Get to know a 2.0 Member (Oscar Farfan)

Meet Oscar Farfan, a recent graduate of the 10-week challenge, and a CKO/2.0 superstar who has fallen in love with strength training. When Oscar joined 2.0 he was an established runner, having previously ran a couple of 1/2 marathons. In fact, at the beginning of the 10-week challenge (Feb 2015) Oscar ran a mile in just over 6-mins (6:14). Trust me, a 6-min mile is the real deal! Which means, Oscar was in great cardio shape when he joined our gyms. But, while his cardio was great, one area that could use improvement was his strength, before joining, Oscar was unable to do a single pull-up, fast forward 4-months later, he now cranks out 14 in a row!

Becoming an inspiration to many

Becoming an inspiration to many

This inability to do pull-ups can be common with runners because strength training is usually low on their fitness “totem pole”. This low priority of strength training stems from a fear of becoming too bulky. However, this fear of “bulking” does have some validly because added muscle mass can sometimes be a hinderance in longer bouts of cardio. The extra muscle not only increases your overall weight (weight is an endurance athletes worst nightmare) but those massive traps and pecs also require more energy to fuel. This is why most endurance don’t look like body builders. However, strength training is not body building (yes there is a difference) and many endurance athletes have in fact benefit greatly from strength training…

Oscar just so happens to have not only benefitted greatly from strength training he is really starting to flourish! In just 5-short months, Oscar has become one of the stronger guys in the gym cranking out 14 pull-ups in a row and squatting 245-lbs. But it gets better, he has even decreased his 1-mile time by 30-secs, running a mile is 5:46 (that’s fast)! I believe Oscar is making all this outstanding progress in the weight room because he has an amazing work ethic, a powerful drive to get better, and is also one of the most positive people I have ever met, seriously the guy always seems to be happy!

To learn more about Oscar read the interview below:


Besides being a member of 2.0, what is your day job? Financial Tech Analyst

Do you have any hobbies? Running, hiking, reading, and binge internet browsing

How did you first learn of 2.0? I noticed the gym during my drive to Central Market one day. Went in for more info, and the rest is history!

Getting stronger everyday!

Getting stronger everyday!

What is your favorite aspect of 2.0? Hands down the instructors and members. I love the drive that the instructors push for in class. It always helps me push a little harder and reach new limits. The instructor’s motivation is complemented by the member’s energy. It’s fun to exercise with the 2.0 family as the energy level in a class make for a fun, yet challenging experience.

Oscar is a proud member of the Dawn Patrol.  5am--Sleep is overrated

Oscar is a proud member of the Dawn Patrol. 5am–Sleep is overrated

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? Results. CKO and 2.0 have been a key component in my fitness progress these past 6 months. I have gone from NOT able to do a single pull-up to maxing out at 14 pull-ups 4 months later, and lastly, a positive attitude. I am firm believer that our attitudes are essential in getting through anything in life, plus a positive take on life makes happy people!

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? Nutrition. I made significant progress in this area (thanks to the 10-week Challenge and Garett’s solid nutrition knowledge), but I still have room for improvement. I am not huge sweets person, but enjoy my occasional chocolate and wine /beer. I’m learning to make healthier choices and trying to obtain a healthy balance.

Oscar during semi-private training

Oscar during semi-private training

If we do a follow up interview 1-year from now, what awesome accomplishment would we be celebrating? My induction to the 900lb club. My next fitness goal is to shift focus to strength training. I want to add muscle, but do it in a sustainable and realistic time period! Plus, I want to enjoy the milestones that will take me there along the way.

When you think of successful people who comes to mind, and why? People with positive attitudes. I recognize and value the power of a positive thinking. I feel this requires a great deal of effort and practice to get here. These people are always fun to be around and can provide very insightful views. All about the power of the mind.

What is one book or documentary that you have read that changed your life? The Little Prince. The book does a great job at characterizing the import things in life. At times, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day rush of life. It’s always good to be reminded of the important things in life.   


Where do you see yourself in 5-years? Continuing my fitness journey (one pull-up at a time!). I enjoy setting goals and make a plan of execution. Maybe in 5-years I’ll join the rest of the instructors in the 1000lb club. Additionally, I am interested in working with the Latin American business market. I see myself living abroad and exploring new hobbies.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other 2.0 team members might not know about you: I’m an avid traveler! One of my goals is to visit 30 countries by 30. I am 23 countries (4 continents) and can’t wait to explore more! Being part of CKO/2.0 has inspired me to incorporate fitness into my travel journeys. As I plan my next trip, I find myself asking “How can I make my trip more athletic?” (Garett’s quote).

A couple of days before this photo, Oscar could not do a single dip, now he can do 4.

A couple of days before this photo, Oscar could not do a single dip, now he can do 4.

Lastly, 2.0 has been instrumental in my fitness success. There were times when the instructors believed more in my potential than I did! Most recently, in the one-rep max week. I undersold myself in my max reps estimates due to fear and old habits of using the same weights. Garett and Erin helped me push my limits during the max rep testing, which has helped me set a new baseline for my strength goals. After a consistent 5 months at 2.0 and the extra push from 2.0 family, I am able to Bench 210lb, Squat 245lb, and Dead Lift 245lb! 


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