Video 6: Good Intentions/Bad Results (Strong Body – Strong Mind)

In a previous video, I explained the importance of reading food labels. But unfortunately just reading the label (or packaging) is not enough…

Right now we live in a world where the conditions are perfect for a “bad food” storm: These conditions are:

  1. Corporate Greed
  2. Under-informed consumers
  3. Misleading information on food packaging


I believe that most people want to make healthy food choices. I also believe that most people (myself included) have been “tricked” or swayed by catchy marketing. Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Cage Free, All Natural, the list goes on and on… What do these terms mean?

These marketing terms can be hard to decipher. However we do have one piece of information to help us determine the quality of the food and that is its sugar content. In general,

the lower the sugar the healthier the food.

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