30/60-Day Challenge Application

Why should you do a 30/60 day challenge? Well the obvious answer is because it works. However, results are not guaranteed, in fact, if you don’t have a strong reason “WHY” you want to do this challenge, the results will be few and far between…

So step 1 find your WHY.

Once you found your “why” the next step is to take action, thus creating new (positive) habits (see video).

For more reasons why you should do a 30 or 60 day challenge read this.

If you have found your WHY and are ready to make positive changes, I will help you with the HOW!

To be accepted into the personal 30 or 60 day challenge please copy, paste, and fill out the following questions in an email to garett@teamrenon.com with subject line: “I’m Ready”! Once submitted, you will get a response about the next step. Clients will be selected based on their responses to the questions, their personal training availability and their overall commitment level.

  1. What’s your WHY?
  2. What are your specific goals?
  3. When can you start?
  4. How many days a week do you currently workout?
  5. How consistent have you been at working out over the last couple of years?
  6. Tell me a little about your current nutrition habits (meals per day, drinks, are you addicted to sugar)?
  7. Can you go 30-days sugar free?
  8. Currently what is your favorite method of exercise (Kickboxing, weightlifting, kettlebells, running, etc)
  9. How many personal training sessions can you do per week ( 1 to 4)?
  10. What is your availability for training (special preferences for day time availability)?
  11. Are you interested in training with Kettlebells, Focus mitts, and/or Barbell training?
  12. Can you attend a minimum of 5 workouts a week (personal training sessions, classes at both CKO and 2.0)?
  13. Do you have any health concerns or medical issues that I need to be aware of?
  14. What makes you a good candidate for this program at this time?
  15. Are you ready to commit to this challenge in its entirety and take full responsibility for your actions/choices during the challenge? NOTE: Serious candidates only.

What can you accomplish in 30/60 days?

What you get with the program:

  • Before and After Photos
  • Weekly body-fat and muscle composition measurements
  • Before and after Body measurements (measuring tape)
  • 21-days of meal planning to include weekly menus, shopping lists, recipes and food log analysis
  • 1 to 4 personal sessions a week.
  • A workout plan to help you achieve your goals
  • Email and text support

To see the results of past participants click here.

Cost (these prices are just an approximation, prices are subject to change and discounts can be available for longer commitment, or non-prime time hours).

30 day Challenge:

  • 2 personal training sessions a week $600
  • 1 personal training session a week $320

60 day Challenge:

  • 2 personal training sessions a week $1170
  • 1 personal training session a week $630

Ok, last question. What are you waiting for?



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