Video 7: Would you be impressed? (Strong Body – Strong Mind)

If you met yourself, would you be impressed?

I really want you to think about this question, how would you fare against the standards you set for other people? Are you all talk and no action or are you all about that action? Are you striving for continual self-improvement or are you satisfied being in your comfort zone?

Would you consider yourself reliable, could you count on yourself when the going got tough, or would you discover that when the pressure is on, you crack, acting no better than all those “flaky” people you can’t stand?

How would you stack-up against your own standards?

Yes, this is a very in-depth question and finding the answer will be no easy task, hell, there is a very good chance that just the thought of trying to answer this question scares you to death! If it does (scare you) you are definitely not alone, but if you take this question seriously I guarantee you will not only learn a lot about yourself, the knowledge you gain will significantly improve your life!

Check out my original blog on this topic here.


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