Get to know a 2.0 Member (Katie Kurtz)

Everyday, people walk into a gym hoping to achieve some sort of physical benefit, be it, weight loss, an increase in strength, a tone body, and/or bigger muscles. While all those are worthy reasons to join a gym, there are two, non-physical benefits, that are rarely talked about but are arguably more important too not only improving ones overall health but also improving ones overall quality of life.

These amazing non-physical benefits are:

  1. A positive community
  2. Improved self-confidence
All great gyms come with an amazing community of people.

All great gyms come with an amazing community of people.

In other words, a successful gym experience is more about self-improvement as a whole, then it is about some dumb number on the scale. While the physical goals maybe the reason most people walked into the gym in the first place, what keeps them coming back, day-in and day-out, is the inspiration and motivation they receive from the other gym goers as well as the increased mental benefits

Meet Katie Kurtz, a spastic soul dancer who has experienced not only the physical benefits but is now thriving because of her amazing gym community. Read Katie’s interview below:

The Katie Kurtz interview:

Besides being a member of 2.0, what is your day job? I’m the Business Development Manager at Wexley School for Girls, a really fun advertising and creative agency full of incredibly sexy and super intelligent people.

Do you have any hobbies? I am a voracious reader, frequent writer, occasional craft maker, avid music listener, live show goer, and spastic soul dancer.

How did you first learn of 2.0? Jen Kostanich. Despite a lot of exposure, I never caught the CKO bug. When she told me about the new gym opening, it sounded right for me so I quit my yoga studio and joined 2.0.

Drop it like a (front) squat!

Drop it like a (front) squat!

What is your favorite aspect of 2.0? Over the past couple years, I’ve gone through a lot of major changes including a divorce, moving back to Seattle, and changing jobs a few times. There was a lot of anger, negativity, and criticism in my marriage and by the end of it my self-esteem was pretty well destroyed. I lost a lot in the divorce and, at the same time, nearly all of my immediate family moved out of state. So I had to start over and rebuild in every way.

I’ve been going to 2.0 at least 2-3 times a week since February and it’s given me structure, consistency, and a positive community to be a part of. I love hearing, “You’ve got this, Katie!” and being told I’m capable of much more than I think. I do have muscles now but the biggest gains have been with my self-confidence and in being part of a healthy community.  

I heart my #fitfam!

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? Our culture doesn’t allow women to be strong and we are punished from mild to extreme ways, in private and in public, for expressing any kind of strength. At 2.0, the message is about finding your strength and owning it then pushing beyond the limit you’ve set for yourself. What keeps me going is that with each cardio lift class, boot camp, and semi-private, I build my mental along with my physical strength.

All about them gainz, bra!

All about them gainz, brah!

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? My biggest obsession is making sure I’m using the proper form for each lift. Mostly I don’t want to injure myself but I also like how the right form lends itself to greater efficiency. After doing yoga for 15 years, I like to take a moment to think through my body and how I’m going to lift a heavy thing.

If we do a follow up interview 1-year from now, what awesome accomplishment would we be celebrating? I’d like to be in the 500 club but I know as soon as Garett and Jessica see this, they will say I should be in the 700 club by then. Really, though, I want to be able to do some kind of insane lift with those heavy chains because the photo op would be uh-mazing.

Working on that 700-lb club

When you think of successful people who comes to mind, and why? People who live authentically and stay true to their own path and principles inspire me. I think the point of your 40s is finally understanding in a profound way that success – and happiness – is an inside job and has nothing to do with what everything on the outside looks like.

What is one book or documentary that you have read that changed your life? This is funny since I don’t box but at least once a year, I watch When We Were Kings about the 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle.” I love the mental game Muhammad Ali had going with George Foreman and how it was set against this backdrop of crazy political events in Zaire and a huge soul music festival.

“What am I going to do? I’m going to dance.” Whenever I feel stuck I think of Ali saying that.

Getting stronger everyday

Where do you see yourself in 5-years? Everything I do for myself now, I do for future me. I hope I’m keeping up the habits I’m developing, that I continue to surround myself with the kind of positive and uplifting people who can be found at 2.0, and that I’m living in an at least two if not three bedroom house.


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