Think Globally, Act Locally?

Imagine, that later today someone from the future shows up on your doorstep and hands you a piece of paper…

This paper contains a list of 10 instructions that all humans must abide by, in order to achieve world peace and global happiness. If such a list exists, I would bet that the phrase, “think globally, act locally” would be somewhere near the top of that list.

"I'm from the future"

“I’m from the future”

Am I right? I mean, if everyone on the planet followed just this idea alone, wouldn’t the world suddenly become better?!

So why then do very few people act locally, especially when it comes to charities, and politics?

Let’s talk charities first. But, before I go on any further I want to make it clear that I am not going to play the “my charity, is better than your charity” game. I must say that this is not about any specific charity being more important then another, it is about the amount of support local charities receives versus a global charities.

So for the last 3-years we have supported various breast cancer charities. We held special classes, and the support was impressive to say the least, if fact, one year our small gym of 500 members raised over $7200. It was awesome to see everyone support a cause that has affected so many women (including some of our own members).

And, It’s not just our gym, the entire month of October goes “pink”. The NFL goes pink, and every weekend there are run/walk events attended by thousands wearing pink costumes, with pink face paint…

Notice the shoes and gloves...

Notice the shoes, gloves? Notice the refs wristbands, whistle, and hat?

Again not saying one charity is more important than the other, but because of the overwhelming support breast cancer seems to have, we decided to change our yearly charity class. So this year we decided to find a person or family in our local community who was in need. In other words, we decided to act locally.

We found a family who lost their 14-year old daughter Ahmie Njie from Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors on December 1, 2013 (for more information click here). This cancer devastated Ahmie’s family and now they are having a hard time paying bills. So we thought this is a great opportunity to cut out the charity “middleman” and give back to our local community, helping a family in our actual neighborhood.

And guess what? The support has been less than desirable; to date we have raised around $500 and we are less then a week a way from the event. This is a far cry from the $7200 we raised the year before. What is the difference? Why is that when we supported a major charity, one that has it’s own month and the entire NFL behind it, that people gave and gave and gave, but when we choose to support a family that lives a few miles from our gym, people stopped giving?

Is it because seeing a neighbor in need is somehow “too real”? Is it because we trust that these big “corporate” charities will handle our money better than a local family?

I wish I knew the answer, I am just asking the questions…

What about politics? It seems everywhere you look or listen people are debating about Trump, Hillary, and Sanders. The race for the presidency always brings on a lot of passion, but what about our local and state politics? Do the same people that passionately debate about the presidential candidates, have similar debates about their city’s mayoral candidates, or what about the candidates for sheriff, or what about the other elected city officials? I would think that the issues in your own city would affect you at least the same, if not more, than the larger national issues?

Minded - Blown

Did I just blow your mind?

So why do we tend to forget about the importance of our local environment? Well I can’t tell you the answer because I don’t have it. But what I can do is a “Call to Action”!

Call to Action

Don’t forget about your own community! Your life if affect by your community because your community is a major part of your environment. And one of the biggest influences on the overall quality of your life is, your environment. Which means, if you want to improve your life, start making changes locally.


“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”! -MJ


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