you read this sentence…Also are you a fitness snob? If you are unsure listen in as Garett and Jessica talk about the most common traits of a fitness snob.

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Rants, Rants, Sexism, and the Eye of the Tiger (Episode 10)


In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss the mood altering effects of exercise and diet. They also discuss how to best combat overtraining. Which then leads into a discussion about physical therapy, the importance of listening to an expert and gender roles. Lastly no podcast is complete without discussing the deep meaning of the Rocky soundtrack and finally Garett rant’s about the ineffectiveness of local governments.

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My Crew! (Yes I know brute is spelled wrong, but this ain't spelling class, LOL)

My Crew! (Yes I know brute is spelled wrong, but this ain’t spelling class, LOL)


“Embodying creative training techniques to benefit the body.”

Garett Renon takes that to heart every day as he encourages and motivates people to get into tip-top condition. The personal trainer and group fitness instructor has been at this job for the past seven years.
Renon currently serves as the head trainer at 2.0 Next Level Fitness, which just opened for business on March 7th in Aurora Square.

“I am committed to researching all elements of fitness,” he says. “I strongly believe in efficient and effective functional movement training methods.”

Yoga or "bro-ga", I am on a mission to be the best version of myself!

Yoga or “bro-ga”, I am on a mission to be the best version of myself!

Renon’s thirst for knowledge in the fitness world has led him to train and research practically every known workout program that exists.

“What I have found is that cardio kickboxing is the best pound-for-pound complete total body workout,” he says.  “It improves your overall body composition and athletic performance.   This helps to improve you quality of life.”

The head trainer at 2.0 Next Level Fitness also emphasizes the nutritional aspects of improving the body.

“What you eat affects body composition, general health, energy level, and mental status.  Nutrition has more impact than any training program.”

Giving a nutrition talk to the 10-week challengers

Giving a nutrition talk to the 10-week challengers

Renon has previously served as a trainer for the Military FIP program. He has also appeared twice on “Anything is Possible,” a radio show on 1150 AM KKNW in Seattle.


Vegan Thin Mints (Episode 9)


Are Girl Scout cookies healthy? Well the girl scouts are definitely promoting the “healthy” properties of their in hopes to push more sugar into the market. In this episode Garett and Jessica call for the Girl Scouts to get rid of the cookies and to move on to healthier options. Then they discus what qualities a good trainer should possess. Then they ask the question, is being healthy bad for your relationship? The answer may surprise you. Lastly what happened to all the worlds’ quicksand, Garett is on a mission to find quicksand?

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