10-Week Challenge Transformation (Jeanne Lavery)

Once again the fitness “circle of life” has come full-circle. Meet Jeanne Lavery, a successful dental assistant, a proud “soccer mom”, and a most recent graduate of the 10-week challenge…

Jeanne’s story begins right after she read this blog post about one of the most amazing 10-week transformations we have ever had. This transformational story was about one of Jeanne’s long time friends Jessica Ketola. As Jeanne says, “something about that post struck me”! It’s true, because shortly after reading the article Jeanne showed up to CKO ready and willing to make the necessary changes to become healthier.

Jeanne and Jessica

Jeanne and Jessica working out together!

I remember Jeanne’s first few days at CKO, let me tell you, there were some strong emotions and even some tears, but I loved every minuet of it! Not because I like seeing women cry (trust me that is the last thing I want to see) but because the tears and the emotions were that of a person embracing change. We sometimes forget that change, even positive change, is extremely hard. This is because in order to change we must be willing and ready to leave our comfort zone, and leaving our comfort zone can be extremely frighting. But Jeanne, like so many others that have made the decision to become healthier, also realized that there is something even scarier than leaving the “comfort zone” and that is…staying the same!

Congratulations Jeanne, your story is inspiring and I have no doubt that others will be inspired by your fitness journey! Read more about Jeanne below.

Feb 2015 - May 2015

Feb 2015 – May 2015

The Jeanne Lavery interview:

Besides being a CKO Superhero, what is your day job? I have been working in the Dental field as a Registered Dental Assistant since 1995, and I also work part time for 3m training dental offices how to use a cool machine that takes digital records of their mouths instead of filling them with all that goo everyone loves! Besides the paying jobs….. my best job is raising my almost 12 year old son. He is what keeps me on my toes, drives me, and is my inspiration everyday!

Do you have any hobbies? My hobbies are watching Soccer, helping out with my son’s team, cheering on the sidelines, going to Sounders games. I also love to walk, go to the beach, play with our Dog Milo, visit family in California and travel when we can.

How did you first learn of CKO? Funny enough, from one of these same stories from another member! (Jessica Ketola) I saw her picture on FB with the story- December 14’, and soon realized that I wanted what I saw in her eyes! She always looks awesome, but something struck me- and I decided to go check it out…. and I live just up the street and really never knew it was there!- When Jadon and I stopped by on a Sunday to check it out… we were met at the door by Garett, who never once led on that he was the owner of the club… and after my first trial class the next day I was hooked!

Making Changes!

Making Changes!

What are some of your fitness goals? I had been very inactive for about 4 years… prior to that time, I had been very active and had worked very hard losing a bunch of weight doing lots of Zumba and walking in several Half marathons. With the loss of my Dad who was very close to me, I just seemed to lose steam and interest again, even though I knew just how long and hard I had been working… I just ignored the thoughts and buried the feelings with more food and weight all over again. I have struggled since high school with weight issues and eating disorders. I do not want to let it take over my life anymore and plan on doing something long term about my health now. I didn’t think I could finish the first workout… I couldn’t believe what I had done to my body… so much weight and lack of energy I could barely get up off the ground… and by the end of it I was in tears… of both anger and joy.. I finished, and I was also pissed that I had let it happen once again. From the beginning I took what Garett said seriously and just promised myself that I would plug away at a 1% improvement everyday. As long as I was getting there, and making the effort to do it, I planned on keeping that “one day at a time” mentality and not look back. I couldn’t- I have everything to lose if I don’t have my health.. i’m the only one that can change me.

What is your favorite aspect of CKO? I never dreamed that I would enjoy CKO as much as I do. Something about it being just me and that bag at the end of a day is really magical. The best part about it is the supportive environment that I felt from the first week of being there…people cheering you on when you run, or a random hi-5 at the end just saying “we did it!” and smiles and happy people. Every shape and size is there… all wearing whatever feels best and no judgement. That to me has made me feel the most welcome and like I am a part of a very cool team!

Goblet squats (part of the fitness test)

Goblet squats (part of the fitness test)

What was the best part about the challenge? The best part was me seeing myself do things I NEVER imagined myself doing..EVER. For starters… when I joined in December, I was feeling pretty good if I made it 3x a week… During the challenge we are encouraged to get 5x in a week- or 50 workouts for the 10 weeks.. and it was my goal to get that done! Not to mention that it wasn’t only CKO… we were doing all of the classes at 2.0 as well and there were some classes I had never thought i’d be able to do and I did them! Another really important part for me was the group feeling that some of us had… I met some incredible people and trainers on a more personal level and that really helped me push and feel supported.

What was the hardest part about the Challenge? For me the most difficult part was that I injured my knee the first week in. I had to do physical therapy and get massages and had an MRI just to stay walking. It was something that was very hard to deal with at times, and painful, but I just kept modifying classes when I needed and kept plugging away… I wasn’t about to give up… Another issue was the food- I did excellent with eliminating added sugar, wheat and processed things… and felt SO MUCH BETTER doing so….my problem was I couldn’t wrap my head around tracking it, and keeping a food log. I felt pretty good in the end with how I did it and had been honest with myself.. after all i’d only be cheating myself!

1-mile (part of the 10-week challenge fitness test)

1-mile (part of the 10-week challenge fitness test)

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? After finishing the challenge… I knew it wasn’t over. I had some changes happen, some inches loss, and muscle gain…but even looking at the before and after pictures, I knew I had work still to be done. I am my own worst critic, and man I say some mean things to myself… but I am learning to be more gentle with me, and have positive self talk… I have many friends now at CKO, and seeing them, or agreeing to meet up at a class here and there is keeping me accountable… I need to keep on looking down the path and seeing the positive changes developing with each day.

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? The one thing i find myself still having trouble with is food. I can so easily slip back into bad habits in just one weekend.. and need to learn that I can’t throw in the towel when that happens. That usually goes away the minute I find myself on the floor of the next class and I struggle to get up! I’m reminded that I need to make good choices all the time! I am so happy that I found CKO/2.0 and am surrounded by so many supportive people that are truly there to see me succeed. I hope that I can help inspire that person that thinks they aren’t cut out for it or they don’t think they would fit it-because I most certainly am cut out for this, and fit in and am loving it! I had a total weight loss over the 10 weeks of 13.8 lbs and lost 14.5 inches off my body…and the best thing, I didn’t give up even when my body was trying too!


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