Video 8: The Definition of Insanity (Strong Body – Strong Mind)

Today is September 28, 2015. This means that the 4th quarter (of 2015) is about to begin…

Time to finish strong!

4th quarter! Time to finish strong!

The 4th quarter of the year has many similarities to the “4th quarter” of the sports world. Any sports fan can tell you that games are usually won and lost base on the performance during the 4th quarter. Even more, the 4th quarter has a way of creating leaders and “champions” because the pressure to perform is so intense that only the strong rise-up for the challenge!

In other words, it not so much about how you start, as it is about how you finish that has the biggest outcome on the game. The same is true for life, how you finish the year up has a huge impact on your overall health/fitness and even general success.

So I am challenging you to rise-up like the champion you are and make this 4th quarter your best quarter let! Even better, lets get a 3-month head start on our 2016 New Year resolutions!

Video in review:

  • Break the cycle of insanity
  • Take time back for yourself
  • Finish the 4th quarter of the year strong
  • Early morning weekend workouts are life changing!

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